Clinic Plus and Head Vs Shoulders

By | May 22, 2021

Most of us have suffered from certain hair problems from just dry hair to hair loss which may be affected by our health or lifestyle. For those who are struggling from dandruff and hair fall, Clinic Plus Vs Head and Shoulders shampoos are great options to try. The proper shampoo will be very helpful because washing hair is a basic care to start treating the hair issues. If you are also considering trying one of these shampoos, let’s see which seems to fit you best here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which is the Right Shampoo for You
  • What are Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders
  • How are the Solution of Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders
  • What are the Ingredients of Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders
  • What are the Benefits from Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders Formulation
  • How are the Experience with Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders
  • Clinic Plus and Head Vs Shoulders

Choosing the Right Shampoo

Hair care is just as important as the skin care because our hair requires the proper treatment to always look good. For some people, their hair may already be soft enough and naturally easy to style but, most of us are not and have to apply some product or even salon treatment in order to look decent. Of course there are various factors that affect the overall hair health and look, most are genetics but we can improve it by using the dedicated product for our hair type.

The basic hair care is shampooing since this formulation is designed to cleanse the skin and hair strands but not all of them are the same and choosing a new shampoo can be a very confusing journey with tons to choose from and different focus they will address.

To help decide the perfect or best shampoo for your hair, we can shop based on the scalp type too. Shampoo is mostly advertised for hair but, it is not the only and main focus since these hairs are growing on the skin so it is just natural to consider the skin type too. Shampoos will have different cleansing ability so it is necessary to loot at our scalp type. For example, if you have oily skin the shampoo needs to be more potent in cleansing as well while on the other hand dry skin will need a moisturizing shampoo.

We can decide by seeing the condition of the scalp such as whether they feels tight after shampooing or itchy and flaky which is a sign of dry skin or people who often see a clumped of flakes on their scalp with some dandruff may have the oily type instead. If you have the combination, the scalp will get oily after two or three days instead of one.

 Clinic Plus and HeadShoulders
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Another method is deciding based on the hair type so we can see what they need. For example, fine hair owners need something to add volume to prevent weighing the hair down. If you have thick hair, we have to choose those with moisturizing formulation for added shine and smoothness. Straight hair owners will need rich and moisturizing too for ease of styling. On the other hand, with damaged or colored hair we can try strengthening or fortifying shampoos.

In addition, if the scalp or hair condition is getting worse such as prominent hair loss or extreme itching then it is probably wise to consult with your dermatologist just to see whether there are internal factors causing the condition such as an imbalance in diet or other issues.

About Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders

Choosing a new shampoo may not be one of the most pleasing experiences but we are not the only one and it is normal to do trial and error because our skin is very different and probably needs different products hence, there is no other way than testing the possible and similarly ideal choices. If you are here then we assume that you are also having an oily scalp or hair type. We also have oily skin and it is not just on the face but also on the scalp.

The bright side is we get enough moisture but it feels like we have to wash everyday since more than a day the scalp can get oilier and itchy or getting uncomfortable, hindering your relaxing time or when we need to concentrate at work. Thankfully oily skin is very common and there are lots of alternatives to choose from such as the Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders shampoo. These are very popular brands and we do think we can afford them easily as well as find them everywhere.

The variants we recommend to try are the Strong and Long Health Shampoo as well as the Head and Shoulders Anti Hairfall. With oily scalp and dandruff, it is often resulting in hair fall as well because the skin where our hair roots are attached is not balanced. There may be much buildup on the skin and irritation that causes hair loss or thinning so we do think these shampoos will be a great solution for users who are suffering from oily and hair thinning issues.

What we love the most from these Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders shampoos is their ability to properly clean the scalp. We have used various shampoos in the past and many of them can’t give the same impression of these two. On the drawback they are not as moisturizing as we need along the hair length which makes conditioner a must if you will be using these shampoos.

Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders Shampoos

These shampoos are very affordable and more of a generic brand so most people don’t need to think twice when trying a bottle. We recommend trying their small bottle first to see whether the shampoo matches your hair or not. In comparison, both shampoos are very creamy and is white in liquid but a dime of the solution can cover the whole hair yet if you have longer mane then we may need a little bit more. They foam really well too and if needed we can double the application.

The scent of Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders are pretty nice but probably too strong for some people because they can last for more than a day. It is great to keep the hair fresh and feels clean but can be overwhelming for a sensitive nose. The regular or small and medium size comes in a plastic bottle with classic cap while the larger container has a pump or dispenser. Read also: Mane Choice Vs Shea Moisture here.

Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders Ingredients

Just like when looking for a body care or skin care, it is important to see what the solution can offer based on the formulation. The Clinic Plus uses sodium laureth sulfate and cocamide mea as the detergent or cleansing agent while also adding hydrolyzed milk protein to improve the skin and hair barrier. The Head and Shoulders shampoo is very similar as well with sodium laureth sulfate and lauryl sulfate as the main cleansing agent. The interesting ingredient here is the piroctone olamine which is good for hair thinning.

Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders Benefits

Sodium laureth sulfate is a very common ingredient in shampoo and detergent that is similar to SLS or Lauryl sulfate which is often said to may cause irritation for some people but, it is actually not a general effect and not all people will suffer from the same side effects. The reason why SLS is still used in many shampoos today is because they are potent as cleansing agents hence the shampoo can perform deep cleansing better on oily skin. SLES on the other hand is the gentler alternative of SLS.

Unless you have dry or very sensitive skin these ingredients should be safe to use but if you ever experienced some skin problem due to the ingredients, it is better to avoid these shampoos, especially Head and Shoulders one. As for milk protein in Clinic Plus shampoo, protein in general is great to thicken hair strands and overall strengthen them while delivering required nutrients into the scalp. For Piroctone olamine, this is a pretty unfamiliar name in comparison.

The ingredient is actually salt extracted from hydroxamic acid derivative piroctone and is used as an alternative of zinc pyrithione. The main focus of this solution is to help remove dandruff due to fungus on the scalp known as seborrheic dermatitis. By addressing the skin problem, hair can properly grow on the scalp thus, reducing hair loss.

Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders Result

Lastly for the result, we do think not all of us will benefit from using the Clinic Plus and Head and Shoulders shampoos because our skin and hair issue can be rooted from different problems but most people have similar experience with these shampoos. In terms of cleanliness we do think Head and Shoulders leaves the scalp feels cleaner than with Clinic Plus. It is also more moisturizing but you will still need conditioning after. When using Clinic Plus somehow the hair is dryer and adds frizz after dried properly.

Clinic Plus and Head Vs Shoulders

Both of them can be a great solution for you with oily scalp because the two are not as moisturizing. In comparison we do think the Head and Shoulders Anti Hairfall is working better in cleaning the scalp without overly drying the hair but none of them are adequate in moisturizing the hair. We see some improvement on hair loss with Clinic Plus but not very much while the latter doesn’t work as a hair loss solution as well.

- With milk proteins
- Works gently on your hair from roots to tips
- Nourishes and makes hair stronger and guarantees less hair loss
- This shampoo can be used by the whole family and is suitable for all hair types
- Powered by Hydra Zinc technology to keep you dandruff free forever and reduce hairfall by up to 95%
- Specially designed to improve the condition of the hair on the scalp and aid in rescuing the damage caused by modern life
- This unique nourishing formula that ensures it is delivered to the damaged hair areas that need it most
- This nourishing oil formula reduces hair loss due to breakage


We should try these shampoos to see whether they work or not but personally we recommend Head and Shoulders, especially if you have very oily skin because this shampoo is better at cleansing the scalp and hair while helping address dandruff and itchiness too.