Aveda vs Paul Mitchell

By | February 4, 2021

Choosing hair care products is still confusing as ever with more products to choose and various concerns they are trying to address. However, this is to be expected since we also have different hairs so it is always best to choose the one that works best for you. If your hair needs purifying shampoo, Aveda Vs Paul Mitchell has the perfect products for the purpose. These well-known brands are loved by many so you may want to try them as well yet, let’s see what they can offer here first.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Hair Care Product to Choose
  • What are Aveda and Paul Mitchell
  • How are the Shampoo of Aveda and Paul Mitchell
  • What are the Ingredients of Aveda and Paul Mitchell Shampoo
  • How are the Result of Aveda and Paul Mitchell Shampoo
  • Aveda Vs Paul Mitchell

Choosing Hair Care Products

Choosing the best or the most ideal hair products for our hair is not an easy task. We personally have tried various shampoos, conditioners, and other leave-in treatments such as hair oils to improve the hair look or at least making it easy to style. We are sure you have met the same struggle as well and this is normal because not all of us will be satisfied with the same products. If you are also currently finding a set of new hair care products, here are some tips based on the hair types:

  • Straight Hair

This hair is also often called as Type 1 as it lays flat or straight on the scalp. Due to the shape, the hair oil can travel from the scalp to ends and thus this hair is often prone to get oily and lack volume but also the best to reflect sheen. People with straight, flat hair may want to wash regularly or when you choose to not shampoo, we can use dry shampoo to fight the greasiness. If possible, do choose natural hair products that preserve moisture without weighing it down.

If you are styling the hair, apply some hair products to keep the shape intact such as hair spray and do avoid sleeping with wet hair to prevent it from frizzing in the morning. If needed, we can use a leave-in conditioner and braid it loosely to avoid the frizz.

 AvedaPaul Mitchell
Product Dimensions6 x 5 x 4 inches1.53 x 1.53 x 5.24 inches
Shipping Weight2.2 Pounds3.88 Ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
  • Wavy or Curly Hair

For people with this S shape and the spiral shaped hair or Type 2 and Type 3, hydration is the key. This is because the wavy or curly hair has less natural hair oil due to the shape of the hair but can have oily scalp too. To prevent dryness, we can use sulfate-free shampoo to prevent it from losing the moisture. If you are a fan of heat styling tools, do put some restraint to it including chemical processes because it can damage the cuticle layer and shaft. We can also use additional products like heat-protection to protect the hair from those styling tools.

  • Kinky and Coily Hair

This is called as Type 4 hair and tightly curled with defined coils which also maintain the shape even when wet. The hair texture is fairly coarse and one of the common issues is hair damage because it is prone to dry and break with the use of a heated styling tool. In addition, due to the shape, it is difficult for the natural hair oil to transfer into the length of the hair strands. Similar to Curly type, we have to moisturize thoroughly and dry it properly as well, if possible without a hair dryer.

About Aveda and Paul Mitchell

Different hair types need different hair solutions so it is best to follow your own needs and preferences. We do think shampooing is one of the keys to achieve better hair health because this is a routine that we all need and highly depending on the type of hair or skin type as well. If you are here then we assume that you also have a straight or wavy hair that is prone to get dirty. For this hair issue, a gentle and purifying shampoo will be the best.

A gentler shampoo can both clean without drying your hair and they are suitable for everyday use if you have to wash the hair as often. There are plenty of brands that offer the type of shampoo but among those, Aveda and Paul Mitchell are two good brands with the option. We are sure most people are familiar with these brands of hair care because they are very popular and while their products are not cheap like most options, they are working really well and loved by users.

Just like many other beauty brands, both of them carry a huge collection of hair products and it is understandable because there are also various different hair types that need their own set of care system. For those who want a gentle cleanser but works reliably to remove build up, Aveda Shampure and Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo are two ideal options you may want to try. These shampoos have received so many good reviews for their efficacy and how they leave the hair clean and fresh after washing.

