Muhle R89 Vs Merkur 34C

Clean the hair-the hair is usually done in a salon, but to suppress the cost of body treatments. Some of us choose carying for the hair manually in the House, the trick is using a tool to shave. Today there are many tools that can simplify the need to oust the wild hair. But not all of these types of tools available on the market to answer our needs will be the quality of the razor. Need something tool that could really satisfying when we shave. Here we will make review 2 razor best ever, Muhle Vs. R89 Merkur 34C. Both of these tools sometimes be a consideration because of the similarity of the quality and the price is quite affordable.

Muhle R89
The Muhle R89 weighs 2.2 ounces, the two-piece head makes up to or even more than half of its weight, the point of balance is a bit higher up on the handle, while the Muhle R89 can measure in at 3.7 inches. The Muhle R39 is a great safety razor for those who are beginners that start out with wet shaving. Also, the head geometry of Muhle R89 is very precise, it can align the blade perfectly so that everything is even on both sides. This is similar like other standard three-piece safety razor, blade replacement is very easy as long as you perform proper maintenance on cleaning your safety razor and always be careful everytime you use it. However, it is not as easy as a butterfly open safety razor, it is actually less to break down on you. This would be a great safety razor for people with sensitive skin too, of course they will have no worry. Lastly, the fit and finish on this instrument is wonderfully stunning. What an excellent thing for craftsmanship and finish!

Merkur 34C
With the powerful weight of a beautifully designed, stainless steel handle and a sharp and double-edged blade as a tack, Merkur 34C is not only functional, but also stylish. The handle provides enough weight which have to apply any pressure while each stroke in using to get a close trim. The blade is pristine very well with a very smooth, nick-free experience, plus every pass too. Merkur 34C is featured an impressive etched design on the handle that makes the piece appear more elegant and expensive than it should be. It can be said that it is not only a fantastic piece of shaving equipment, but also as an excellent bathroom accessory that exudes wealth and sophistication. It also looks far better than any other run-of-the-mill cartridge razors on the market. Another key aspect of this Merkur shaving razor is the fact that it can support a double-edged blade too. A blade is included with any purchase of this model. If you are bald and looking for a tool to keep your head silky smooth and looking fly. The answer is the Merkur 34C with the heavy duty safety razor is a perfect one. You have to make sure you choose the sharpest blades you can find. The better the blade, the better the results you get.

- a minor miracle of precision
- Ergonomics and beauty
- Comes with a short instruction and one blade
- Extra thick handle
- Reliable grip
- Allows for a close, comfortable shave

For Muhle R89 vs Merkur 34C, the 34C is a tad more aggressive than the R89 in terms of aggressiveness. While, in terms of quality, the R89 is clearly the superior product with better fit and finish, but the Merkur comes with no trash and will meet the standards for daily use easily. Most significance difference is in the size and weight of the handles. Beside of the same in diameter, the Muhle handle is longer and lighter and thus the balance of the razors is very different too. The Muhle is a bit head heavy and lighter, while the Merkur is heavier and the center of gravity is more towards the middle of the razor.

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