Hairmax vs Igrow 

By | November 3, 2020

Losing hair can be a common problem, especially for the elderly or those during the nursing period. A hormonal change or diseases can also lead to this matter. That is why various products to fight hair loss appear in the market recently. Some of them including Hairmax VS Igrow which using the latest innovation and technology to help people dealing with this problem. Of course, it will not easy to find out which product is considered the best product to select. That is why it is important to get some overview before deciding to get one of those brands. For more information about Hairmax VS Igrow, spend a little time to continue reading the following paragraphs.

About Laser Cap

One of the same ideas about Hairmax VS Igrow is that these products are using the technology of a laser to help to revive the hair. It helps to stimulate the hair root to slowly growing and manage to reach the hair regrowth goals of a person. Read also: Hairmax vs Capillus.

That is why the products developed through a scientific innovation in helping people dealing with hair fall problems. It helps the cell cluster of hair follicles to regrow and seems to be a viable solution for many peoples. For more information about the company, the brand, the features, and many more, the next overview can help to explain further.

About Hairmax

The first brand to discuss is Hairmax, one of the technologies that look like the fittest product for most people. Hairmax brand committed to provide products resulted from a science of hair growth. The company brought in 1999 and start to market their products a year later. The company believed in customer satisfaction and proudly success in delivering up to 1.8 million devices around the world, precisely in 170 countries for the past recent years.

 Hairmax Igrow 
Product Dimensions9 x 3 x 4 inches12.2 x 5.91 x 9.84 inches
Shipping Weight2.65 Pounds3.96 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Hairmax comes with various products that focus on hair growth. Starting from the famous laser devices, hair cares, supplements, and more. Through updated innovations, laser devices have become one of the favorite products in the market. One of them is the Hairmax laser band that successfully lead the market with several incredible strong features such as the following lists:

  • An easy home medical device that able to use by anyone with easy instruction too. Therefore, no need to spend time visiting hair loss treatment in a specific place. This device allows you to do it yourself at home.
  • The laser band helps to stimulate the hair follicles and reverses thinning hair. It works to increase the density and fullness of the hair. Plus, it restores the natural hair growth cycles and works to promote hair growth effectively.
  • Provides with the fastest treatment time, only for a 90 sec with 3 days a week duration to perform.
  • Comes with a comfortable design for full scalp coverage.
  • Develop with parting teeth that work to deliver light energy right into the scalp.
  • Design with a cordless system, rechargeable battery, and comes with a very lightweight for an easy way to take anywhere during travel.
  • Offers a 2-year laser device warranty.

About Igrow

The next brand to discuss is Igrow, which also successfully a selling product at the moment. This brand developed in 2004, several years later compare with Hairmax. However, the brand successfully leads as one of the innovative low-level light therapy systems that work effectively to stimulate hair growth. It is also famous as the pioneer of technology and able to bring a good hair growth result for various kinds of skin conditions.

Igrow is one of the products which successfully utilizes a high combination of red laser and LED light diodes. This technology brings a simulation to energize the hair cellular and manages the natural function of the follicle to process better growing. In the four to six months of use, the new healthy hair will grow in a better, thicker, fuller, and more vibrant condition.

Further than the above information, each kit of Igrow will give the customer a built-in high-quality headphone that allows the therapy to perform the hair grow. It has proven results and a 35% increase the hair growth with an FDA cleared product. Moreover, it is also backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee for the consumers.


Even though all brands look promising to help with the hair growth issue, doesn’t mean that both are having the same level of price. This is important information to consider since not all the people will have a sufficient budget to pick all of the brands they wanted. For information, a single Hairmax laser band cost about $795 in the market. While if you prefer the Igrow helmet, then you need to spend $730. This makes Igrow cost $65 less cheap than Hairmax.

Hairmax vs Igrow

- REGROW HAIR: The LaserBand 82 applies a clinically proven therapeutic laser light to the scalp with a comparative energy output of 1230mW
- FDA CLEARED: HairMax laser devices are validated by 8 FDA clearances, 7 clinical studies, 14 international medican device licenses, and 6 published medical journals.
- FAST TREATMENT: The LaserBand 82 features 82 medical-grade lasers that are capable of providing a full scalp treatment when applied over 3 sections of the scalp for a total of 246 laser coverage
- LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO USE: Weighing just 6 oz., the LaserBand 82 is extremely comfortable, portable, designed for home use and travel friendly. Light battery packs allow for easy carrying
- LOW LEVEL LASER TREATMENTS: iGrow is one of few products and solutions that use highly effective LLLT stimulating light therapy equipment to promote cellular rejuvenation with laser and LED lights
- CLINICALLY TESTED, FDA CLEARED: In 2 separate, published peer-reviewed clinical studies, iGrow increased hair count by 35% in males and 37% in females in 16 weeks to help stop hair loss
- FOR BEST RESULTS: 4 adjustable columns, rotating weight distribution, customizable headphones and aux hookups for full scalp coverage and comfort while the stimulator system promotes faster growth
- BETTER HAIR: Whether it's male pattern baldness, male or female androgenetic alopecia, a thin or soon to be bald head of hair, iGrow is for all hair: grey, aged, straight, curly, african american etc.


After reading all the important information about Hairmax VS Igrow, it now comes to a conclusion on which product will more suit with every one expectation. In terms of price, you might want to choose Igrow, since it will ask you less price to get it. However, a less cheap price might not usually promise you the best way on dealing with your hair fall or hair loss issues. There are several differences to notice when you look at Hairmax VS Igrow. Surely, those products come with its specific features which might lead to a different way of stimulating your hair loss regeneration. Such as mentioned in the paragraphs above.

Overall, both are considering as great products to consider. However, if you mean to select between Hairmax VS Igrow based on the device’s effectiveness, then Hairmax might come with a simpler and easy product to use. Not to mention that it is more lightweight compare to Igrow. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple product, then Hairmax could be a suitable one to choose from. But, in case you prefer a low-level laser treatment, then Igrow will be a suitable option to choose from. Not to mention that it dares to give you a clinically proven to bring the hair to grow up to 37% remarkable results within 16 weeks.