Boldify vs Febron

By | September 7, 2019

Many people said that hair is an asset and this important part of our body often affect the person’s confidence as well moreover if it appears to be unhealthy and thin. However, worry not because we can fix it instantly with Boldify Vs Febron hair fiber so those exposed scalp and greying hair strands will be covered and appear thicker as well as healthier. For those with hair thinning problem or naturally have thin hair, see what these hair fibers can offer to fix our issue.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What Cause Hair Thinning
– How to Help Hair Thinning
– What are Boldify and Febron
– How are the Package of Boldify and Febron
– What Boldify and Febron are made of
– How Boldify and Febron Work
– How to Apply Boldify and Febron
– Boldify Vs Febron

Hair Thinning Factors
We don’t remember how many budgets have gone to look for a hair treatment or care that promise to offer us luscious hair and thicker mane because it seems that they are more of wasting money and time rather than addressing the issue effectively. Hair thinning and hair loss has been our problem since long time ago and even today, there is no cure that effectively make the problem go away and help us regain those confidence and lose hair strands again.

Almost all people love thick hair because it appears great on our head and having a thin hair while also gives the benefit of easy styling and minimum care, it also doesn’t look as attractive as our thick hair sister and brother. Thin and fine hair is genetic and natural so we can’t do anything about it except with ideal styling that allow the hair to look fuller. However, there are also those who suffer from hair loss and this is an issue for many of us.

Hair loss is a very common problem and it happens to many people all around the world with various causes like hormone in which there is an abnormal level of androgens produced by both men and women. The next common reason why it happens to you is because of gene from both male and female parents so if there is the same problem, it may be inherited to us. In some cases it can be triggered by stress and the use of certain medicine as well including chemotherapy.

Hair Thinning Solutions
When you see more hair strands being washed away in the shower, more hair stuck in the comb or lay lifeless in the pillow and bed, it is a good time to start looking for the solution before it gets worse. The advice we often heard when experiencing extensive hair loss is try not to tie the hair so much or braiding them to avoid stress and change to shampoo made for the issue or if you have thin hair, look for volumizing shampoo that won’t weigh hair down.

In addition, it is good to see your dermatologist to know the exact cause and get prescribed medication like minoxidil or vitamins to address the issue. However, since hair loss solutions often works quite long, we may need an instant repair and it is why people prefer to use hair fiber as well to mask those thinning areas. Since it is not actually fixing the problem rather than conceal it, we can use it anytime needed and the result can be seen right after.

About Boldify and Febron
Hair fiber is very popular and while we often see men applying it, in fact women can also use it as well and today, there are many hair fiber products marketed towards female users to conceal thin hair and making them look fuller. The best benefit of hair fiber is always the instant benefit since it can be experienced right after and applying one will not take more than few minutes depending on how many areas and how used we are to the application.

Due to the huge number of people experiencing hair loss, hair fiber is often seek as the first help while the patient is using other treatment that may take long to show the benefit. Reliable options out there are Boldify and Febron which are not only work effectively but also popular among users and in fact, among the most well known in the market after the bestselling Toppik that you can check on our Toppik vs Boldify. All of them are promising the same thing which is thicker appearance in an instance.

Like any hair fiber products out there, they are coming in the form of powder and applied like when applying baby powder but they will have pigment to fix the thinning appearance. Boldify as a brand not only offer hair thickening fiber but also another hair care system starting from daily care and even serum to treat your scalp so it can promote better hair growth. On the other hand Febron is also offering supplement among their daily care system as well as styling tool.

Boldify and Febron are unisex which mean there is no product made for either male of female and all of us can grab one then start using it. The latter even claimed that the result is very fast at only 20 seconds because applying fiber powder is indeed fast and what we love the most is that they can conceal a wide part that often become a problem when using hair fiber.

Boldify and Febron Package
As you can see on the sample picture above, both of them are coming in a tube and when you open the cap, they will expose a perforated tops in which the product will be dispensed. For some reason, almost all popular hair fibers have the same fashion and bottle but we supposed it is mirroring their purpose which is to conceal thinning hair. Some hair fiber offer additional cap to apply the fiber more precisely but either of these brands currently don’t carry one in the catalogue.

