Andis GTX Vs T Outliner

Andis GTX and Andis T Outliner are two great hair clippers from the same company that seem to be very similar to each other. Andis GTX comes in a black housing which looks very sleek and professional, whereas Andis T Outliner has a grey body and is slightly more lightweight. Below, we will discuss about the detailed comparisons between Andis GTX vs T Outliner. Continue reading!

Design and Weight
The body shape of Andis GTX is actually similar to Andis T Outliner. Each of them has a striped body made of hard plastic which feels solid and tough. However, Andis GTX has a sleek black color, which definitely looks professional. It is a tool that you can expect to meet in a barbershop. The adjustment knob is also black.

On the other hand, Andis T Outliner features a grey body. The adjustment knob is dark red. It looks nice and elegant. But the look is somehow less professional than the sleek black Andis GTX. Of course, you can just use it in your barbershop and nobody will complain, so this is more of a personal preference. Take a look at our previous post about Oster T Finisher vs Andis T Outliner here!

Then again, there is a noticeable weight difference between Andis GTX vs T Outliner. The GTX model is quite heavier. This is not entirely because of the unit, but more about the power cord. The GTX model is equipped with a thicker, stronger power cord which happens to be quite heavier, too. It also has a three-pronged end. Andis T Outliner comes with a regular two-pronged power cord.

The Adjustable Blade
Both Andis GTX and Andis T Outliner are equipped with adjustable blades. It is recommended that you oil the blade before every use. With an adjustable blade, you can easily create a more personalized experience.

But their blades are different. The teeth on the stationary blade of Andis GTX are significantly deeper. Such design is supposed to allow cleaner hair feed through the cutting blade, which, in turn, will allow the unit to cut long hair more smoothly without leaving any blunt cut. Since it is armed with a very powerful electromagnetic motor, it can deliver such results easily.

The teeth on Andis T Outliner’s stationary blade are shorter. This is generally not a problem, but you have to be a little more careful when dealing with long hair. It needs you to be more cautious if you don’t want to leave a blunt cut.

Both Andis GTX and Andis T Outliner feature 7200-RPM electromagnetic motors that are very powerful. They can easily cut through heavy hair without much of an issue. However, the performance of Andis GTX is generally better than Andis T Outliner due to several reasons. As mentioned above, it has deeper teeth which make long hair easier to handle.

In addition, the GTX model somehow produces less heat. While it still heats up after a prolonged use, it does not get extremely hot. The only possible problem is that it is trickier to zero-gap the blade.

The overall performance of Andis T Outliner is very good. It can deliver very close cuts with great precision. However, it tends to become very hot after a prolonged use.

- Professional magnetic motor trimmer with close-cutting T-Blade/Fine-cutting teeth for extremely close cutting
- Powerful magnetic motor runs cool and quiet
- High-quality carbon-steel blades specially hardened for long cutting life
- Ideal for dry shaving and all-around outlining and fading
- Heavy duty 8-foot cord with hanger loop // Contoured to fit your hand comfortably
- The item is oiled from the factory. Also, they are each tested with string for cutting ability before they leave the factory
- Equipped with extremely close-cutting blade for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears
- Controured housing with high-speed motor
- Ideal for dry shaving
- Blades can be adjusted for a more personalized shaving experience. Oil blade before every use

In general, Andis GTX is the more recommended choice. The deeper teeth will allow you to cut long hair more smoothly. The performance is also better because it does not heat up as much as Andis T Outliner.

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