The Shampure is probably the one you may want to try first if certain concerns for typical ingredients like silicone and parabens are what you want to avoid but Paul Mitchell is also silicon and paraben free. In comparison, the Awapuhi shampoo is actually much cheaper than Aveda if you need to shop on a budget. The Aveda and Paul Mitchell shampoo promise to clean the hair and scalp while also moisturizing them to leave you with a feel-good hair throughout the day. Read also: Kerastase Vs Shiseido.

Aveda and Paul Mitchell Shampoos

When first seeing these shampoos, they are pretty similar to each other and if you have used other shampoo with “pure” or “purifying” tagline then we do think they will be the same in terms of consistency and color. They are transparent and rather light while also generous when it comes to creating lather. The scent however is different and the new Aveda formulation seems to change the fragrance option as well. We are not familiar with this scent but it is not as calming as the older formulation.

As for Paul Mitchell, this shampoos is similar to most of the products form the company and has this citrus or lemon scent, somehow reminding us of typical anti-dandruff shampoos with lemon as one of its ingredients. They are coming in larger bottles like 33.8 oz. or in smaller options like 8 or 10 oz. As for the price the largest bottle can last for months and Aveda cost around $53.48 for the 33.8 oz. bottle while Paul Mitchell is $20.40.

Aveda and Paul Mitchell Ingredients

Now for the ingredients, for Aveda especially this Shampure line, the shampoo contains Abyssinian seed oil and Annatto seed extract. Abyssinian oil is said to be the closest to the natural oils produced by the skin which means it is able to provide the proper natural hydration of the hair. Naturally the oil is yellow in color and can be used topically to promote healthy shine or can be used as an alternative to mineral oil. Annatto on the other hand may often be used as food coloring but also acting as conditioner.

The natural source is rich in vitamins A and D as well as beta-carotene with emollient properties and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is antiseptics with astringent abilities while at the same time provide moisture to the hair. For the Awapuhi shampoo, this one contains white ginger flower, jojoba leaf extract, aloe extract, rosemary leaf extract, and chamomile. Unfortunately we can’t find the reason why white ginger is there but for the rest of these natural sources, they are mostly meant for hydration or conditioning so the hair won’t be too dry after washing.

Aveda and Paul Mitchell Benefit

As for the results, we do think it will vary among users so our experience may differ as well. First with Aveda, this shampoo seems quite gentle and doesn’t strip moisture like most shampoos in the market but the newer formulation is not as good as it used to be and they tend to change it from time to time so the most accurate information will be in the bottle you have. The shampoos work well as it cleans and the best part is keeping your hair soft while the scent itself doesn’t last long if you dislike it.

Similarly, Paul Mitchell is also cleansing the hair properly. It has a natural citrusy scent which we do like better and just more calming to use with. The shampoo also lathers a lot to cover the hair but we have a medium length so one pump can cover all of them. It is refreshing to shampoo with and leave the hair very light as well. We do still need conditioner however for both shampoos to add more moisture and protect the hair especially if using a heat styling tool.

Aveda vs Paul Mitchell

There are lots of other shampoos with the same purpose but these from Aveda and Paul Mitchell are ideal if you need a gentle cleanser. The difference between the two is mostly on the scent and how they leave the hair because in our opinion they are working equally good on cleansing but for moisturizing the Awapuhi is slightly better while also leaving the hair light and smells great.

- Soothing aroma
- For all hair types
- A calming mix of 25 pure flower and plant essences
- Country of origin is United States
- Less packaging
- Waterless technology
- More efficient shape
- This daily shampoo thoroughly cleanses all hair types, including color-treated hair, and brightens hair by removing dulling buildup.


It is best to try them yourself and see whether the shampoo works well for you or not as we may have different results but personally we recommend the Awapuhi shampoo from Paul Mitchell because it works good both in cleansing and moisturizing as well as has a nice fragrance.