Just like hair dye system, Boldify and Febron hair fiber are also available in several different shades to match with your natural hair color and this is the key to get those seamless camouflage. Boldify currently have 10 options and Febron is adding this 10 common shades with a new light cool brown shade. However, if none of these color match yours, we can mix them together to produce the perfect shade.

Boldify and Febron Ingredients
When looking for any products, the first thing you may want to look at is probably their ingredients list because today, there are some harmful substances used on various products and in case you have some issue against them, it is always best to check your product’s ingredients before getting one. In this side, both of them are made with keratin as the main ingredients and Febron specify this keratin comes from cotton plant while Boldify doesn’t tell from what their keratin is sourced.

Keratin is used because our hair is actually made from the same protein so they will have static charge which helps them to bind naturally to our hair. The keratin quality play an important role in deciding how well and how natural they will appear in our hair but Boldify and Febron are working well in disguising our thinning hair. In addition they also have chloride as conditioning agent and colorant to give a shade on the products but, Boldify also have DMDM hydantoin.

This ingredient is probably used as a preservative and antimicrobial agent for the hair fiber but it also a bit concerning because as you may already know, this compound is a formaldehyde releaser. This ingredient is actually approved as safe in used of cosmetic and many daily care products but those who curious about the effect of overexposed of formaldehyde, it may cause occupational asthma and in animal studies show to cause irritation and damage to the lining of the nose and throat.

Boldify and Febron Mechanism
As it has been mentioned above, hair fiber like Boldify and Febron are going to work by concealing the thinning part and this is because of the keratin which is the main ingredient of both products will cling like a magnet into your hair and scalp even though they are fine and thin. This process is making the hair follicles appear to be significantly larger and thicker especially when combined with the concealed scalp as well. In the end we are getting thicker and fuller look in an instance without any exposed scalp.

Applying Boldify and Febron
Like when using any hair fiber, these two are also applied the same and it is recommended to dry the hair first before application. Open the cap and shake the bottle to dispense the hair fiber on various areas that need concealing little by little to avoid over concealing and then pat the hair to help distribute the fiber. These fibers are already wind-proof but if you need a long lasting effect, we can use hair spray from the same brand to help lock the result much longer.

Boldify and Febron are a very reliable option to help people with thinning hair issue, those with naturally thin hair or to conceal the roots after dying hair. The only difference between them is on the ingredients list because Boldify is using a formaldehyde releaser which is avoided by some people despite in a little amount is safe and in addition Febron also have one more new color into the collection.

Boldify vs Febron

- INSTANTLY GET THICKER, FULLER LOOKING HAIR: Just shake BOLDIFY directly onto thinning areas and watch the next generation fibers bond seamlessly to your existing hair, creating a completely natural looking thick and full appearance
- 100% UNDETECTABLE (EVEN UNDER EXTREME LIGHTING) BOLDIFY Fibers were designed first and foremost for the entertainment industry and therefore they are totally undetectable even under ultra bright stage lights and cameras - NO ONE will ever know you're using them (Unless you tell them)
- RECOMMENDED BY STYLISTS: Unlike other brands, Boldify’s ultra light weight fibers won’t weigh your hair down allowing it to be styled much more easily and in ways never before possible
- RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS HAIR POWDER for thinning hair: Unlike other brands, FEBRON's ultra light weight fibers won’t weigh your hair down allowing it to be styled much more easily and in ways never before possible
- LASTS ALL DAY: FEBRON is rain, wind and sweat resistant and will last right up until your next shampoo
- NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our fibers are made from a 100% natural fibers source and are Alcohol, Gluten and Paraben free - Never tested on Animals

In our opinion both of them are a good hair fiber and should work well for anyone who needs help to conceal thin or uneven hair color. However, between the two, we do like Febron because the ingredients are natural and safer.