Hairanew vs Hairfluence

By | May 15, 2018

Seeing your hair decreasing day by day is definitely frustrating. Many products out there tell us to consume this and that, but we don’t know which is the most promising among them. if you are currently having a hair loss problem, let us introduce you two of most famous hair supplements available. They are HairAnew and Hairfluence.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is HairAnew and Hairfluence
– What HairAnew and Hairfluence can offer to you
– HairAnew vs Hairfluence

About HairAnew
HairAnew is an oral supplements, which is used to nourish hair and skin. Taken from HairAnew the manufacturer of HairAnew claims that the capsules has a very special blend of eleven unique ingredient, such as vitamins and biotin that effectively address vitamin deficiency that resulting on lack of hair growth and also hair loss. The eleven uniquely ingredients are combination of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. These ingredients are designed to be able to nourish your follicles from the inside out, so you can have the healthiest hair possible. In each serving (2 capsules) of HairAnew contains 5000mcg of Biotin, which is the reason why you will also notice improvement in your skin, nails and the new vibrant of your hair.

Aside from the ingredients mentioned above, HairAnew also contains other ingredients such as, Vitamin C, E, B-complex, Niacin, Zinc, Kelp, Ginkgo biloba leaf, Bamboo extract and Inositol. All of these ingredients are measured and tested using high performance liquid chromatography testing. Every ingredients includes in HairAnew have their own purposes. The formulation of HairAnew also doesn’t include wheat, gluten, egg, soybean, fish, peanuts, nuts, and shellfish, so it is safe to be consumed by people with allergies related to those ingredients. The supplement is also gluten free, vegan and never tested on animals, which makes this supplement appealing to wider market.

What it can do
When it comes to effectiveness, there are many good reviews on HairAnew. Some of them even claims that they feel the change since the second days consuming the supplement, which is definitely remarkable. Compare to many other supplement out there that caused allergies, there are no users that have been reporting an allergy while consuming HairAnew. Moreover HairAnew offer a strong guarantee if the user do not see any change their money back 100%. So we can see that the manufacturer have faith in their product.

The dosage of this supplement is recommended to be taken daily with two capsules each day. The possible side effects are rare and minimal, this is why the supplement are considered safe to be taken for long period. However some people experience stomach ache when taking it without meal. If you have other allergy related to the ingredients, it is advised to ask your doctor first. If you are interested with similar product, you can read it in our other article here.

About Hairfluence
Hairfluence categorized into dietary supplement to promote hair growth and was claimed to use an all-natural formula. The supplement can be consumed by people with various hair types. The product contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids that works hand by hand to give maximum benefit to your hair. The Hairfluence is manufactured by ZHOU nutrition, the company claims that they use all natural ingredients to stimulate healthy hair growth.

What it can do
The formula used by Hairfluence aims at promoting natural hair growth support, gives you a youthful skin and strong nails. Consuming Hairfluence will help you maintaining a healthy cells and growing strong hair. Hairfluence also gluten free and made from non GMO ingredients. The main ingredients of this supplement is Biotin, which is known to prevent hair loss, breakage and overall will give you a healthy hair. The next is Bamboo extract that is naturally high in silica, this nutrient is beneficial to nourish vital tissues in hair, skin and nails that will make your hair and skin healthier and give you a youthful appearance.

Aside from those ingredients mentioned above, Hairfluence also contains collagen that act as natural antioxidant to help assist faster cell growth. Vitamin B12 to form new red blood cell. Keratin, a natural protein in the body that helps repairing damaged hair. Vitamin A to help maintain healthy cells. Folate to promote healthy tissue growth and cell activity in a unique ways. When you purchased the products from Amazon, your money will be guaranteed by them in case if you don’t like the products. There are only some people return their products to get refund and the majority are satisfied with the product.

Hairanew vs Hairfluence

- Healthy hair
- 11 Unique ingredients
- Abundant in hair vitamins & nutrients
- Healthy , fast growing
- The root issue
- Glowing skin & healthy nails too

As we can see, both of HairAnew and Hairfluence promised the same thing, which is the ability to give you luscious hair and decreasing hair loss. If compared in the ingredients list we can see that Hairfluence has more ingredients with 17 in total, while HairAnew only 11 ingredients. Both of them are reviewed to cause breakout in skin by some of their consumers. Since their formulation is different, the effect might be different from person to person. Looking at their price, HairAnew is a little bit pricier with the gap of $8 from Hairfluence. In our opinion, it is safer to opt to HairAnew since it is being the most reviewed hair supplements in Amazon.