iRestore vs iGrow

By | May 15, 2018

No, these are not Apple’s products, even though their names are indeed similar to those produced by the tech company. Both iRestore and iGrow are laser helmets for hair treatment. Recently, laser hair treatment helmets have become quite popular on the market. Apparently, people don’t mind spending lots of money in order to stop hair loss and get back their hair. Anything to restore their confidence. So, how do iRestore vs iGrow work, and are these products really effective?

iRestore uses the low light laser therapy (LLLT) technology to counter hair loss and improve fuller, thicker hair growth. iRestore is equipped with 51 LED lights which consist of 21 laser and 30 non-laser diodes, which all emit 650 nm red light for targeted hair growth. Contrary to those skeptical comments, such technology has actually been scientifically proven. By absorbing the light, the area on your scalp will get boosted metabolism and blood circulation, which in turn will lead to increased hair health and growth.

iGrow also uses the LLLT technology, but it does not clearly state how many lights that it has. According to a user, it has 22 laser diodes and 33 LEDs. It uses 650 – 670 nm red light to stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation of the scalp.

iRestore’s design is pretty simple. It has a head bar on the front side to keep the helmet on its place. It is quite comfortable to wear. However, it would be even nicer if it has more soft pads to support the helmet on the head. On the good side, iRestore’s shape is quite compact and portable, and it is easy to bring along on your travels.

On the other hand, iGrow is a little bit bigger and bulkier. It can also be improved for comfort by adding some more soft pads, but it is already quite comfy thanks to the four adjustable columns and rotating weight distribution. On the left and right sides, there are padded ear cups with built-in speaker drivers for music.

Features and Performance
One of the most distinctive differences between iRestore vs iGrow is the built-in headphones. iRestore doesn’t have them. iGrow features a pair of customizable headphones that enables you to listen to music, answer calls, or watch the TV.

Many users have expressed their satisfaction with these products. They can help to stop the hair loss progress. They can also stimulate the hair follicles to grow stronger, thicker hair. The results are very good. However, they only work on hair follicles that still live. These devices can stimulate follicles that die temporarily, stimulating the regeneration cycle. But they don’t work on hair follicles that are completely dead. Some people may find non-optimal hair regrowth if some of the hair follicles have completely died.

iRestore vs iGrow

- iRestore is a FDA-cleared medical device for treating hair loss
- 6-Month 100% Money Back Guarantee
- iRestore has been clinically studied
- Low level laser treatments
- Clinically tested
- For best results

You can choose iGrow if you fancy the built-in headphones. The additional feature is very handy and convenient. It allows you to relax or do various activities while performing the treatment session. iRestore is simple and portable, but without the headphones.