Andis Outliner 2 Vs T Outliner

To maintain the appearance and hair care, every woman need trimming. No need to trim a lot of hair, trimming can be done by removing the tip of the hair just a little. Trimming function remove part of the tip of the hair that generally is the part that is broken. If you do it once every six months, is believed will make hair longer faster. There is no need to a salon, you can do the trimming itself because it has no products that support us do so themselves. Andis Outliner 2 and Andis T Outliner are one of the products of Andis trimmer that serves as. Which of these products that have the functionality and the best of the best?

Andis Outliner 2
The features inside Andis Outliner II are high carbon steel blades, 8 foot cord, combs, close cutting blades to trim necks, mustaches, and around the ears, carbon steel blades, and contoured housing. If you love to do lining and fading, Outliner II is the best, you can trim beard and mustache, trim real close to the skin and clean up those areas that hair clippers can not reach. The combs come in 4 different size made by metal snap on clip that make there is no chance of them breaking. It is also made by hardened carbon steel blades to stay sharp for the life of the trimmer. You will feel the power of the machine on this Outliner II use as it runs on a high speed. Its motor is powerful and have so much power one would expect it to be somewhat noisy, quite the contrary, you will find it fairly quiet.

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Andis T Outliner
Andis T Outliner comes with great and hard plastic casing and 5.5 inch and 0.70 lbs size. It is suitable for you who need a more extensive trims with a solid and heavy-duty ready choice. It is featured with carbon blades which are manufactured to be extra tough and work through high volumes of hair without pulling on it. This trimmer is made for outlines, to neckline cleanups, beard or mustache trimmings, edge ups, and etc, and this is very suitable for sensitive skin. If you want to use it for beard trimming, you have to throw preshave oil in the mix because it will allow for an even smoother and pleasure-filled experience. To ensure smoother hair cutting action, It tends strengthen their products’ blades with carbon. The T-blade of the T Outliner trimmer follows the same formula.

- Perfect for all-around outlining and fading
- Equipped with extremely close-cutting blade for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears
- Controured housing with high-speed motor
- Controured housing with high-speed motor
- Ideal for dry shaving
- Blades can be adjusted for a more personalized shaving experience. Oil blade before every use

The Andis T-Outliner and the Andis Outliner II rank as one of the best, so that they are one of beard trimmers you can buy. The only difference between the two models is the length and also shape of the blade. The Andis T-Outliner is perfect for detailed, precision work, outlining, and fading as well as for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, goatees, side-burns and edging around ears. While Andis Outliner II is well worth choice for anyone who wants that “professionally groomed look” without paying a professional.

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