Andis T Outliner vs Styliner 2

By | May 18, 2018

If you are looking for a powerful hair clipper that can give you detailed results and cut very close, Andis T Outliner and Andis Styliner 2 both make viable choices. Each of the two models is equipped with a high-performance electromagnetic motor. They can cut through heavy amounts of hair easily and give you close trims. So, which one is the better hair clipper? Note that these models have different features, so the answer depends on your needs and preferences.

Design and Weight
In terms of design, Andis T Outliner does not look as classy and professional as the Styliner 2, but this is something that you can confidently hold in your barbershop. It has a gray housing that is made of hard plastic and a dark red adjustment knob. The housing has a few embossed lines that enhance the handling. One nice thing about Andis T Outliner, compared to the Styliner 2, is that it is quite lighter. As the effect, it is more navigable and less tiring to hold for an extended duration. See also: Andis GTX vs T Outliner.

On the other hand, Andis Styliner 2 looks very stylish and elegant with the textured black housing. The texture makes the handling very solid and comfortable. Although the housing is also made of hard plastic, it is quite heavier. The dramatically higher body mass may make it quite inconvenient at first, but it is quite navigable and highly reliable once you get used to it.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing between Andis T Outliner vs Styliner 2 is whether you need great versatility or not. Of the two, Andis T Outliner is much more versatile, thanks to the adjustable blade. You can adjust the blade to adapt to different hair types and create personalized shaving profiles. It is suitable for dry shaving and sensitive skin, but it can also cut very close with great precision.

On the other hand, Andis Styliner 2 is not as versatile. The blade is fixed, not adjustable. You can indeed adapt with it to handle different tasks, but keep in mind that this model is mainly designed for delivering close results. It is great for dry shaving, detailing, and trimming around the neck, beard, mustache, and ear.

Although it is true that both Andis T Outliner and Andis Styliner 2 use 7200-RPM electromagnetic motors, they do have different levels of power. Andis T Outliner is noticeably less powerful when handling a large bulk of hair. This may be caused by the design of the blade and feed. However, it is still quite capable; it only requires more time to cut through.

Andis Styliner 2 is a more powerful unit. It can cut through a heavy bulk of hair quickly and effortlessly. If you need a heavy workhorse for dealing with thick, heavy hair, this is your weapon of choice.

Andis T Outliner vs Styliner 2

- They are each tested with string for cutting ability before they leave the factory
- Equipped with extremely close-cutting blade for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears
- Controured housing with high-speed motor
- Equipped with a close-cutting T-Blade for trimming necks, beards and mustaches
- Contoured housing with high-speed motor
- Excellent for dry shaving

If you need the most powerful hair clipper for making close cuts, Andis Styliner 2 is the way to go. However, if you prefer a versatile hair clipper that can handle different hair types and create personalized shaving profiles, Andis T Outliner is a better choice. It is also lighter and easier to use.