Tria Precision Vs Tria 4x

Nowadays, maybe you heard about the Tria home hair removal laser right? Because, It is getting some huge reviews, and we are sure that you all know or even has actually tried it by yourself. This review will inform you that Tria has introduced a new hair removal laser with a name of the Precision. What things that separate it from the Tria 4X model? In our post, we will do a rundown in form of article about the differences between tria 4X and Tria Laser Precision, so you will know a better or best idea of which product might be right for you.

The original Tria 4X and Tria Precision Hair Removal Laseruse use the same technology to produce the same results and they also serve a slightly different purposes each other. Both of them are meant to be lost your unwanted body hair, but the Precision’s smaller laser and overall smaller size make it easier by its precision work. While it is also easy enough to use the 4X to get rid of all the hair on your legs which disturb you enough, it is difficult to reach smaller areas like the underarms, parts of the face, and your bikini line, but by using the Precision, on It can be a perfect thing for these areas.

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The Tria 4X has received more positive press and won some awards such as Fitness Magazine’s 2013 Fitness Beauty Award. Definitely, the bigger laser means faster treatment times. If you want each treatment become a short treatment, the Tria 4X is the right way and it will give a bigger size on it, the Tria 4X has a bigger battery and a longer charge too. If you want to choose a more detailed display, the Tria 4X also features an LED screen, while the Precision just features a few lights to give you basically the same information. All in all, they are both so simple to use. Knowing there are some differences, both the Tria 4x and Tria Laser Precision pack the same technology and permanent, these are a painless hair removal into a convenient and also an affordable package. There is a main issue for most people, they will be which parts of the body you will use it on the Tria 4X is better for larger areas like the legs, while the Precision’s smaller size makes it ideal for harder to reach spots like the bikini line. For more, check out our reviews of the Precision and the 4X.

- Professional technology for permanent results. Laser technology clinically proven to deliver permanent results at home
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- The at-home hair removal laser designed to deliver professional, permanent results and laser-smooth skin

We will make a conclusion as your option in the future. Between Tria 4x and Tria Laser Precision firstly, you must know which device that has better results for you, because they both have their own identical results. On the other hand, you will actually spend about 3 until 4 months with the Precision or the 4X before you can achieve final goal like a smooth and also permanently hairless skin wherever you want and need it.

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