Clinic Plus vs Meera Shampoo

By | June 15, 2021

Shampoo is the basic hair care that we use at least few times a week. They can be the foundation of our hair solution too, such as hair loss, especially when they are formulated to address the condition such as with Clinic Plus Vs Meera shampoo. These shampoos are made from various beneficial ingredients to make sure our hair is growing healthily and stopping hair loss. If you wonder what they can offer, let’s see the comparison below about which will be the more promising option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Is Shampoo Effective for Hair Loss
  • What are Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo
  • How are the Solution of Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo
  • What are the Ingredients of Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo
  • What are the Benefits of Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo
  • How are the Results from Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo
  • Clinic Plus Vs Meera Shampoo

Shampoo for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem that most people probably ever experienced at least once in their life. Thus there are plenty of solutions to choose from, based on the issue and various formulations have been made to handle the condition. What’s unfortunate is not every story has a happy ending and there are not so few of us who are suffering from hair loss for years and still can’t find a working solution. We often recommend asking for professional advice, especially if it affects your mental health.

When talking about hair loss, we are also talking about the solution and causes. There are plenty of solutions made for hair loss and not all of them will work for our hair because the cause of hair loss is not just one. There are various triggers that can end up in hair loss, some can’t be cured such as androgenic alopecia and some will cure on their own such as hair loss due to pregnancy, chemotherapy or from stress. 

As someone is experiencing hair loss, they will look for the solution and the most convenient is changing the shampoo itself. Shampoo is the basic hair care and the first product we usually use to clean the hair and scalp before using any other treatments depending on hair types or needs. Shampoos are also formulated to combat hair loss and advertised as such. The question is whether this convenient and usually inexpensive solution is working for the issue. The answer is it depends on what is causing your hair loss.

Just like how face wash alone can’t cure acne or provide enough moisture for your skin. The reason why shampoo alone won’t be effective is the same. This is because we are only using shampoo for a short moment and there is only so much the ingredients and application time can do during the process. It doesn’t mean shampoo won’t help because they certainly are and this is if your hair loss is related to the skin or scalp condition then shampoo ingredients will most likely be able to help.

Hair loss shampoos are not always the same and it is important to know the cause of your hair issue before finding the correct treatment. This way our effort will be more meaningful and the chance of success is higher too. But, in general shampoos will handle skin problems so if your trigger is poor diet for example, it is wise to treat the hair loss from the inside such as by eating a more balanced diet and diverse nutrition or trying hair vitamins such as Hairfinity Vs Viviscal.

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About Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo

Shampoo for hair loss is an inexpensive solution and probably the easiest to get as well since they are everywhere. For the slight and mild hair loss at the early stage they can be a great alternative to see whether a topical solution works or not. The convenience surely drives most of us to try a certain type of hair loss shampoo first rather than trying other solutions. Depending on what the shampoo is designed for, some are meant to treat the skin condition and the others are more for nourishing it.

Due to the abundant amount of options it can be confusing to choose one but you can see what other users have been using to decide which is worth trying first. It is never a guarantee that what works for other people will give you the same results as well but we do think it will be more promising to try products that satisfy other similar users just to make sure they have a higher chance of success. Among those shampoo labeled to improve hair growth or address hair loss, Clinic Plus and Meera shampoos are quite popular.

It seems that many have been using these shampoos to maintain their hair and to improve their hair condition. Clinic Plus is a Unilever’s brand so they are very easy to find and they also carry various shampoos to improve hair issues including hair loss with the Strong and Long Health variant. This product is focusing on cleansing the scalp or improving the skin condition in order to help with thinning hair. It, however, can’t help with anything related to diet or genetic triggered hair loss.

Meera on the other hand is the main product from CavinCare which is an Indian based brand which is also marketed outside of its home country. As you can guess, this shampoo is utilizing the naturally sourced or traditional formulation to promote hair growth and addressing hair loss. In terms of efficacy, it will depend on what causes your hair issues because the two have very distinctive different formulations that not all of us are going to benefit from.

Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo Solution

Both of these shampoos are coming in regular flip bottles or large pump bottles depending on the size you pick. The consistency is similar to most shampoos but Clinic Plus and Meera shampoos are not the same with the latter being thicker in comparison. If you have used Head & Shoulders, the Clinic Plus shampoo has a similar consistency of creamy and rather light with a milky white color. The scent is minty and easy to lather directly on wet hair.

Meera on the other hand has a rather unique color since it is the same like the bottle or orange-brown with a thicker and slightly transparent color. It is probably better to add some water before lathering the solution just to make it easier to apply on the hair. As for the scent it is fresh or fruity with a hint of sweetness too. 

Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo Ingredients

Before knowing what Clinic Plus and Meera shampoos can offer, let’s start by checking the useful ingredients on both shampoos first. Clinic Plus is using sodium laureth and cocamidopropyl betaine as its detergent. It also has hydrolysed milk powder, benzyl salicylate, and benzyl benzoate for treating the hair. As for Meera, it uses sodium laureth sulfate and disodium cocoamphodiacetate as the main detergent. Has kunkudukai extract, and almond to treat the hair condition. Both shampoos are using fragrance and colorant, as well as many other relevant ingredients.

Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo Benefits

Sodium laureth sulfate is SLES and is milder from or SLS but they are the same surfactant that is used to clean the scalp or hair. Since they are “surfactant” the way they work is to lower the surface tension between ingredients and work by removing impurities from whatever it is applied on. The cocamidopropyl betaine and disodium cocoamphodiacetate also makes lather and improves the cleansing ability of these shampoos. Clinic Plus has hydrolyzed milk powder which probably meant to nourish the hair with protein.

Milk is said to be rich in nutrients and has complete amino acids to provide anti-irritant and protective properties. It will help your hair to become more manageable while hydrating and improving the elasticity. Benzyl benzoate is known to help lice and scabies infection while Benzyl salicylate is a UV filter. Meera shampoo on the other hand has kunkudukai or reetha which is a traditional soaping agent known as soap nut and is used to cleanse the hair, also suggested to help with dandruff.

Additionally, it contains almonds and is known to be rich in vitamin E as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The oil is usually applied topically to fill in gaps in the hair at cellular levels and make it smoother touch while also improving hair strength by making it less prone to breakage or split ends.

Clinic Plus and Meera Shampoo Results

The results will depend on what causes your hair loss because both Clinic Plus and Meera are working differently. Many have seen improvement on their hair but not to the extent that their hair loss is improving noticeably so we do think these shampoos are not effective for hair loss that is caused by internal problems. However, if your hair loss is due to skin problems like dandruff or thinning because of breakage, these shampoos formulation may help on smoothing the hair and improving the appearance.

Clinic Plus vs Meera Shampoo

The result will most likely vary across users based on what causes their hair loss. The ingredients of Clinic Plus and Meera shampoo are useful to both cleanse and improve hair strength but not for addressing hair loss caused by internal factors. Meera with its natural formulation is a good alternative if you want to try traditional ingredients while those suffering from skin problems may want to try Clinic Plus.

- With milk protein
- Works gently on your hair from root to tip
- Nourishes and makes hair stronger and guarantees less hair fall
- Meera Hairfall Care Shampoo is herbal shampoo with goodness of Shikakai and Badam
- Quantity - 1 bottle of 340ml
- It has nourishment lock system that locks in the nourishment and reduces hairfall due to hair breakage


It is best to choose the shampoo based on your hair condition. In comparison they work well for dandruff but the efficacy for cleansing seems to be more potent on Clinic Plus so if you have skin problems, we do recommend trying this shampoo.