Keranique Vs Kerastase

By | September 4, 2019

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body that many times will be mirroring how we take care of it. If it continues to fall and become thin then it can be a problem because we prefer thick hair thus, solutions like Keranique Vs Kerastase will be a necessary help to restore the hair youth and volume. If you are also experiencing hair loss, why don’t see what each of these solutions will do to the issue and get one with more promising results.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What Cause Extensive Hair Loss
– How to Deal with Hair Loss
– What are Keranique and Kerastase
– How are the Package of Keranique and Kerastase
– What Keranique and Kerastase are made of
– How Keranique and Kerastase Work against Hair Loss
– How to use Keranique and Kerastase
– Keranique Vs Kerastase

Hair Loss Causes
For many of us, appearance is very important and we do almost anything to keep our body healthy and appear to be as neat or attractive as possible which is why aesthetic clinics are growing here and there. There are many things that can affect our appearance and lots of times it is coming from our body; not only the kind of shirt we are wearing or how perfect our makeup is for the day. One of them is hair and this is a very delicate issue for some people.

Almost all of us if not all want to have a beautiful healthy and shiny hair that require as little care as possible but the fact is different because what happened inside our body often mirrored on the outside as well and this includes hair. Both men and women adore healthy and thick hair but hair loss is a common issue we have to deal with at some point in our life which not only reduce our confident but also put our mind at stress.

Shedding is actually a normal cycle of our hair and it happens everyday but on average it will only reduce about 50 to 150 strains of hair per day. The more hair strands being found in bed or showers can be a sign or aging, changes in diet, stress, or any related health issues such as a quick weight loss and side effects of chemotherapy. In many women, this problem is triggered by hormonal change as well but to be sure it is wise to ask your dermatologist for further examination.

Hair Loss Solutions
For those who doesn’t have the time to go to the dermatologist and want to look for the solution from available brands out there, it is nice to actually know what the real reason of the hair loss so we can address it properly. However, effectivity is never something we can be fully sure with those products because apparently our body also works differently and the one product match other people with the same issue will not always work for us as well.

Some medication or solution often prescribed or purchase to handle hair loss issue are Minoxidil and Finasteride because they are the most popular and well-known to work well in returning our loss strands or keep them longer on the scalp. As for the latter it is more commonly used by men because in women it may cause some unwanted side effects. In addition, you may want to also consume some vitamins to help hair stay healthy from the inside such as Biotin or changing to diet rich in vitamin B.

About Keranique and Kerastase
As another alternative, many hair care brands in the market are offering hair loss solution whether it is a line for the specific issue of individual products that we can try and see the benefit. For women they are more favorable because chances we already use some of their shampoo or conditioner before so getting known to the rest of the collection will be easier, more importantly when we are already satisfied with their other hair products. See also: Keranique vs Viviscal.

Today, we have almost endless hair care brands out there from those very affordable to those more expensive and the one suit us the best is the one we see a prominent improvement with. Among those many options, Keranique and Kerastase are two very popular hair care brands which we are sure many of us are already familiar with or even use one of their products before and between the two, the latter does offer their solution more expensively.

These brands are loved by many people especially female users because the products does play an important role in maintaining the health of their hair and are equally a good choice to look at when you are dealing with hair loss as well. Inside their collection, Keranique and Kerastase carried both shampoo and conditioner made for the specific issue but our attention today is at their topical treatment called Hair Regrowth Treatment and Densifique solution respectively.

Keranique and Kerastase Package
Both of them come inside a box with the solution inside and as you can see on the sample picture above that Keranique also offer the treatment in a set or for a period of time dosage such as two bottles like in our sample today. This solution is packed inside a tube with a nozzle applicator which is our favorite when it comes to scalp treatment since it simplifies the application effectively so we don’t have to be very careful with the liquid.

On the other hand, Kerastase is packing their Densifique solution in a small bottle or vial and one package contains 30 small bottles which is used for up to 60 days because it is meant to be applied once a day. This vial is not the most convenient package we have seen on similar hair loss treatment but probably works effective because at least we now the exact dose of each application and to ease the application there is a comb cap as well inside.

Keranique and Kerastase Ingredients
Before making up your mind and get one of these hair loss solutions, it is always best to know what they are made of or the active ingredients because it will give us a general idea on how the product should deliver its benefit. As for the Hair Regrowth solution from Keranique, this solution is actually 2% Minoxidil which often used by both men and women to treat hair loss issue and currently the only cure for hair loss approved by the FDA to be used by women.

Minoxidil historically is not a cure for hair loss because it used to be prescribed for treating high blood pressure and in the way it was examined, there are also side effects which is increased hair growth so the drug today was used for patients who experience hair loss as well. In Kerastase Densifique, the star ingredient is Stemoxydine and this substance is patented by L’Oreal for their hair growth products. The claimed benefit if this chemical is promoting hair regrowth based on the study conducted in a double blind versus placebo study.

Keranique and Kerastase Working Mechanism
Uniquely, the mechanism on how Minoxidil is working against the fight of hair loss is still not fully understood even today and taken from WebMD, it is still seen as relatively marginally effective drug by most experts. However, the best guess on why it works is probably because it induces an early anagen phase when applied so hair follicles can go through the rest of growing process prematurely before starting to grow again.

Moving to Stemoxydine, L’Oreal believes that maintaining hypoxia environment or oxygen deficiency for the CD34+ stem cells is necessary to hair growth. CD34+ is the stem cells near the skin’s surface area and is responsible for the creation of new hair but in people with hair loss problem, this stem cells later are elevated and causing the follicles to work less efficiently so in the end stop producing new hair. This chemical is used to help creating hypoxia environment and awaken the dormant stem cells.

This is in hope to make it grow new hair or even produce more numbers of follicles so we can get a denser hair. The benefit does shown in vivo studies where a small amount of hair regrowth did occur but for a more prominent benefit we still need to be shown in further research.

Keranique and Kerastase Dosage
To get the benefit from Keranique and Kerastase hair loss solution we also need to follow the directions religiously and for the former brand, we have to apply about 1 mL with the spray or around 6 pump 2 times a day directly on the scalp where hair loss is happening for a prolonged time counting in months. With Keranique, the vial is used once a day with the help of comb cap all over the scalp by dividing the hair and then massage it gently then spreading it to the length for the ingredients to absorb.

Both of these hair loss solutions are very promising because they are including beneficial active ingredient for fighting the issue but effectivity is not something we can generalize from one person to another. In comparison Minoxidil is an older found solution and definitely more popular while chemical like Stemoxydine is fairly new including on the documented benefit or research. In addition, Minoxidil solution like the one from Keranique is far more affordable than patented ingredient from Kerastase.

Keranique vs Kerastase

- CLINICALLY PROVEN HAIR RE-GROWTH SYSTEM: Keranique 30 Day Hair Regrowth System is a four-piece kit that combines both the science of a clinically proven hair regrowth treatment that helps in volumizing thin hair
- HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: The Keranique shampoo contains only ingredients for women’s hair re-growth that has been approved by the FDA. It improves your hair’s volume, shine, appearance and smoothness helping you regrow your hair naturally
- THICKEN AND VOLUMIZE THIN HAIR: The Keratin Amino Complex Conditions your hair that will visibly volumize fine hair. It thickens, fortifies your hair and improves manageability, comb-ability, and detangling
- Growth of thicker hair
- Stronger fiber
- Helps control hair loss

When it comes to which solution will fit you the best, it can’t be predetermined since our bodies may react differently but if we are to choose, we do like to see how the common cure like Minoxidil is working against the hair loss first then move to another like Densifique from Kerastase if there is no visible benefit seen.