Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap vs Capillus 

By | November 3, 2020

Those with a problem of hair fall or hair loss will strongly be looking for the best option to help with this issue. This is one of the considerations why many products are now selling in the market and offer various easy ways to help with stimulating hair to grow. One of those products including Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap VS Capillus that claims to be a good way out for the issues. By giving a viable solution to help the hair growth stimulation, those products are some of the best brands to consider. If you manage to choose between Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap VS Capillus, you might want to check the following paragraphs first before deciding which product suits your expectation more.

Surely, before reaching on each product’s explanation and comparison, a consumer needs to know that both products are based on a laser cap technology to help with delivering good natural hair growth. This technology has been researched for some years and manages to bring an FDA cleared result. However, each product comes with its specific strength and features. For a further description of each of these brands, the following paragraphs will help to bring you more overviews.

About Illumiflow

Starting with introducing to the brand first. Illumiflow is the first brand to discuss in this paragraph. It is one of the most popular products in the market and is provided with a modern design that suits most of the customer expectations. This product works to stimulate the hair to grow through a therapy system of the low-level laser. Furthermore, Illumiflow works through a laser helmet form which easy to use by anyone with simple way and easy instruction. Read also: Hairmax vs Igrow.

Illumiflow works for all gender, whether men or women. The product has passed several researchers and manages to contribute well so far. There also several top features that make Illumiflow is one of the best-selling laser caps in the market, those including the following lists:

  • FDA approved and clear device that considers safe to use in a long term.
  • Easy to use with user-friendly instruction and portable devices to carry on anywhere.
  • Provide five years warranty period.
  • The diode can penetrate up to 650nm in one treatment.
  • Provided with cooling technology that results in less effect and even no negative impact.
 Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap Capillus 
Product Dimensions7.63 x 6.75 x 3 inches13.31 x 10.51 x 5.79 inches
Shipping Weight9.28 Ounces5 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

From the features above, Illumiflow able to give some advantages for the user. Starting from an easy and portable enough to use anywhere anytime. It also provides shut-off safety features, plus it works starting from only three months to see the result. Moreover, this product comes with two selections, 148 diodes or 272 diodes.

However, it also brings several disadvantages that might not give the consumer a comfortable situation. Such as require a longer time for treatment which may ask people to spend some more time to make sure this technology improved on you. Not to mention that the money-back guarantees only limited to three days. This fact however for some people might not sound comfortable.

About Capillus

The next brand to compare is Capillus, which also brings a similar technology to the product. However, the brand dares to claim that the product is a great solution for those who wish to cut the hair loss problem. This is an amazing fact since Capilus works better than other similar products through its photo-bio modulation process during the treatment.

The product will able to show you the result in a minimum of three months of use, can reach up to six months depends on each person’s follicles characteristic. It will thicken your hair within a year, and bring you the optimum hair grow after 2 years in total.

There are several favorite features of the product. These features are the lovable parts of the consumer. This is including the following lists:

  • FDA approved and clear device that considers safe to use in a long term.
  • Easy to use with user-friendly instruction and portable devices to carry on anywhere.
  • The diode can penetrate up to 650nm in one treatment.
  • Provided with less effect.
  • Only need 6 minutes a day to optimize the product benefit.

The product consists of 272 diodes and entirely portable with a slim battery. It also brings the advantage of reparative and preventive effects on the hair loss issue. It can increase the hair volume up to 20% and convenient to use without any risks. However, even though it has many advantages, you might need to notice that some users experience irritation. Furthermore, it is quite expensive to owe since it cost much more expensive compare to other similar products in the market.


Not only considering the features of each product, but getting an overview of the cost will also a plus advantage. For your consideration. Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap is selling in some various online market with a price of $800 only. But, if you are curious to select Capillus, then you should add some more money, since this product will ask you for $3000 to get the product. This makes both brands might not a pretty equal product to compare each other.

Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap vs Capillus 

- ORIGINAL - illumiflow Laser Cap is THE ORIGINAL OTC (Over-the-Counter) Solution for MEN & WOMEN, safe & effective use in the treatment of hair loss.
- SAFE - This product is continually tested to comply with performance and safety regulations.
- INDUSTRY-LEADING 5 YEAR - PRODUCT WARRANTY – We stand behind our product quality. Our mission is to provide the best customer experience. Please contact illumiflow for quick resolution to all warranty claims.
- CLINICALLY PROVEN TECH - Proven out by decades of research and literally thousands of clinical studies, LLLT is right for you if you’ve experienced thinning hair
- IF HAIR LOSS RUNS IN YOUR FAMILY, the CapillusPlus (formerly known as the Capillus202) laser hair growth therapy cap may be right for you.
- CLINICALLY-PROVEN TECHNOLOGY & FDA CLEARED, Capillus is as a safe and effective treatment for hereditary hair loss (identified by overall thinning hair, a receding hairline and pattern baldness).
- MAXIMUM COVERAGE JUST 6 MINUTES EVERY DAY. With a whopping 1010 mW total energy output, comfortably treat your scalp with the flexible fitting CapillusPlus in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee.
- RECOMMENDED BY OUR NETWORK OF PHYSICIANS to grow thicker, fuller hair. Can be used in conjunction with topical hair loss foams, prescription medications, or before and after hair transplant surgery. Not all laser hair regrowth products are created equally. Unlike some gad


After reading the above information, then you must be able to select the most suitable brand and product. In general, those products come with the same technology to stimulate your hair grow issues. Not to mention that both works in the same number of diodes and the same FDA approved version. Therefore, many consumers saying that Illumiflow 272 laser cap VS Capillus is at the same level of effectiveness. Only that Capillus might require a longer time to works effectively in growing the hair.

However, the big difference you can notice might come from the overall price that will shock you for most. If you have a limited budget, then you should be happy to select Illumiflow 272 laser cap, since it cost several hundred dollars only. While those that dream to get Capillus must be sure of the amount of money to spend when buying this product. Not to mention that this brand is not as worth as it thought. So, you might prefer to end up selecting Illumiflow which consider almost similar.