Tria Vs Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro

We will give you two most popular hair removal systems for home use, there are Tria Laser and Remington IPL6000USA iLight Pro. Here you can also see our comparison, because nowadays people find that home hair removal treatments at home is more convenient and affordable also very effective compared to go to salon’s laser treatments out there.

Features and Performances
Tria Laser is a single wavelength beam with more energy concentrated at the tip, so it can turn dark matter to heat better. Tria laser also has 24 joules per cm2 with treatment coverage of 1 cm2 at the tip. While the pulse rate for Tria can emit 1 pulse every 2.2 seconds which are responsible for the treatment time length. Tria laser does not have a ‘cartridge’ but will work for 6 full body hair removal sessions with no added cartridges are needed. Tria Laser has 2 safety sensors, to lock from emitting at dark skin surface and into blank air. Tria was a leader for years for safe home hair removal system, but since the new technologies are pushing it a side. Remington IPL is a wide spectrum white light with 4 joules per cm2 energy and 6 cm2 IPL window also 2 second pulse rate. The Remington has an IPL cartridge which is good for 1500 flashes and should be enough to cover a full body twice too. Remington IPL has 2 sensors system, one skin tone sensor and the other is a touch skin sensor. Remington IPL and laser systems were branding their devices by a high price tag, it can hit the markets at an extra low price, way below the rest.

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Pros and Cons
The Tria laser system is a cordless hair removal tool which is easy to use anywhere and anytime at your home, there is no clumsy cords and wires too. But, the Tria Laser system is battery operated, so if there is warning about low battery, you must recharge it. Those can make it less friendly for full body treatments, and it is also best for small areas treated separately such as bikini, armpits, and legs. While the Remington IPL6000 has a unit base and a cord with a hand IPL piece, just the opposite from it, you can not use IPL without having an electric power source connection, but once you are plugged in you can use it for a full body treatment with no battery issues for it.

- The at-home hair removal laser designed to deliver professional, permanent results and laser-smooth skin
- 1 time every 2 weeks for up to 3 months
- FDA-cleared safe and effective for permanent results
- At-home professional hair removal for a fraction of the cost of in-office visits
- FDA cleared and clinically proven
- Proprietary ProPulse technology delivers results that last 6 months

We begin again the conclusion with the common reason, that is price. If you have less time, and less money to invest, the Remington IPL6000USA i Light Pro is the best machine your money can buy today with a low budget. But, if yo have more and want to have enough satisfied and efficient device, then Tria laser is good enough.

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