Me My Elos Vs Iluminage Touch

When it comes about hair removal systems or permanent hair reduction systems. There are a 2 well-known models existed along this market which are Me My Elos vs Iluminage Touch. Well, since you only need one device not two device, you have to choose one of them, right? Have you wondered about your decision in the future? Or if you have not yet, you can read this one as your reference or as target to make sure that your choice will be the best for you in daily. Here it is!

Me My Elos
Want more information? Read also Me My Elos Review:Replacement Catridge and this is the shorter one. The Me My Elos Syneron Touch system uses elos technology and also uses a combination of laser or IPL technology. The technology is a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and IPL. The radiofrequency energy is automatically attracted to the hair follicles that can be preheated with the IPL system. This energy further is heating the follicles, treating, preventing hair growth and last is disabling the hair follicle. Based on the manufacturer claims, it has a dual-action system that not only can remove your hair in the long-term, but as you as it can be. Epilator and shaver accessories are available, so you can get both instant and long-term results at a time. This is one of the things that you will like about this system. While, the Syneron Touch does not require any preparation at all. You do not have to shave and also you do not have to apply any gel either. Simply glide the device over your skin as you would a shaver or an epilator. Moreover, it is safe for use on the face and it can remove upper lip hair with ease with no felt a twinge of pain.

Iluminage Touch
It is been a discussion about The Iluminage Precise Touch Vs Iluminage Touch that is a worthy read. The iluminage Touch is known as the first at-home FDA-cleared permanent hair reduction system for all skin tones and types. This system can be used easily and quickly, Several users report that they do not have so much pain or skin problems especially for those who have sensitive skin from using this hair removal. According to clinical tests conducted by iluminage apparently reach 85% of users feel no pain whatsoever when they use the Touch and some users reach 40% loss of hair after one until two weeks. Although you need to use it for about 7 weeks to get more than 94 percent hair reduction after one series of treatments. Goggles are also included in Iluminage, but actually aren’t really needed. Mostly users is getting great results from the Iluminage. It is a well-made and innovative product that can use the latest and greatest technology in order to help getting great results for a wider range of buyers. The best thing about the iluminage Touch is the fact that it is also giving customers who don’t fit the traditional light skin and dark hair ideal for permanent hair removal a choice to try out IPL hair removal for themselves.

- Replacement cartridge for the Tanda Me Elos (HU-FG0050)
- The system is for individuals with concerns about unwanted hair who want the privacy and convenience of hair removal at home
- IPL RF technology ensures painless hair reduction. In 7 short weeks, experience up to 94% permanent hair reduction
- TOUCH utilizes the only FDA-cleared and clinically proven technology to deliver permanent hair reduction on ALL skin tones

Me My Elos vs Iluminage Touch is almost similar in many things, but, for the fullest value for your budget, we think you should consider whether you need an epilator accessory or just a special goggles. Indeed, if you plan to treat your face, then you must choose Me My Elos because it is a good way to go with. On the other hand, Iluminage Touch can become the best one as the included epilator accessory will be very handy at times.

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