Me My Elos Review:Replacement Catridge

Elos is the first and only technology of replacement catridge for hair that combines the power of both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (radio frequency energy). It is being developed by IPL inventor and patent holder namely Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, this revolutionary technology effectively overcomes the safety and procedural limitations of laser and IPL tools. You can clearly see here Me my Elos hair removal system review.

The Me My Elos Syneron Touch system uses elos technology, which is exactly a combination of laser and IPL technology. Elos technology also combines bi-polar radiofrequency and IPL. The radiofrequency energy is aiming as an attraction to the hair follicles, which have been preheated with the IPL system. This energy further can heat the follicles and treats it, preventing hair growth and then disabling the hair follicle. It might be complicated, but the system is incredibly easy to use. According to the company, this is a dual-action system that not only removes hairs in the long-term, but quickly as well. The epilator and shaver accessories are available, so you can enjoy the results for both instant and long-term. This is one of the things that we really liked about this system. Different with other systems, the Syneron Touch does not require any preparation. You do not have to shave before, and you should not apply a gel either, either. Just slide the device onto your skin as you would a shaver or an epilator. It is even safe to use on the face. We removed the upper lip of hair easily, and never felt a little sick.

The Me My Elos Syneron Pro Ultra uses a combination of dual technology and a low powered IPL with a Radio Frequency pulse as we mentioned above to attack hair follicles and to destroy them at a time too. The device contains 3 intensity settings and a safety lock for activating if the applicator is not positioned correctly over the skin. It is also recommended to begin on the lowest intensity and to move up from there. You can buy a precision adaptor separately, and this is recommended for the smaller areas on its face. While the manufacturer’s manual states that the device locks if the applicator does not fully cover to the skin, it also recommends the usage of glasses or goggles if you are sensitive to light, so it is a little confusing as to whether you can see the light pulses during treatment. The Me My Elos Syneron Touch or Pro Ultra is meant to work on all skin colors and on all hair colors too. However, manufacturers recommend we buy an add-on shaver to shave blonde, red or gray hair first to receive the full effect of treatment. It is not clear whether the device only works on lighter hair because you use a shaver, or if it is really effective at reducing growth. It is difficult to determine when there are no real reviews or trials published to prove real success.

- Replacement cartridge for the Tanda Me Elos (HU-FG0050) - The system is for individuals with concerns about unwanted hair who want the privacy and convenience of hair removal at home

Women and men are looking for hair removal solutions that are ready to invest money time, pain and effort to get rid of hair from the feet, arms, bikini line, back, chest, armpits and stomach. Laser sessions are very expensive. Electrolysis can take a long time to remove full body hair. The laser house or IPL system though costs less than mē of my elōs system, a massive mess and requires months of recurrent treatment. Elos is a superior technology that is only used in professional centers until ‘I’ is released. Now customers can make Elos hair removal with iLuminage touch at home!

Specifications of Me My Review
· Single flash mode and
· Continuous glide for quicker treatments
· 3.3 cm² window size
· Precision / facial attachment
· 2 pulses per second
· Treat 10 cm2 in just 45 seconds
· 10 mins to treat a full leg which is user manual.

Pros of Me My Review
· It works well
· It is very easy to use
· For all skin tones
· For all hair colours
· No pain, just a warm sensation
· No ingrowing hairs
· No bumps or cuts resulting
· You can use it if you are tanned, so you can continue using it in the summer months.

Price for Me My Review
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