Biotera vs Biolage

By | December 17, 2018

Our choice of how to treat our hair will reflect the result soon or later and one of the common cause of hair damage is coloring so people with colored hair should pay more attention to their hair health. There are so many hair treatment brands out there such as Biotera vs Biolage. Both of them are meant to help people with colored hair to make the color last longer and healthier. Go check our article below to see which brand offer the better benefit.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair care for colored hair
– What are Biotera and Biolage
– How to use Biotera and Biolage
– What Biotera and Biolage can offer to you
– Biotera vs Biolage

Hair Care for Colored Hair
Having a healthy hair is the dream of many people and mostly women because we do pay a lot of attention to our appearance and bad hair will not only make our mood for the day becomes unpleasant but also decrease our confident. There are so many things that can cause hair problem and each people may have to deal with them with their own method since apparently not all products suit all people and vice versa. The fastest way to find your suitable product is by reading some reviews or ask those with the same problem.

Among those many problems such as dry and brittle hair, hair fall, and dandruff, there are problem caused by hair coloring treatment and just like every problem, we have to find the suitable solution made especially for the issue. One of the common issue for colored hair is faded and dull color after some period of time and due to the harsh chemical, the hair may become dry and damaged after several hair dye treatments which is why we are not supposed to color them frequently.

About Biotera
To deal with this problem, we can start off by looking for the products made for colored hair and the amount is a lot actually so choosing process may took some time until finding the right product. Among those many brands, if your hair is colored, Biotera can be a great option help keeping them healthy and hold the color for longer by preventing it from fading due to the stripped moisture from shampooing. The products are also affordable for most people.

This brand is from Naturelle which is offering many types of products meant for people with hair problem and to treat their hair depend on each people’s issue, so their products are not only covering colored hair. Naturelle itself has been in the market for quite some time offering their various products for home use and professional only thus, the brand is already widely known and trusted by so many people who already see how they can benefits their hair.

Biotera indeed have a wide collection to treat each people’s common hair problem but our focus is their Ultra Color Care which is the shampoo that is in a line with other two conditioner and 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner for people with dyed hair and seeking a product to keep their hair color long lasting. This shampoo is special with its natural ingredients which is believed to deliver many benefits for our hair and keeping them healthy.

Applying Biotera
Since Biotera is a regular shampoo, we only have to use them like any regular shampoo and applied like how we always do. First wet the hair and take some of the shampoo in your hand then spread them evenly from scalp to the tip. Since this is a sulfate-free shampoo, they are not going to foam and then massage the scalp to help removing the oil and dirt then wash it clean. For better result, it is recommended to use the conditioner after shampooing.

Biotera Benefit
Besides being sulfate free which is clearly gentler on colored hair to allow people cleanse their hair without stripping the moisture naturally present in their hair and fades the color, there are various natural ingredients here as well. One of the most interesting is Orchis Mascula Extract which is clearly printed in the product package. The benefit of this ingredient is it will help moisturizing the hair and nourish them while also acting as antioxidant to prevent damage and keep our hair healthy.

About Biolage
It is good to have another option when looking for something and if you are still in a journey to find the perfect shampoo for your colored hair then, you may want to check what Biolage has to offer. We are sure most of you already heard about the brand before because they are among the most popular in the market and this is one of Matrix brand among several others. This line have 4 products and the core is Color Last Shampoo.

This shampoo is claimed to be inspired by nature’s fade-defying orchid and use the flower extract in the ingredient along with other beneficial natural ingredients to deliver its benefit and keeping our colored hair stay shiny and healthy. Read also: Olaplex vs ApHogee here.

Applying Biolage
Because Biolage is a regular shampoo, we only need to use them as a regular shampoo and make sure our hair is already wet thoroughly when applying the shampoo. Put some in our hand and apply in our hair while massaging them to create foam to help cleansing the dirt and oil. Rinse them until clean and for best result it is best to continue the process with the conditioner from Color Last line.

Biolage Benefit
In Biolage ingredient list, we can see the sulfate here and this is what’s going to create foam and clean the oil and dirt but also strip the natural moisture from hair which can cause the hair to become dry and fading over time. Like the picture on the package, there is also Orchis Mascula Extract on the ingredient but it is placed near the last ingredients which may means they only put it a little.

Now, let’s compare Biotera with Biolage. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them is because Biotera is paraben and sulfate free to keep the color in your hair and combined with more orchid flower extract to moisten and nourish the hair. At the other hand, Biolage have sulfate which may strip the natural moisture from our hair and scalp while the orchid flower extract is placed near the end of ingredients which may suggest that they only use it in a less amount than Biotera.

Biotera vs Biolage

- Ultra Color Care Shampoo (33.8oz) keeps color treated hair bright, vibrant, and extends hair color up to 50% longer vs. leading competitive sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner
- Perfect for processed, highlighted, permed or chemically-straightened hair
- Helps to promote long-lasting color retention and deep hydration for very dry and damaged hair
- A professional hair treatment product essential for maintaining colored hair health and repairing hair damage
- This nourishing shampoo protects hair from environmental damage and strengthens hair while hydrating
- Low pH shampoo for color treated hair helps prolong color vibrancy

All in all, both of them are worth trying and can be the holy grail of our colored hair. However, looking from the ingredient list, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Biotera because they are already paraben and sulfate free with more natural ingredients.