Muhle R41 Vs Merkur Futur

If you are looking for the best safety razor, it can sometimes feel like becoming the question to find the Holy Grail. It is existed somewhere, but no one has managed to find it so far. We know that it will not be going as easy as finding one, is it? Calm down, because you will have no worry since we are providing you with 2 references that can be your consideration for the next best razors. They are Muhle R41 Vs Merkur Futur. In form of verses, they will be greater to be compared. Here they are:

Muhle R41
Muhle R41- This chrome beauty comes is form of an open comb design that makes the appearance is more aggressive compared to a closed comb out there. It will be able to shave a 3 to 4 days beard growth with less passes, do not be afraid of having pain. It also comes with some advanced features such as chrome plated finish originally made in Germany’s company. The weight is around 2.2 ounces and it has the open comb design to make becoming a great option to shave a heavier beard growth but with no passes. You will also find a feather blade in this device. Mostly users who liked it will say even with the aggressive design, they were able to achieve a BBS in as little as 2-1/2 passes. And again, even with one pass, it is still possible to get a clean look with this razor. The quality chrome metalworking features and an easy grip-handle can make this thing simply looks so good and will always look really nice when it is sitting on all bathroom counter on a stand. This isn’t one of that little razors that you have to hide.

Merkur Futur
The Merkur Futur as the given name on the product comes with a very modern looking safety razor. It also comes with an impeccable chrome finish from top to the bottom body means that it is definitely a proud item to be displayed. It might be little bit heavier than most of the safety razors on the market and it might also be more expensive than most of the safety razors out there. Although with the condition, the price can be justified by numerous aspects that the Merkur Futur have. The level of craftsmanship as well as the ability to adjust how aggressive the razor and how fit it is on your needs. This things make the Merkur Futur become very valuable. This safety razor lets you discover many aspects of classic shaving without buying or purchasing other multiple different razors. Merkur also has an adjustable razor: the Merkur Vision which make it becomes one of the best safety razors. Without further consideration, you can jump right into it to take an in-depth look at the Merkur Futur.

- Open comb design for a more aggressive closer, smoother shave
- Double edged blade allows for use on both sides to help extend blade life
- High quality chrome plated handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment
- Fine engraved detail handle
- Double Edge Design
- Adjustable razor blade angle
- Beautiful Satin finish
- Gives a close, comfortable shave

The recommendation will fall for Merkur Futur. You will like about it is infinite adjustability and can be also made a mild shaver to an aggressive user. The weights and size lends to shave beautifully but difficult to maneuver under the nose area. It is a uper every day razors. And also an extremely close shaving and very smooth.

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