Hairfinity vs Biotin

By | June 9, 2021

Hair health is important to care for as it affects our confidence when meeting other people. They can be treated from the inside as well using hair vitamins such as Hairfinity Vs Biotin that are proven to deliver some interesting benefits for our hair. Depending on what your body is lacking, these supplements may become very helpful in maintaining the look as well as treating some hair conditions such as hair thinning. If you wonder which solution will be the better option, see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Improve Hair Growth
  • What are Hairfinity and Biotin
  • How are the Supplement of Hairfinity and Biotin
  • What are the Ingredients of Hairfinity and Biotin
  • What are the Benefits of Hairfinity and Biotin
  • How are the Results with Hairfinity and Biotin
  • Hairfinity Vs Biotin

Improving Hair Growth

Hair is like the natural crown of our head and it will affect your overall confidence at certain points. A healthy hair will make you look more attractive visually and give an impression that we are taking care of our own body which says a lot about our personality as well. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with great looking hair because it is mainly affected by genes and this is why we have not only different colors but also hair texture and shape, as well as whether they are prone to hair damage or not.

While we can’t do anything about the genes, we can do so much about how we treat them and supporting hair from the inside and outside with the proper care or products to help improve or maintain and address some of the typical issues. For those who want a faster hair growth, here are some tips to follow:

First step is to avoid consuming a restrictive diet because just like other parts of our body, hair also requires the nutrients we supply from foods so restrictive diets that limit the consumption and the type of foods you can consume will play a role in affecting the hair as well. As the body starves from essential nutrients, the growth will quickly be halted to make sure other more important bodily functions work properly and this is why bodily stress can cause hair loss or slow hair growth.

When you limit the diet, chances are the protein intake also lessens and protein itself is very important for the growth as hair follicles are made of mostly of protein and diet lacking in this nutrient has been shown to cause hair loss too.

If you are into topical hair care, we can try using caffeine-infused products to help hair growth. There was a study in 2014 which found that the compound can help promote hair growth at the molecular, cellular, and even organ levels for both men and women. Another alternative is essential oils and while oils have been so popular for hair health, we are sure many are not taking the advantage seriously yet. Study on pumpkin seed for example is shown to improve hair growth up to 40% in just 24 weeks.

In addition, we can also try to improve the nutrient intake by eating diverse food and trying to balance a diet based on what vitamins or minerals are known to be helpful for hair growth. The examples are Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Iron, and Zinc. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are beneficial as well based on a study to prevent hair loss.

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About Hairfinity and Biotin

The most difficult part of increasing these nutrients is probably because we have to tailor the diet as well and honestly, we are sure not all of us have both the patience and time to look around and remember what food that is rich in certain nutrients. In modern day we want fast and convenient foods to match with our busy lifestyle as well so for many of us cooking at home and doing grocery shopping as often are probably more difficult to comply with.

But, worry not because there are plenty of solutions out there and if you are familiar with multivitamins, there are also hair vitamins that are tailored with vitamins and minerals or with other nutrients and compounds to support hair health. They are often great for skin and nails as well because our hair, skin, and nails are made with similar compounds. You can try single vitamins or multivitamins depending on what the body needs but if you want the more complete solution, hair vitamins usually contain lots of diverse vitamins and minerals. 

There are numerous options in the market both for hair multivitamin and single vitamins such as Hairfinity and Biotin supplement from Nature’s Bounty. These are very popular vitamins often used to maintain hair health or to improve the hair condition including those who are experiencing hair thinning. In comparison, the Hairfinity and many other similar supplements such as Hairfinity Vs Viviscal are made with lots of vitamins and in some cases added with some proprietary blend as well like what you will find in Hairfinity.

The difference is that Hairfinity will compile the typical vitamins and minerals known to have helped with hair conditions and the best benefit is probably about the diversity itself which makes it great for people whose diet is not as rich or limited to only several types of foods such as vegan and vegetarian. On the other hand, a single vitamin is great if you already know what the body is lacking, have been diagnosed with certain deficiency, or you need to prevent certain concerns.

