Keranique Vs Hers

By | March 7, 2022

Minoxidil is a viral hair loss solution for both men and women experiencing hair loss or thinning. Many solutions are using this medication, such as Keranique Vs Hers, that you can easily find in various stores. These topical solutions are effective and reduce hair loss symptoms with routine application. If you also wonder whether they make a difference, here is what to know about the solutions.

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  • Can You Cure Hair Loss
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  • What are the Side Effects and Safety of Keranique and Hers
  • How is the Efficacy of Keranique and Hers
  • Keranique Vs Hers

Hair Loss Solutions

Our face and hair are the first people notice when meeting you, which is why we are always anxious about how they appear. Hair loss is one of the most common issues that many of us are currently facing and trying to overcome. It can be stressful because often, we don’t know what is triggering the condition or whether it can be cured. If your hair loss is hereditary, it is unlikely to reverse the situation once the follicles are closed, disappeared, or damaged.

For some people, they can reverse or at least slow down the process using various hair treatments or medication. But, we have to check the condition with your doctor first to discover what is causing the issue, moreover if you don’t have any health issues or currently taking medication. The doctor may take your blood to test, do a pull test, scalp biopsy, and light microscopy. Scalp biopsy is to see whether there is an infection at the root, while light microscopy is to see possible disorder on the hair shaft.

Hair loss can have different solutions based on what causes it. For example, the patchy hair loss or alopecia areata can grow back without treatment within a year, and other solutions can be through medications or surgery. The medication can be an oral type such as Finasteride or a topical type like Minoxidil. Some people who don’t see these solutions’ results choose hair transplant surgery. This process removes hair from a part of the head and transplants it on a bald spot.

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About Keranique and Hers

We highly recommend visiting your doctor if you are concerned about hair loss. Losing much hair in a short time can be a sign of other diseases too, so it is wise to detect the cause as early as possible to find the cure. For those who don’t have health concerns or don’t want to go to the doctor, we can try the over-the-counter solution or start by changing the hair care routine. Changing the shampoo and products we use topically is the most convenient.

If the problem is persistent, we can try topical solutions such as hair tonic, or if you prefer something more potent, Minoxidil can be an excellent solution. This is a well-known medication for men and women suffering from hair loss or thinning. They are affordable and easy to find in their generic name or various named brands like Keranique and Hers. These brands are famous for their hair care products and offer Minoxidil solutions.

People who also use their hair care products may want to try the Minoxidil topical solution because this medication is often very effective for hair thinning, especially in the early stage. Keranique and Hers specialize in women’s hair loss, and the most noticeable difference from Minoxidil for men is the percentage of its active ingredient. Note that men will need a higher concentration of Minoxidil than women, so we recommend brands like Rogaine Vs Kirkland for male users.

The active ingredient in Keranique and Hers Minoxidil is the same, so they will have the same effects. They contain a small number of active ingredients designed for women. Men with hair loss or thinning hair issues may want to check the solution with 5% Minoxidil because it will be more potent. However, FDA has approved the 5% Minoxidil for women in 2014, so you can safely use the higher concentration if needed.

Keranique and Hers Package

The most noticeable difference between the Keranique and Hers Minoxidil solutions is their application. Different brands of Minoxidil can use different applicators, but they are all designed to be applied a small amount at a time. The Keranique solution comes in a small bottle with a long nozzle to accurately apply the liquid to the scalp. It comes with a pump-style bottle, which is very easy to control and less messy. On the other hand, the Hers Minoxidil comes with a dropper.

This dropper is also very effective in controlling the amount we apply. The applicator is transparent, so it is easy to see the amount of liquid we take and apply to the scalp. Both of these methods are easy to use and effective while maintaining hygiene. One bottle is designed for one month of usage. The prices of Keranique and Hers are pretty different, however, because Keranique is noticeable more expensive. You can get a two-month supply of Hers for $28, while Keranique costs $29 for a bottle.

Keranique and Hers Ingredients

Some people may be concerned about what’s in their products to make such a difference. But, there is not much of anything important that sets them apart. Both Keranique and Hers are meant for treating hair loss in women, so they choose to use 2% Minoxidil. The medication must be diluted with other ingredients to ease application. They also use the same inactive ingredients here, mostly alcohol additives and water. This is why your Minoxidil solution has a strong alcohol smell; it made more than half of the solution.

