Merkur Progress Vs Futur

In comparison, the activities of women’s shaving is more synonymous with men. Activities such as shaving, shave the hair, into a mandatory agenda to do men, especially for those who are very concerned with appearances. The Shaver is used any time range from razor electric Hair Shaver until a more practical. For you that are looking for confusion or update the Shaver long outdated, we got 2 shavers recommendation which is quite good in quality and assured their material. Do you know with Merkur? This time we will discuss two of its products i.e. Merkur Progress vs. Futur.

Merkur Progress
Merkur Progress comes classic with its two piece design, smooth handle and plastic knob at the bottom that allows you to adjust the settings. Merkur Progress features chrome finish, an adjustable up to 5 settings, and the long or standard handled version. This adjustable razor can go from mild to aggressive depending on your needs. For example, you can go from a 3 pass shave to a 2 pass shave and still get a BBS results or you want a simple construction, it will last a long time. Unlike non-adjustable two-piece razors that are pretty straightforward to put together, the Merkur Progress has its quirks and to avoid any disappointments due to improper assembly. The Progress will give you 5 aggressiveness settings that you can change by adjusting the knob and with the adjustability, it makes this razor one of the more popular adjustable in the market but also it’s this same feature that gives wet shavers trouble. On the side of the base and top plate are markings that have to align. You must remember that if you don’t point the top plate at the right direction, the knob will not function properly.

Merkur Futur
In the article of Muhle R41 Vs Merkur Futur, we have explained more in performance, and here is time for the features. The first thing about the Merkur Futur is that it looks great. Sleek and metallic, the design definitely conveys quality. Merkur Futur is built like a tank. But it is so precisely well built, and so gleamingly good-looking, and also it’s a bit more accurate to say it’s a futuristic in 21st century streamlined tank. Merkur Futur is heavy but well balanced. The balance is to the point where there is no maneuverability problems. If you’re worried about getting a good grip on the situation, there is a small indentation on the handle to keep things steady. Merkur Futur has a smooth-handled razor with he indentation in the handle body lends itself to a sure grip. Also, Merkur Futur is extremely precise and the blades even can sit on each side. At the level 1, you will given plenty of audio with no irritation, nicks, or cuts. You can get into the tight areas of your face and cut whiskers cleanly. For being an adjustable razor, the nice thing about the Merkur Futur is it is relatively compact too.

- Progress razor
- Adjustable head
- Short handle
- Heavy duty razor
- Best merkur razor on the market plus travel case
- Double Edge Design
- Adjustable razor blade angle
- Beautiful Satin finish
- Gives a close, comfortable shave
- Made in Germany

The Progress shaves very similar, but not quite as efficient. A really good Futur shave will last quite a bit longer than a Progress shave. But let us remind you: We are talking about minor differences on an already very high level here. On a scale from 1 to 10 the Futur would be a 9 and the Progress an 8.5 (based on users review). The one thing that might make the Futur a not so great choice for some people is the big and bulky head. It takes some getting used to, especially because of the width, which makes it difficult to determine where the blade is.

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