Tria Vs Iluminage Touch

Technology of laser removal to remove the feathers are still unwanted less popular sounds. But the result is more promising and pretty much get people tempted. Are you one of the insistence on and wanted to do it immediately? We give 2 recommendation tools that is quite famous for its quality and how it works. They are our auto summary within one title of Tria Vs. Iluminage Touch. The winner will be announced at the conclusion part, but would you choose will depend on your needs.

It might be similar but different on Tria Vs Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, but you can consider it wisely. First of all, Tria is laser-based with a 810 nano-meter wavelength beam in a diameter of a finger tip. It has 5 eergy levels, emot energy from 7 joules per cm2 at the lowest setting to 22 joules per cm2 at the highest setting, and it is a way to measure the amount of light energy pulsed at your skin. The benefits of using Tria, it also has more limitation who can use it safely for the laser-based. Tria is an ideal tools for those who have white, dark, dark brown, or even black which is mildly tanned skin, plus those who have dark hair. On the machine, Tria has a skin tone sensor at the bottom of the handle that is designed to unlock the Tria before you start your treatment. The skin sensor will check to see whether the skin os not to dark to treat with laser or not. You should use the skin tone sensor on every are you want to treat, then please make sure that you will not cause unwanted or unnecessary side effect for your body. The tip of the Tria which is as a skin-touch can make sure the tip is pressed before it can emot laser. This happens for preventing accidental pulsing of laser toward the eyes.

Iluminage Touch
Me My Elos Vs Iluminage Touch is the current one from several of them and here the other one again. Something special about Iluminage Touch is the used of ELOS technology which consist of Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency on it. The IPL or often we called as similar as laser, but it is wider flash of bright light. It targets the dark pigment in the hair and the heats is just look alike with laser with optical energy of 4 Joules per cm2. While RF is including the side of the IPL window to transmit a radio wave and also transmit from one bar to the other when the bars touch the skin. The bars can conduct 5 Joules per cm2. Iluminage is designed for dark skin, Indian, Hispanic, African American, Middle Eastern or Latin skin color which can be the safest solution for you. Moreover, Iluminage is unique with its FDA approval to be used on any skin color too. It has become a huge benefit for you who have darker skin tones and you who can not use laser or even IPL. While, the reason behind ELOS is pulsing the low energy light up to 4 joules per cm2.

- The at-home hair removal laser designed to deliver professional, permanent results and laser-smooth skin
- IPL RF technology ensures painless hair reduction
- TOUCH utilizes the only FDA-cleared and clinically proven technology to deliver permanent hair reduction on ALL skin tones
- IPL RF technology ensures painless hair reduction

First of all Tria zapping is more painful than the iLuminage pulsing. As stated above the Tria at the highest level pulses up to 22 Joules per cm² and the iLuminage is 4 Joules per cm². This means the Tria treatment includes hundreds of zapping when treating legs, arms, abdominal, underarms etc. Otherwise, you can choose them both or considering the previous explanation about the pain you will have.

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