GHD Vs Bio Ionic Onepass

You want to know how to straighten your hair quickly? In addition with the rebounding and smoothing in the salon, you can do it yourself at home with a tool called Straightener. With these tools, you can get straight hair without the hassle of having to get out of the House. Various brands have been sold in the market. However, not all instruments have a nice quality. Here our aim to help you get one product the best straightener ever certainly would fit on you. Between the GHD Vs. Bio Ionic One Pass, which would you choose? If according to our recommendations, you must read all the paragraph first and then make your own decision.

GHD Classic vs Professional may be confused you, but we will make it clearer by do review again about GHD Professional. The original GHD professional 1 inch Styler is equipped with aluminum plate and ceramic heater for advanced heat and static free hair, as well as ions to cover the hair shaft. The aluminum gold plates help to carry out any static electricity, while round black casing like curling iron, is designed to make it easy to not only straighten hair, curve either toward or away from the face, but also curls and hair waves – though you can choose to make hair perfect pin direct if it’s style. This original Professional GHD comes in flat iron which is widely regarded as one of the best flat irons available. Especially if you have curly hair, this is the perfect product for you. Erase away curly with a single pass down hair. Perfect heat settings for most hair types, allowing you to tune each style in less than half an hour. This straightener allows you to straighten and curl with the same device, at the same time, all without static charging or damaging the hair.

Bio Ionic Onepass
Bio Ionic Onepass Nano ceramic iron straighteners claim to have all of it wrapped in one package. Onepass is in its name. It is basically a racing car for your hair. This straightening iron hair has silicone on a plate that helps it runs smoothly through the hair without catching. This plate has mineral covering as well as ion and infrared functions that keep hair smooth and shiny. Negative ions are used to combat static and curly hair, and trap moisture. The other cool thing about this flat iron is coming in two sizes that are 1.5 inches and 1 inch. There are several levels of heat on this product, and it runs up to 400 degrees without much waiting time. That being said, you probably do not need to set 400 degrees, so you might want to choose one of the lower ones so your hair is tidied and not fried. The silicon that covers the top of the plate is used to get the hair in order when it is pulled through the straightener. While being great for most types of hair, thick hair may not have the same luck with it.

- Ceramic heaters
- An award-winning, original ghd styler with a single heat setting for optimal temperature to effortlessly straighten, curl, or wave every hair type for smooth, frizz-free results
- NanoIonic mineral hydrates dry, damaged hair
- Silicone Speed Strips provide faster straightening and increased shine

One of the biggest drawbacks for buying a GHD Professional is that GHD straightener does not have temperature control and it only has shown a stubborn refusal to implement such a feature. This automatically leaves their straighteners stuck at the maximum temperature. The actual plates used for a GHD straightener are also more basic, incorporating plain ceramic technology without utilizing the nano particles. That is all about the final statement of GHD vs Bio Ionic One Pass.

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