Febron Vs Caboki

By | June 12, 2021

Hair thinning is a serious issue and it requires a long time to grow again which is why before our solution is able to regrow the hair, it is good to apply masking solutions such as Febron Vs Caboki to help cover the thinning area to be less visible. These hair pigments are very helpful and easy to use but also easy to clean as we shampoo. Before deciding the option, we are going to talk about what they can offer to you and what we can expect from these pigments.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Using Hair Concealer
  • What are Febron and Caboki
  • How are the Solution of Febron and Caboki
  • What are the Ingredients of Febron and Caboki
  • How to Apply Febron and Caboki
  • How are the Performance of Febron and Caboki
  • Febron Vs Caboki

Hair Concealer for Hair Loss

Our hair is an important part of the body that may not be as crucial in terms of bodily function but is extremely important for its effects on our confidence. While nowadays both men and women are often seen to have a bald head, it is probably not the option for most of us, especially if we are balding not because we prefer the style. Hair loss itself is still one of the most common hair issues that so many people in the world are still struggling with.

Hair loss is a very common problem and this is why there are plenty of solutions offered by manufacturers through their hair care products such as the Mane Choice Vs Wild Growth hair oils that are going to be a great alternative for oral solution or to be combined with the oral solution to get the maximum benefit. But, just like any solutions, they need time to work and show the result and during the process we may have to bear the look for quite some time.

This is especially if we find the condition already late and there is a prominent thinning which exposes the scalp and affects our confidence. To help cover or conceal the mark for a while, we can use hair concealer first and as the name suggests, it is working like a concealer for makeup that covers imperfection, the hair concealer will cover the scalp exposed from the hair thinning issue. This is usually done through the application of pigments into the hair near the scalp.

This is not a hair loss solution and will do nothing against the issue but is just here to save your day by creating the illusion of a fuller head of hair. For example if you lose hair starting from the temple then we can just apply it on a certain area and the dark pigment will make the scalp still full of hair. Depending on the product type, hair concealer is actually available in various forms such as fiber, powder, or liquid. Based on the type of formulation, they can stick to the scalp or only on the hair.

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The best advantage of hair concealers is they can “instantly” make your hair and scalp look fuller so we don’t have to always wear a cap to cover the thinning hair and become more confident. It is related to self-esteem and the product is easy to use as well that we can apply in no time. In general hair concealers are very affordable so we can find good quality options without having to spend as much as with hair loss treatments.

About Febron and Caboki

If you are also suffering from hair thinning and currently feeling the lack of self-esteem due to the appearance, it is great to try a hair concealer. There are plenty to choose from based on which brand you would like to try but in general most hair concealers are about the same to each other so it is great to stick to what other people are using because high chances for these options to satisfy you as well.

Among those many options for hair concealer, we have Febron and Caboki which are two of the most popular alternatives in the market for their performance. These brands are covering a wide range of colors which is great to make sure that the color of the solution matches well with our natural hair. We do think finding the matching hair color is the most difficult because our hair shades are not always the same, moreover if you also experience depigmentation that reduces the color of your natural hair.

These brands carry so many shades to match every natural hair and make the masking even more seamless. Unlike with shampoo or hair vitamins, the way hair concealer works is very straightforward and both Febron and Caboki are very similar to each other in both performance as well as ease of use. What we want to mention is they require very little effort to apply and blend easily but, none will be able to be worn while you are involved with water.

In general hair concealers are not friendly with water so if your main aim is to find something that sticks amazingly well even while you are walking in the rain or going swimming and surfing, we recommend finding another brand. The Febron and Caboki are best suited for everyday application and on the more modest activities as well where you are not going to sweat much such as working indoors and don’t exert much physical energy. For the typical daily activity, these concealers will last for almost the whole day.

Febron and Caboki Solution

Just like most hair concealers or fiber, these two are powdery and not the type that is water activated or sticks to the skin like some brands such as DermMatch. This is what we are personally more familiar with because this type of product has been around for quite some time and if we remember correctly some of our older family members have similar products and have been using them for years. This solution is like a very fine loose powder with distinct pigments.

You can choose from Febron’s 11 natural hair color selection or 14 shades of Caboki to match with your natural hair shade. Overall you can find the most natural black, brown, or blonde, and silver or white hair shades from these collections. Their package is in a tube with a perforated top so we can pour the solution little by little.

Febron and Caboki Ingredients

Before you are applying these hair fibers, you may want to look into what they are made of because Febron and Caboki sound amazing and they must be made of interesting ingredients as well. Starting from Febron, this solution is made of Gossypium Herbaceum fiber, mineral-based colorant, and chloride, the same with Caboki. These are all-natural based which means they are sourced from nature and for the main ingredient, this is a plant similar to cotton native in Africa and Arabia.

Febron and Caboki are not the only two brands that are using this natural ingredient since the plant itself is cultivated to produce plant-based fiber. The reason for the fiber used in many other similar products is because they are sticking well into your hair and look more natural than many other similar fibers which is the goal to make a concealer work. This Gossypium herbaceum is also said to be the closest to human hair hence they will look seamless once applied.

Febron and Caboki Application

On the method to apply these solutions, they are the same with many other hair fibers. It is best when the hair is clean and dry before putting the powder on. Use a special comb to shield the front part of our temple so the powder is not falling to our forehead in case it is applied near the temple. We then can use the comb to style the hair and spread the powder more evenly. If you want the coverage to last longer, we also recommend using another solution such as Febron Fiberhold spray.

Febron and Caboki Performance

On the performance, both Febron and Caboki are working really well. We did see an improvement from before and after application that makes the hair look fuller. The first time applying can be messy since we are not used to it and can’t guess how much to apply but, after a while we will get a hang of it. In terms of lasting power, they will last the whole day if you are not very active or only working behind the desk but for sport, moreover with water sport, they will wash out.

In comparison we do think these solutions are about the same so none of them are outdoing each other unless you will be applying another solution to maintain the efficacy such as with hair spray. When applied carefully they are not messy and if you shampoo every other day, chances are we can still find the hair looks full on the second day or you may only need a little touch-up before going out.

Febron Vs Caboki

Both of these hair fibers are just the same and working really well in terms of covering the balding spot. They are powder so we need to get used to controlling the amount poured in each application and their powder is also made of the same fiber sourced naturally, added with some pigments. They are not waterproof and will wash out easily so re-application is necessary after in contact with water. None will last when you are swimming as well.

- Instantly Get Thicker, Fuller-Looking Hair - Simply shake Febron directly into thinning areas and see the second-generation fibers adhere perfectly to your existing hair, creating a completely natural look and a thick, full look.
- 100% undetectable (even under extreme lighting). FEBRON fibers were designed primarily for the entertainment industry and are therefore totally undetectable even under ultra-bright stage lights and cameras. No one will know that you are using them (unless you tell them).
- Stylist Recommended: Unlike other brands, Febron's ultra-light fibers don't weigh your hair down, allowing it to be styled much more easily and in ways never before possible.
- Lasts All Day: Febron is resistant to rain, wind and sweat and will last until your next shampoo.
- Instantly removes bald spots or the appearance of thinning hair.
- Gives you a perfectly natural look. No one will know you are using Caboki unless you tell them - even if they have a close up view, outdoors, in bright sunlight.
- Last all day, all night, through wind, rain and sweat.
- It does not stain or stain your skin or clothes.


These are very similar hair fibers and will work the same for your hair thinning issue. We do think Febron is a better choice simply because it is cheaper because formulation wise they are the same and none are water proof either for the best lasting ability.