Keranique Vs Olaplex

By | March 10, 2022

Hair health is important because it affects your confidence. But, worry not because there are plenty of hair care products or solutions to improve our hair, such as Keranique Vs Olaplex. These are popular solutions for at-home treatment, but they are not the same and are for different concerns. If you also wonder which hair product to choose, let’s see here what they offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Prevent Hair Damage
  • What are Keranique and Olaplex
  • How are the Solutions of Keranique and Olaplex
  • What are the Ingredients of Keranique and Olaplex
  • What are the Benefits of Keranique and Olaplex
  • How are the Results with Keranique and Olaplex
  • What are the Side Effects of Keranique and Olaplex
  • Keranique Vs Olaplex

Hair Damage

When you meet a person, chances are you will see their face and head first. The hair is an essential part of the body that will boost or reduce your confidence and affect your appearance. Unfortunately, the hair is not always easy to style, soft, or look gorgeous, so it can get quite frustrating for some of us. Damaged hair and hair fall are probably two of the most common hair issues, with millions of people currently trying to improve their hair conditions.

The first step to improving hair health is recognizing the root of the problems that may vary among people. For example, some of us probably love coloring and using hair dyes extensively. Unless your hair is naturally white or lacks pigment, we will need to bleach as often. Experts recommend dying within three shades of the natural hair shades. We also need to wait for 8-10 weeks before touching up to reduce the damage of hair dyes.

If your hair issue comes from using styling tools too often, it is wise to reduce the intensity, especially for blow dryers which can be notorious for introducing hot air into the hair. Experts recommend using a blow dryer at least 6 inches from the hair and preventing continuous exposure at one spot only. On the other hand, if your hair issue is related to stress, hormone, or diets, it is excellent to improve your diet or use oral solutions to take care of the issue from the inside.

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About Keranique and Olaplex

We can make plenty of effort to improve the hair appearance, but different issues will require different solutions, so the first step is to know what is causing the problem. If you are not fond of oral solutions, there are also topical products like hair care products. None of them are instant solutions, but they may help in the long term. In general, hair loss is more serious and difficult to cure or reverse because the cause is difficult to determine without professional help.

Some of the most popular topical hair solutions often used to help improve hair health are Keranique and Olaplex. These brands are very popular, but they focus on different issues because Keranique is more well-known for its hair loss solutions, while Olaplex products are for damaged hair. Damaged hair usually side effects of using hair styling tools, dyes, or hair bleaching. On the other hand, while damaged hair can cause hair loss, the trigger is usually internal.

Today, we will focus on the Keranique Minoxidil and Olaplex Hair Perfector. Olaplex has several products in the hair repairing system, and the first two steps require professional help or salon treatment. But, you can find the third solution or No.3 available at various stores. Users don’t need to apply for the first two steps to use this hair solution because you can do it at home, and the entire line also shares the same active ingredient.

The difference between Keranique Minoxidil and Olaplex is the focus of the treatment. Olaplex focuses on the hair strands, rejuvenating each hair strand that lost its protective barrier and was damaged from chemical treatments. On the other hand, Keranique’s primary goal is to target the scalp where your hair grows. The active ingredient is helping your hair follicles to keep each hair strand, preventing it from closing and stopping producing hair which happens in many people due to various internal problems. Read also: Keranique Vs Vegamour here.

Keranique and Olaplex Solutions

Both Keranique and Olaplex are topical solutions, so they are safer if you have general concerns about hair vitamins or supplements. The solutions come in a small bottle, but they are completely different. The Keranique Hair Regrowth is light, almost like regular water, and has a strong alcohol smell. This product is unscented, so no fragrance masks the ingredients’ odor. It has a long nozzle and pumps dispenser to target the problem area on the scalp.

On the other hand, Olaplex is very thick, resembling a body lotion or hair mask consistency. The color is off-white and not completely white. It won’t drip when you put it in hand and has a very creamy texture. The scent is pleasant enough and probably close to typical salon wash; it smells clean and not very strong. There is no pump or applicator on the bottle, so we carefully put an adequate amount. One bottle can last for a few applications or a month, depending on the hair length.

Keranique and Olaplex Ingredients

The main ingredients in Keranique and Olaplex are also different because they target different hair issues. It is worth noting that Olaplex is applied on the hair strands like conditioner instead of the scalp where Keranique is targeting. The Keranique Hair Regrow is a Minoxidil solution for female users made of 2% Minoxidil, 60% alcohol, 20% propylene glycol, and water. The active ingredient in Olaplex is Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. It also contains glycerin combined with several smoothing agents and preservatives.

Keranique and Olaplex Benefits

Now you must wonder what these ingredients mean in the product. Starting with Keranique, this is a Minoxidil solution, very similar to Rogaine. Minoxidil is an active ingredient, and it is a medication for high blood pressure. The drug is a vasodilator, which will dilate blood vessels to allow more blood to flow. When it comes to topical application, the drug is suggested to prolong the growing process of hair. Hair has a natural growing and shedding process, and Minoxidil can help extend the growing cycle.

It prevents the follicles from closing, which happens in hair loss because closing follicles will stop producing hair and result in complete baldness or bald patches. The Olaplex main ingredient is completely different. Bis-aminopropyl is the chemical compound claimed to reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds on the hair. It is sold as a bond multiplier, and when applied in the salon, it will limit damage to hair during the dying process. The Olaplex products line has this main ingredient in their solution.

The way it works is very complicated, but in short, the two ends of bis-aminopropyl will form bonds with the sulfurs on the hair strands to make an artificially extended disulfide bridge. When a new link is formed between two sulfurs, it will strengthen your hair. When applied in the salon, it helps with the drying process because it happens very quickly.

Keranique and Olaplex Result 

Next, we want to know whether Keranique and Olaplex work and they are. For Keranique, you will need to spend a lot more time to see the result, but this is normal. Typically you will spend at least two to three bottles or two months to start seeing the effect. Minoxidil is also applied to the scalp daily, once in the morning and afternoon. The real-life benefit is that it will stop the hair loss, regrow it, and make thinning areas thicker.

Unlike Keranique, the result of Olaplex is almost instant after you apply the product. The most noticeable difference is damaged hair looks smoother and is easy to style. They are almost like transforming the hair to its healthy stage before bleaching and exposure to hair dyes. We also like that it improves the shine without causing oiliness like some hair serums or oils.

Keranique and Olaplex Side Effects

Lastly, some people may wonder whether the Keranique and Olaplex solutions have side effects. Minoxidil’s most common side effects are usually shedding at the early applications. Some people also get itchy scalp or irritation from the formulation’s medication itself or other ingredients. Olaplex claimed no side effects from using the solution because it is like a more potent conditioner. But, if you choose to use the first two steps at the salon, make sure to spare more time because the treatment takes longer.

Keranique Vs Olaplex

Both Keranique and Olaplex are effective solutions for those struggling with hair issues. But, they are very different and made for different problems. Keranique Minoxidil is for hair loss, especially caused by hormones, stress, and other non-treatment conditions. The Olaplex is for hair damage and focuses on hair strands to strengthen the bond and restore strength. They are easy to apply, but to see the result of Minoxidil, we will need to use the product for months.

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It is wise to choose a hair solution based on your concern. We recommend Keranique if you lose hair, not because of extensive use of hair treatment or hair styling tools. But, for damaged hair that looks dry and frizzy, Olaplex will help a lot in smoothing and bringing life back to your hair.