Rusk Speed Freak Vs W8less

Confused in choosing between Rusk Speed Freak and Rusk W8less? Great; you have come to the right place! In the following article, we are going to put the two hair dryer models against each other in order to understand better about when to use which. Both Rusk Speed Freak and Rusk W8less are made by the Rusk company founded by Irvine and Rita Rusk specializing in styling and hair care products for salons as well as customers. Rusk Speed Freak and Rusk W8less are two very popular models, loved by many. However, there are indeed some notable differences that set the two hair dryers apart from each other.

The two are already noticeably different in terms of design. Coming with a white body, Rusk W8less has a lighter body than Rusk Speed Freak, making it somewhat easier to handle. Well, in fact, it is incredibly lightweight. It features a construction of ceramic grill with infused tourmaline and custom cubic print finish, removable rear filter and concentrator nozzle, as well as an 8′ power cord. The buttons, however, are somewhat not properly positioned, as some users seem to accidentally knock them every now and then. But this is not a very common issue.

Rusk Speed Freak, on the other hand, is quite significantly heavier. Thus, it is somewhat less practical and less convenient to hold for a long time. It is a powerful dryer, featuring 2000W power to deliver the drying, with several customizable settings. However, with that many settings, it can be pretty confusing for new users. Plus, it also has the same tendency to cause accidental knocking on the buttons.

Both models are suitable home usage. The two are generally portable and practical to use. Both dryers can dry hair quickly. However, Rusk Speed Freak is indeed the one that is more powerful. The name explains it all. With the 2000W power, it can effortlessly dry your thick hair in no time. The power is awesome for drying thick hair, and it is not very noisy. However, the high heat may not be suitable for light hair and children. Rusk W8less is less hot, and thus is more suitable for light hair and children. Rusk W8less is also less noisy.

- A professional 2000 watt dryer that is ergonomically designed and infused with ceramic and tourmaline
- The Rusk Speed Freak dryer uses far-infrared heat and natural ions to dramatically reduce hair's drying time
- After shampooing and conditioning hair, towel-dry to remove excess moisture and part into sections
- An extremely powerful, yet lightweight, 2000-watt ceramic and tourmaline dryer
- The far-infrared rays penetrate the outer cuticle of the hair, drying it from the inside out
- After shampooing and conditioning hair, towel-dry to remove excess moisture and part into sections

Both are great hair dryers, but the different characteristics make them suitable for different purposes. Rusk W8less can be your choice if your hair is not so thick and for children. It is more lightweight, making it easier to handle. However, if you want to be able to dry thick hair more quickly, Rusk Speed Freak can be your choice.

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