Robocut Vs Flowbee Haircutter

Have you heard about the new and advanced types of haircutters? Actually, there are a lot of them sold in the market nowadays. Coming in form of vacuum power, these haircutters seems like ridiculous for us, but you will see how they work well on hairs. Basically, this haircutter is become an extension to put up on good vacuum cleaner. For instance, there are two famous brands of haircutters out there. The name are Flowbee and Robocut. Of course, they are coming with different attachments and lengths, all based on type of your hair . If you ever use vacuum cleaner, the working of this haircutter is almost similar. And if you want to know the detail of both Robocut and Flowbee, you are on the right position reading this article, because the comparison will be discussed on following words below.

Robocut is a really automatic vacuum cleaner cutting device connected device. It also provides an outlet to connect with any standard sized vacuum hose. Powerful vacuum for clean messy hair that gets cut using device. It has the ability to cut hair from various ½ inch long 6inches. Robocut needs Standard vacuum hose attached to it to start cutting. Then the exact desired length should be adjusted for a salon like a haircut. While cutting hair extender should run several times to ensure hair is cut properly. Robocut is designed to provide hair cutting and pet care in one and is perfect for use in pets. Robocut should be used on plain dry hair and hair products unlike thickeners, hair sprays, gels, etc. should be applied. Overall, it helps in providing cheap haircuts in any desired style in no time and uses a vacuum that makes it cleaner to use without having hair all over the floor.

Flowbee Haircutter
Flowbee has a vacuum hose to connect to clean hair while cutting them to avoid itchy and messy hair problems. Flowbee is a precision hair cutting and trimming solution aligned with many barber trimmers for perfectly cutting. It is designed to suit every standard of vacuum cleaner and wall plugs separately. Once the vacuum is secured the device can be used for clean and neat hair cut. The use of Flowbee is easy, just need to just attach the Vacuum Hoses through a free universal hose adapter which and adjust the desired setting and hair length to start cutting. Although we know that Flowbee requires no clean-up. Flowbee can be used on pets with pet binding. But care should be taken that the pet shampoo and all the mats rub out before using the tool. Also one should not try to cut more than half of the hair off at a time. Flowbee works great in dry or towel-dried hair and using hair styling products should be avoided.

- Easy, precise haircut every time
- Just plug and style hair, no setup
- Hair style anytime, anywhere
- Quickly attaches to Most Vacuums with Ease
- Save Hundreds of Dollars in Haircuts
- A Perfect Cut Every Time. Great for The Entire Family

What make we are confused to choose between Robocut and Flowbee is they are both amazing tools of haircutters. They are also easy to use and decrease the dangerous of using scissors in cutting your hair. But, you will thank to these ones. You might see the differences on the offered variants. Both of Robocut and Flowbee have their own kinds of variant that you can read in detail on each paragraph to help you make the best decision.

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