Edwin Jagger DE89 Vs Merkur 34C

Choosing the best safety razor is kind of like choosing the best food but just for one option, as it is according to mostly on what your own style and preferences are and where your priorities lie. And also just like choosing who you want to spend the rest of your life with or partner, we will definitely recommend playing the field a bit before deciding on which safety razor is the best for your face, needs and tastes. Please enjoy two world’s best razors: Edwin Jagger DE89 vs Merkur 34C.

The Basics
Edwin Jagger and Merkur are two of the best and even the most well-known brands in the safety razor world, Merkur had the review before in Merkur 38C vs 34C. Both of them can produce a big variety of different razors in a lot of different shapes, styles, colors, and also sizes. Both of companies also known for their best product and the finest razors around. Therefore, you sometimes can not choose one between them after you see the similarities on the quality and durability. The firs important factor that you can consider in your mind is about how they shave because it becomes the major role. Edwin Jagger itself has an incredibble mild shave which is very good features for all beginners or anyone with softer or not so thick facial hair. But, one thing you must have a special attention especially if you have extra thick or coarse facial hair, this is actually not as aggressive as you hope for giving you a close and smooth shave. On the other hand, Merkur 34C Heavy Duty can be more aggressive and also can become a good even a bad thing, this is according to your personal perception. Merkur razor provides a much closer shave too although you must be careful on using it too.

Features and Performances
For the appearance, we can say that Edwin Jagger is the winner even both of them comes in beautiful chrome plating. Edwin Jagger is with is flawless chrome plating and Merkur 34C is with small marks or flaws from the machining process. On the size itself, both Edwin Jagger and Merkur 34C have similar blade, but Merkur 34C is shorter but with a longer handle than Edwin Jagger. This may be become the biggest difference between them, Head Assembly. Edwin Jagger razor is actually becoming your typical three piece razors, while Merkur 34C is just a standard two piece razor where the bottom of the cutting head is permanently affixed to the handle. Another you must know about these 2 shavers or razors is about the performance, they are not much to choose between the two on the fits thing. But, you find deeper texture handle on the Merkur 34C is easier to hold on in hand and also provide more control to produce less just like how it slips out of soapy hands.

- Unique design from the original designers of the DE8 Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor range
- Comfortable weight and balance for accurate, close shaving
-Register your new razor with the manufacturer for authenticity and years of excellent product support
- Extra thick handle
- Reliable grip
- Allows for a close, comfortable shave

Edwin Jagger vs Merkur 34C can have a few differences but not on that price. For those who are looking for a beautiful and easy to use safety razor which also can help you eliminate nicks, cuts, and razor burn, you can go for Edwin Jagger DE89. While, you can choose wisely for Merkur 34C if you think that appearances is not everything and you also want for a more aggressive razor which give you a super close and shave.

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