Biolage vs Paul Mitchell

By | April 8, 2020

Choosing the best hair product is not always easy because there are tons of them and the one that matches our needs doesn’t always be the same with others. Frizzy and dry hair are the enemy of many but with an ideal care such as those from Biolage Vs Paul Mitchell, you can say goodbye to those dry and unruly hair. If you are also interested to try the specific product from these brands, go check which seems to fit yours better here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What Cause Dry and Frizzy Hair
  • How to Prevent Frizzy Hair
  • What are Biolage and Paul Mitchell
  • How are the Serum of Biolage and Paul Mitchell
  • What Biolage and Paul Mitchell Serum are Made of
  • How are the Safety of Biolage and Paul Mitchell Serum
  • How to use Biolage and Paul Mitchell Serum
  • Biolage Vs Paul Mitchell

Dry Hair Cause

Everybody wants to have a healthy hair and easy to manage, if possible our fingers is enough to put them back in shape when necessary yet, this is not the fact and those living with dry hair understand how difficult it is to makes your hair stay in place or how long we have spent the time brushing in the morning just to look presentable. Dry hair may be natural depending on your skin type and body but it has external causes as well.

  • Hot showers are one of the most common causes of dry hair and while a hot bath feels great after a tiring day, it is not so ideal for our hair and skin. Hot water will strip our hair from the natural oils that were produced to keep it moisturized and shiny; the lack of moisture will make the hair frizz or dry.
  • Heating tools are another enemy we have to reduce when it comes to getting beautiful, moisturized hair because it also can strip them from the natural moisture especially if you are not applying anything before and after styling.
  • Shampoos are designed to cleanse and unfortunately, this is including the natural moisture in our hair. Showering everyday is good to stay clean and fresh but washing the hair everyday will just make the matter worse as shampoo detergents are mostly unfriendly for dry hair.
  • Drying hair with a towel by rubbing them and wrapping them is the most common method we use every day since they are fast and effective but little did we know that an abrasive surface of towel can cause friction and makes it drier especially those with curly hair type.

Taming Frizzy Hair

Reducing frizzy hair can be simply done by reducing or avoiding those causing habits and in fact, it can be pretty simple by changing products or lessening the use of styling products. If you have been using regular shampoo, it is great to try another type with glycerin in the product since it combats dry hair while also being a humectant so it can absorb the moisture around the air to create a protective coating and keep the moisture trapped in. Read also: Biotera vs Biolage

Many shampoos are foaming due to the sulfate content but this can strip natural moisture hence choosing those without the ingredient will improve your hair moisture. If you are not using conditioner yet, buying a bottle will be great because they are designed to replenish the moisture lost during hair washing. Conditioners help prevent the cuticle from opening up and letting in excess moisture from the environment so it can keep the hair smooth. Make sure to find glycerin again in the product for the same benefit.

About Biolage and Paul Mitchell

If you have been using suitable shampoo and a good conditioner as well as reducing those habits that can cause frizzy and dry hair but still feels like the effort is not paid effectively, it is great to try another product and adding some into the hair care routine. It may be because your hair needs a more extreme or further moisture replenishing and if this sounds like what you have experienced, there should be lots of moisturizing products we can try out there.

Some people are opting for a hair mask once in a while, hair oil, or even hair cream for a more extreme moisturizing properties but for those whose hair is not tightly curled, using such a product can be too heavy and may cause hair to limp or greasy look. If your hair is more into straight, wavy, or naturally thin, a hair serum can be a great choice. This product is offered by lots of hair care brands in the market such as Biolage and Paul Mitchell.

These popular hair care systems are very well-known and we are sure most people are familiar with these two because their products are everywhere and have been in the market for quite some time. Most of you may already be using at least one of their products before and similar to just any brands, sometime we found the one that works but some are just not beneficial. For dry and frizzy hair, besides their matching shampoo and conditioner, Biolage and Paul Mitchell also have a serum to try.

Our article today is focusing on their hair serum called SmoothProof Deep Smoothing Serum and Super Skinny Serum respectively from each brand. We love these serums because they are formulated to deal with dry hair issues and mostly will do a great job for users with fine and rather straight or a little bit of textured shape. The Biolage serum is claimed to help frizzy hair get enough moisture thus, making them smoother even when the air is as humid as 97%.