Keranique and Hers Benefits

Minoxidil is the main ingredient in these Keranique and Hers hair loss solutions. It is a very popular medication initially used to treat high blood pressure. This drug is a vasodilator, which means it dilates your blood vessels to allow more blood to pass. The drug was then developed into hair loss solutions by scientists in 1987. It is FDA approved and can be used without a prescription, but doctors also prescribe it to their patients who suffer from hair loss.

There is a review in 2019 to see the topical application effect of Minoxidil, especially between solution and foam. When applied on the scalp, Minoxidil is converted by an enzyme called sulfotransferase into salt. The drug works because it shortens the telogen or resting phase of the hair, which causes hair to enter anagen or growing stage. There are also some suggestions that this drug can increase the thickness of the hair. It doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier, and our kidneys will filter most of it.

It seems that this drug is effective for people who are 40 years and below and with hair loss that is only recently emerged. But, it is not helpful for people with receding hairlines. It is also important to note that Minoxidil doesn’t have immediate effects, so you will have to use the products for quite some time to see the result. Usually, the drug will show the result after eight weeks of routine application.

Keranique and Hers Side Effects and Safety

Do Keranique and Hers have side effects? Some people may be reluctant to use this topical help due to some concerns. However, Minoxidil is typically safe to use, and even with side effects, they are mild enough not to cause serious problems. The drug can cause an itchy, dry, scaly scalp or painful and burning sensation. But, if you somehow gain weight, swell, or experience shortness of breath, chest pain, and lightheadedness, it is best to seek medical advice. Reporting it to MedWatch is also helpful to let FDA know about the safety.

In case you are not using a prescription, it is wise to speak to your doctor first if you have an allergy to any ingredients in the Minoxidil solutions. You may have to ask whether it is safe to use the medication with other drugs, especially high blood pressure medication. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should pay more attention to safety as well.

Keranique and Hers Efficacy 

Does the Keranique and Hers Minoxidil solution work? Yes, both of them are using virtually the same active and inactive ingredients to have the same benefits. The typical Minoxidil will show its result after a few months of usage, so we must be patient. The most noticeable effect will be reducing hair loss or hair thinning. Over time they will make our hair appears thicker, but you will need to use them daily and be consistent about the application to enjoy this benefit.

Keranique Vs Hers

Both Keranique and Hers will deliver the same results using the same ingredients. They have 2% Minoxidil suitable for a starter and your first treatment. Some people prefer to use the higher concentration because they have used the solution for quite some time and feel the lack of efficacy. Since both Keranique and Hers have the same Minoxidil concentration, they will have the same effects. Personally, we like any of the applicators, but it is easy to see the amount of liquid with Hers dropper. It is currently more affordable too.

- Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment is Easy to use with the new exclusive Easy Precision Sprayer, designed to target the regrowth treatment precisely in thinning areas.
- Reactivates hair follicles to stimulate hair regrowth, extends the growth cycle of hair, has been shown to help women regrow thicker-looking hair.
- Real regrowth, visible results - Give your hair follicles a wake-up call with this over-the-counter hair loss treatment that is clinically proven to help women regrow their hair.
- Real women, real results - Get hair regrowth that looks as good as it feels. Minoxidil 2% Topical Solution is clinically proven to provide results you can see in 3-6 months.
- hers minoxidil 2% topical solution is a hair regrowth treatment that penetrates into your scalp, activating hair follicles and extending your hair’s natural growth cycle. Clinically proven to regrow hair for thicker, fuller locks in 3 to 6 months
- Regrowing your locks with hers minoxidil takes time, about 3 to 6 months of consistent twice daily application. At first, your new hair might look like "peach fuzz," but with time it should become the same color and thickness as the other hairs on your scalp
- Start using hers minoxidil solution on dry hair. Part your hair in a few rows to maximize scalp exposure. Squeeze 1 mL of solution over your hair loss area and allow it to absorb and dry completely before styling. For best results, use twice a day
- When you start using hers minoxidil solution, you might see increased hair shedding. Don't worry! This is temporary and a sign that minoxidil is working for you. If you continue losing hair after a month, stop using and contact your doctor


The decision is all yours because Keranique and Hers contain the same ingredients. We recommend Hers Minoxidil because it is more affordable, making it easy on the wallet. We will need to use this solution for months, so you may want to consider the budget.