Conair Curl Secret Vs Babyliss Miracurl

It is all about Conair Curl Secret and Babyliss MiraCurl which become the hottest and weirdest curling tools among the lovers. People sometimes use them as a gift list or wish list or even use it for themselves. We know that woman with straight, fine or flat looking hair is ever having a dream of one day she may look with glossy and sexy hair. And all the secret already known by us since the introduction of Conair Curl Secret and Babyliss MiraCurl to the world. What will make us choose which one is the best will be explained to you by words on the following below. By reading this article, you will find the most suitable tools for curling your hair soon.

Conair Curl Secret
Conair Curl Secret features with two temperature settings & 3 clock settings, an audio bleep indicator for the various curl modes & a heat inicator, programmable styler that can allow you to make a well-defined curls or free-flowing with natural waves for your hair. It has over 8ft swivel cord and on/off switch with 20 minute auto shut off. All you can get from Conair Curl Secret are having many benefits. It is an easy and a quick to use, it keeps the style and it will last for many years so that you will not worry about purchasing the other one in short time. How to use this device is a bit easy, and to get the best curl for your hair you must wash, dry, and comb your hair first. Then, take a minute to heat up then grab a section of hair and place it into the mechanism. You must note that the heated element is encased so it is virtually impossible to burn yourself accidentally.

Babyliss Miracurl
The Babyliss MiraCurl is the first ever fully automatic professional curl machine. It features settings to control the best temperature for our hair, the timing set and direction of the curl on all hair types, textures, and lengths, even colours. It can pull, heat, and curl our hair in its nano-titanium curling chamber in one inch sections at a time. The benefits are to create a full head of waves, soft swirls and defined curls with the machine just in 15 minutes. Or you can choose to set the curl in one of three directions, left, right, or even alternating, depending on you especially for a natural look. Before using Babyliss MiraCurl, you have to read the demo or videos and go to the instructions. Set the highest heat temperature and start curling your hair carefully. The settings options are easy and very helpful, and if you try to curl too much hair at once the machine will push it out and prevent it from getting stuck.

- Professional brushless motor for precision styling
- High-performance heater for instant, even heat-up and recovery
- 2 heat levels and 3 timer settings for loose, medium and tight curls
- Automatically forms one perfect curl after another
- Place sectioned hair in unit
- Create perfect frizzless curls with incredible bounce

The Conair Curl Secret actually is a bit more compact with a recessed heater, protective shield, temperature settings, and ceramic plus tourmaline winding chamber features inside. It is also less durable than Babyliss MiraCurls. But, Babyliss can give you the option to switch the direction of the curl for a more random, natural effect, and the added durability of its design is reassuring although unnecessary for home use.

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