On the other hand, the serum from Paul Mitchell is primarily designed as a primer when you need to style the hair using a hair dryer and this serum is promising a silky smooth result faster than when styling using none. It also has a humidity resistant formula to control the hair even in humid conditions.

Biolage and Paul Mitchell Bottle and Serum

Similar to most hair serums out there, these from Biolage and Paul Mitchell are also coming in a bottle but first let us complain a bit about Skinny Serum bottles because this one has no cap and there have been many users especially who bought the product online say the liquid spills in the box package. It has this small pump and the liquid inside is clear, a little bit of oily in texture with a tart scent, it is not flowery and rather fruity with a hint of green apple.

Thankfully, Biolage serum comes with a cap or cover and in some countries it is a flip cap rather than a basic cap like in the picture but we do like this securing system better as it is more secured even when packed and shipped. The bottle is yellow-orange and transparent but the liquid inside is clear and the texture is still similar to Paul Mitchell which is oily but a bit thicker. The scent is very light and fresh but it disappears after a while.

Biolage and Paul Mitchell Ingredients

For the majority of people, as long as a product works then we can use it in a prolonged time but ingredients matter and this is because there are many chemicals found as not very safe both for the human and environment which is why checking the ingredient list is always necessary. For Biolage in this case the SmoothProof serum, the main ingredients are dimethicone, caprylic triglyceride, dimethiconol. fragrance, and limonene. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum is made with cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, cyclotrisiloxane, and fragrance.

Biolage and Paul Mitchell Ingredient Safety

Dimethicone and dimethiconol are all silicones and they are coming from the non-soluble family which means they will stick in your hair like a plastic film so they can protect and keep the moisture but unless we are shampooing routinely, these silicones are also said to have a harmful effects when sticking on our hair for too long or causing build up. Capric triglyceride is a combination of glycerin and coconut and it has a smoothing effect that is also used commonly in skin care products especially with its antioxidant feature.

These ingredients are very common in hair care products but what concern us the most here is Cyclotetrasiloxane in Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell because this silicon based ingredient is found to be potentially toxic by Environment Working Group and declared as so by the Government of Canada in 2008 together with its sister chemical cyclopentasiloxane. Additionally the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment within California Environmental Protection Agency evaluates that the Cyclotetrasiloxane has weak estrogenic activity poses potential concerns for exposed individuals especially those that use them daily.

Applying Biolage and Paul Mitchell

If you have used similar hair serums before, Biolage and Paul Mitchell anti-frizz hair serums will be applied in the same manner. Specifically for Super Skinny Serum, this is recommended to be used after washing hair in damp condition. Put one pump on the palm and rub to the hair from ends to scalp and style as desired. SmoothProof is used in the same manner but you can apply on damp or dry hair as preferred and use them with styling tools or leave as it is.

Biolage vs Paul Mitchell

Hair serum is great to address frizzy or dry hair but depending on their formulation, not all will be offering the same benefits moreover, we also have to check the product safety in the long term. Biolage and Paul Mitchell are offering good hair serum and many people love it but the ingredients of Super Skinny Serum is concerning due to its potentially harmful for humans.

- BIOLAGE Hydrasource Shampoo helps optimize moisture balance for healthy looking hair and gently cleanses leaving hair moisturized and shiny.
- Gently cleanses as it quenches dry hair.
- BIOLAGE Hydrasource helps revive dry, thirsty hair with state-of-the-art formulas inspired by nature that mimic the moisture-retaining properties of the aloe plant.
- The Shampoo One from Paul Mitchell gently cleanses the scalp while improving manageability, and even adds a deep shine that enhances hair's appearance.
- Panthenol and wheat-derived conditioners help improve the surface texture and manageability.
- It works with panthenol and wheat-derived conditioners that help to improve the hair’s surface texture and manageability.


You can pick any of these serum and try which seems to work best in your hair but we personally feel safer with Biolage SmoothProof serum as it is made with safer ingredients in general but also effective to make sure we can reduce dry, frizzy hair when applied regularly.