Precise Touch Vs Iluminage Touch

The luxury beauty brand with their two home laser devices namely the IluminageTouch and also Precise Touch. They claim and promise permanent hair reduction for both the face and the body. But still, of course each model has their own perks. Before you decide the best and the right one, let us present you the review of comparison between Precise Touch Vs Iluminage Touch. It will be about what customers said and features on each product.

Precise Touch
The Iluminage Precise Touch is the little sister of the Iluminage Touch, and it’s designed especially for treating small areas like your underarms, bikini line, forearms, chin, upper lip and sideburns. It is also safe for every skin tones and clinically proven to work on fair hair too. Precise Touch usesd an extra-caring and safe technology and it’s effortless to use. Learn more in the full Iluminage Precise Touch review. This is the combination of IPL and RF energy which is ultra-safe to make lower risk of pain or adverse reactions. It is also proven to work on fair hair and it has smaller treatment window is amazing for the upper lip. The treatment is fast on lowest energy levels, very easy and comfortable to operate. You do not have to wait for a battery to charge because it is mains-powered, moreover, it is also no need for a skin tone sensor. It is integrated UV filter but still in all the safety and treatment features you will expect. What a very good support from Iluminage Beauty!

Iluminage Touch
It’s safe to use the Iluminage Touch on dark and black skin tones and it’s the only device proven to work on fair hair too. It’s incredibly easy to use with fast treatment times on the lower intensity levels, best for dark skin. It’s expensive, but great value replacement cartridges are available. It’s a great choice for large areas, or full body and face treatments. Keep reading the Iluminage Touch review to learn if it’s the best choice for you. Beside of those things, it is proven to work on light blonde and red hair. The treatments will be just from 10 minutes to treat a full leg. It has been integrated UV filter and supported by FDA and CE mark. It is an easy and comfortable device to operate with a familiar electric shaver or an epilator action with good coverage and less effort, flash each area 2 until 3 times to make you have no worry about overlap. There is a plus value for replacement catridges too for this. A good thing with a very good support from Iluminage Beauty.

- Precise TOUCH is compact, lightweight, and convenient for use both at home and away
- TOUCH utilizes the only FDA-cleared and clinically proven technology to deliver permanent hair reduction on ALL skin tones and the widest range of hair colors

What’s the difference between the Precise Touch vs Iluminage Touch that will become a conclusion in this review? The size of The Precise Touch is specially designed for a woman’s facial hair only for the jaw line, underarm, and bikini area. It also costs only half as much or more on this. But technically, you can use both the Precise Touch and Iluminage Touch on the same areas too. However, with it’s smaller head, the Precise Touch just can offer what its name implies like more precise applications.

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