Theradome Vs iGrow

Compare Theradome vs iGrow laser and LaserCap will be fun probably. We will compare on how does it work, features, benefits, results, time required, safety, price, and reviews. Actually, laser hair growth is mainly used as a therapy treatment for baldness or lost hair. However, this factor is riddled with a lot of controversies due to the opposing arguments from doctors and companies. So that, by knowing this problem, we show you the fact about 2 products of Hair laser to make it clearly done.

Theradome is one of the promising laser hair helmet treatments for promoting hair regrowth. This is the clinical strength of restorative hair care results that gives you the claim of the comfort of your home. Theradome promises to offer leniency to millions of women worldwide who suffer from hair loss. The problem is that most of the hair loss treatments in the market are aimed at men, whereas women really do not have a viable option.

Theradome maintains can change it offering them the results they always wanted. Theradome claims to be the first and only FDA OTC cleansed and clinically feasible laser strength treatment that grows new and healthy hair. In addition the promises to double the size of your existing hair follicles as well. Importantly, it slows down and prevents further hair loss, according to the claim. The cold laser treatment has been known to increase blood flow to the scalp and thus reduce inflammation. Theradome has taken technology to a whole new level and brought it to the comfort of your home. Claiming that 20 minutes of treatment, twice a week is all it takes to regain your hair.

iGrow is a use in home hair growth devices that claim to be safe and effective as well. IGrow maintains that it can help you in the fight against your hair loss while you manage to get hair back as well. There are many of us who have gone through this issue and have a serious impact on our confidence. You may have tried every trick in the book but it does not work and professional care burns a hole in your pocket. IGrow claims that it can deliver results at home at an affordable cost as well.

On the same principle mentioned above. IGrow is working on low-light therapy level proprietary technology that makes the most of a combination of red laser and LED Diodes. They work together to stimulate and energize cellular activity. Thus the natural function of hair follicles is enhanced. The use of iGrow involves a 4-6-month process that claims to reverse hair loss and thinning when new hair grows thicker and healthier as well. Your hair grows more excited, according to claims while you get treatments that are done comfortably and safely from the comfort of your home.

- World’s most technologically advanced laser hair therapy device for home use
- Recommended by 4 out of 5 hair rejuvenation experts such as Bosley and HairClub
- Cordless, wearable and hands-free for comfort and convenience & Clinical strength results with an affordable, one-time fee
- iGrow is one of few products and solutions that use highly effective LLLT stimulating light therapy equipment to promote cellular rejuvenation with laser and LED lights
- 4 adjustable columns, rotating weight distribution, customizable headphones and aux hookups for full scalp coverage and comfort while the stimulator system promotes faster growth
- In 2 separate, published peer-reviewed clinical studies, iGrow increased hair count by 35% in males and 37% in females in 16 weeks to help stop hair loss

We will mention the differences to make a conclusion. Theradome 80 5mw, 678 nm diodes. IGrow 21 laser diodes 655 nm and 30 leds. You will be a bit surprised that even though iGrow is the most expensive, it has the least amount of diodes on it. So Theradome has 80 but iGrow has 21 diodes but its like among £200 more expensive than Theradome. All of these devices actually have one problem though. None of them can give you a really any side coverage. If you are predisposed, you can probably go bald on the sides of your head with any of those devices.

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