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Best 5 Dog Clippers for Poodles

When you have fallen in love with your intelligent, endearing poodles, you definitely want to keep them looking great. However, regular six-weekly trips to the parlor can be very costly. You are now probably looking for a more efficient and budget-friendly alternative. Of course, you can save some considerable bucks by clipping your dog at… Read More »

Wahl Color Pro vs Super Taper

Are you confused in choosing between these two hair clippers? No problem! When it comes to a quality hair clipper, Wahl’s products always make the top-tier choices. Wahl’s products are considered as high-quality pieces that people don’t need to question anymore. However, there are many different Wahl models available. Hence, choosing the right model for… Read More »

Wahl Senior vs 5 Star Senior

Wahl has become one of the world’s leaders in the barber equipment market. If you are currently looking for the best professional hair clipper, there are several Wahl products that you should consider. Two of the best choices from the company are Wahl Senior and Wahl 5 Star Senior. Both of these two models are… Read More »