Wahl Senior Vs Andis Master

Know more before you buy a hair shaving products in particular, the survivors see our review to get the most appropriate items you’ll need an amount between the Senior and Master Andis Wahl. You can learn detailed information as well as the differences and then recently chose the right choice for your Shaver in the future about the two following items.

Wahl Senior
The Wahl Senior will not win any beauty contests with its slightly bulky 6.5″ body weighing 1 lbs 3 oz. However, that isn’t its purpose. Instead, the design of this model focuses on sturdiness and durability. Wahl Senior clippers are a practical tool, they also ensure you get the job done with 100% efficiency. The Wahl Senior clippers will heat up when you work with them for a longer time. This is a combination of their powerful electromagnetic motor plus the fact that so much of their body is made of metal. Owing to their powerful motors, many Wahl professional hair clippers vibrate significantly. Wahl Seniors join the bandwagon and will move in your hands more than what might be comfortable for some. Yet this is another very common problem among barber electric clippers. Another factor affecting the vibrations is the metal case of the Wahl Senior 8500. As the material “transfers” the vibrations, they get more noticeable. This is the trade off for having an extra sturdy hair cutter body.

Andis Master
If you are one of following in this page, you must know that Andis Master vs Oster Classic 76 has been reviewed by us currently. Andis Master clipper is featured with stylish, elegant and 6″ long body made from mostly aluminium. This machine is not only gorgeous with its exquisite chrome-colored looks. But also the Master’s body is extremely durable, owing its toughness to the extra strong metal housing. This hair cutting machine is made by Andis highest line of electromagnetic motors. Once you plug it in only 120V/60Hz, the Master’s motor runs on 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. To add some substance to this simple number: consider your haircuts done twice faster, or even more. We recommend you to take a closer look at the Andis Master adjustable lever, and you will see gradual positions, it is allowing for more precise blade adjusting. The blades’ sharpness guarantees precise cuts and tapering, regardless of hair type and density. Just remember to oil the Master clipper blades to ensure they run smoothly and they will serve you for a long, long time.

- The Senior Clipper is intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand
- The Senior Clipper is the original electromagnetic clipper
- For your convenience, the Senior Clipper comes with all accessories required for use
- The model# for the blade is #01556 which is compatible with the clipper #01557
- Perfect for all-around outlining and fading
- Unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing and high speed motor runs quiet and cool

Both Wahl Senior and Andis Master are high quality barber hair clippers widely used by professionals and casual users alike. You can see our conclusion divided in two reasons. Are you looking for a more stylish, presentable clipper? Andis Master has iconic looks that make it stand out from other hair cutters. Do you prefer bulkier models with a slightly better grip? Wahl Senior is for you.

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