Biotin vs Nioxin

By | May 14, 2018

Nioxin has become one of the most popular shampoos that people use for treating hair thinning and baldness. However, is it really effective? People are wondering whether it is better than biotin shampoos. The biotin ingredient is scientifically known to be an important vitamin that the human body requires in order to grow strong, healthy hair. Below, we will discuss about the benefits of biotin vs nioxin. So, continue reading!

What is Biotin?
Biotin is actually a B-vitamin, and it is also known as vitamin B7, vitamin H, and coenzyme R. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is involved in the synthesis of valine, isoleucine, and fatty acids. Biotin deficiency may cause mild yet noticeable symptoms such as hair thinning, skin rash, and weak nails. So, biotin deficiency may be caused by a genetic disorder or a poor dietary habit. There is a possibility that one’s hair loss is due to the inadequate biotin intake; you can get biotin from mushrooms, soybean, chicken liver, beef liver, pork, butter, split peas, almonds, peanuts, eggs, and green tea.

Biotin in Shampoos
Due to its ability to strengthen the hair, biotin is used in many shampoos, especially those that are specifically formulated to treat hair thinning and baldness. However, you should know that the effects of biotin mentioned above are for oral biotin intake. Applying biotin directly onto your scalp is probably not very effective. The biotin content needs to be processed by the body in order to be useful. See also: Nutri Ox vs Nioxin.

If you use a shampoo that contains biotin, it may be able to nourish the scalp and hair follicles. However, if your hair loss is indeed caused by poor nutrition, you should just consume a biotin supplement instead of a biotin shampoo. If your hair loss is caused by another factor, such as androgenic alopecia, biotin can only help so much.

The Nioxin system usually consists of a cleanser and a scalp therapy. Depending on your hair type, it may also involve a moisturizer. The Nioxin system is a hair treatment system that is specifically formulated for treating hair thinning and hair loss, including androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness). It gently cleanses the scalp and reduces the DHT levels.

The Nioxin system uses a variety of ingredients to address multiple factors that may cause hair loss. It uses a mix of herbs and botanical ingredients that are known to block DHT, which is the hormone that causes male pattern baldness. By reducing the DHT levels, Nioxin can prevent further hair loss and possibly allow surviving hair follicles to regrow hair.

The next difference of biotin vs Nioxin is that Nioxin also contains zinc pyrithione 1%. This is a commonly used substance for treating dandruff and cleansing the scalp. So, it ensures that your hair is really healthy without any further issue of flaking or itching.

Biotin vs Nioxin

- For an energized scalp & thicker, fuller hair
- Natural therapeutic solution treats thinning hair with organic botanicals & essential oils
- Contains organic ingredients
- Deliver denser-looking hair
- Cleanses excessive sebum cuticle damage
- Strengthens hair againts cuticle damage

In general, the Nioxin system is more recommended for treating hair loss. It is more effective for androgenic alopecia and maintaining the health of the scalp and hair. However, if your hair loss is caused by a poor diet and insufficient biotin intake, you should consider using a biotin supplement instead of a biotin shampoo.