Hairfinity and Biotin Supplements

Now let’s see the vitamin first before deciding whether you want to take them for the hair. Depending on which form you are opting for, Hairfinity have two versions of the vitamins; the capsule like in our sample today and the chewable candy which taste great and easier to consume. The capsule is quite huge so we hear about some people having difficulties swallowing them but personally we have no issue, as long as there is plenty of water. The downside is that it does have a certain smell that is not very pleasant.

Biotin supplements in this comparison the one from Nature’s Bounty is made with a gelatin case or in gel capsule like typical fish oil. There is no strange smell but the casing itself which is made of cow’s bovine so yes, the vitamin is not vegan friendly. Its capsule is white and small enough to easily gulp down with water. As for the price, Nature’s Bounty Biotin is sold at $9.2 per 120 capsules which should last at least 4 months while Hairfinity 60 capsules are sold at $23.48 for a month supply.

Hairfinity and Biotin Ingredients

Moving further, let’s see what Hairfinity and Biotin supplements are made of or the ingredient list. As you can expect from a multivitamin, Hairfinity contains lots of beneficial ingredients for hair with its diverse vitamins, such as Vitamin A; C; D; B complex including Biotin, Niacin, Riboflavin, and Folate; as well as Calcium. The proprietary blend called Capilsana complex is made of MSM, Pea protein, and Horsetail herb. Since the latter is a single vitamin, it only contains Biotin which is sourced from soybean oil and vegetable glycerin. 

Hairfinity and Biotin Benefits

For example with vitamin A, this vitamin is required for cell growth including hair which is the fastest growing tissue in our body. Our skin also produces oils called sebum and Vitamin A helps in production of natural oil in order to moisturize the hair. Vitamin C is known as the antioxidant to fight free radicals but it is also needed to create protein known as collagen which is among the important parts of our hair structure as well while helpful to improve absorption of iron too. 

Vitamin D has been researched due to its relation to alopecia and is known to be helpful in the making of new follicles where our hair can grow. B complex has so many benefits in which one of them is creating red blood cells to bring oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and follicles. Biotin is the star ingredient here and Hairfinity contains 2500 mcg in each serving while Nature’s Bounty contains 10000 in each capsule. Biotin is often used in beauty products especially for hair because of its relation to keratin.

We all know that keratin is the basic protein that makes our skin, hair, and nails and Biotin is necessary as it helps the body to convert certain nutrients into energy as well as stimulates the keratin production in the body. As for the concrete evidence, there is not that much of proven studies about the efficacy but, in theory it is very promising. Additionally, MSM and horsetail extract on Hairfinity are studied to help improve the strength of hair.

Hairfinity and Biotin Result

Lastly for the result, just like any vitamins taken as a supplement, the experience across users are varying widely when using Hairfinity and Biotin supplement. But, with Hairfinity the result is often shown after a while at around a month to three where new hair is growing and this often not only on the scalp but also on other body parts. Biotin supplements also have similar benefits and the same side effects since some users see hair growth faster on the other body parts.

Hairfinity vs Biotin

These supplements are very useful if your diet is lacking in various nutrients but in comparison Hairfinity has lots of other vitamins which makes it great not only for the hair but also for the body because it is like taking a multivitamin focusing for the hair but also helpful for the overall health. Biotin on the other hand also has other benefits than hair health but is probably better if you have Biotin deficiency since the dosage is much higher.

- Unique Formula - A blend of bioactive vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Includes 2500mcg Biotin which promotes growth and maintenance of existing hair and nails.
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- BIOTIN 10,000 MCG: Nature's Bounty's Biotin supplement contains 10,000 mcg rapid release softgels to help support healthy hair, skin and nails, and energy metabolism Biotin is part of the family of B vitamins and supports fat metabolism
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We have to choose based on what the body needs because not all of us will have the same concern but if your diet is not very diverse, we do recommend taking Hairfinity because it contains richer nutrients including vitamins and minerals and herbs for our overall hair and body health.