Keranique vs Ovation

By | May 14, 2018

Having problematic hair condition sure is stressful for women. Since a good healthy hair is everybody’s dream, but the reality is not always as good. Sometimes your hair condition worsen and it makes you worry. Among those many hair treatment available in the market today, we will introduce you to two of them, if you are not familiar with them yet. They are Keranique and Ovation, both of them claims that their product perform the best.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Keranique and Ovation hair treatment
– What can Keranique and Ovation offer to you
– Keranique vs Ovation

About Keranique
Keranique is a product of all in one hair treatment to treat and stimulate the hair growth marketed in women. The product is claims to be scientifically advanced to improve hair growth. In their official site keranique state that women loses up to 50% of their hairs before the bald spot become noticeable. Keranique is manufactured by Keranique Company and has a base in Hoboken, New Jersey. They used the name Keranique that derives from “Keratin” Amino Complex, which is used by them as their formula base to regrowth hair. See Also : Keranique vs Bosley.

Keranique hair growth treatment system has various products under this line, such as revitalizing shampoo, volumizing conditioner, lift spray and regrowth cream. Keranique formula also enriched with Minoxidil, which is FDA approved and clinically proven to help regrowth hair. In this article we will focusing our explanation on the shampoo and conditioner.

Keranique Ability
Taken from their homepage Keranique scalp stimulating shampoo is the shampoo from Keranique hair regrowth treatment. This shampoo is designed to help to strengthen and make your hair thicker using microcirculation and help reducing buildup of oil and dirt on the scalp, which blocked the hair follicles. Keranique advised to use the shampoo regularly on consistent basis to achieve the desired result.

Keranique volumizing keratin conditioner is the conditioner from Keranique hair regrowth treatment. This conditioner is focusing on volumizing your thinning hair by decreasing breakage, repairing the split ends, controlling frizz and trying to repair thin hair with some kind of lifting gel formula. Keranique advised you to use the conditioner together with the shampoo to achieve the desired result.

Keranique shampoo is often recommended by hair stylist to people who suffer from dry hair, damaged hair and hair loss. Many people who already use the shampoo said that it gives them a thicker hair in less than a week. Other people also mention their oily hair become less oily. The frequently heard reviews is the Keranique shampoo and the conditioner makes their hair fuller and easy to style.

About Ovation
Ovation hair therapy has become famous recently and receive so many mixed opinion from public about whether the product does work or not. In the package ovation insert three kind of product, a shampoo, a conditioner, and the cell therapy treatment. The cell treatment is said to be the main core of Ovation hair therapy, which claims to add the needed nutrients to the hair using some kind of special formula.

Ovation Ability
The ovation shampoo contains various essential nutrition that is important to grow a healthy hair, such as biotin, vitamin E, apigenin, etc. Apigenin helps the fluid to flow and circulates the blood inside veins. This will prevent toxin building up while providing important nutrients to cells that responsible for hair growth. All components in Ovation hair treatment is work hand by hand to moisture, thicken and strengthen the hairs and help preventing the buildup of static electricity that will damage and dries the hair.

Ovation uses three approaches to treat your hair, which are overnight, shower and leave-in treatment paired with overnight strategy is the most effective method. The company advised that the treatment should only be done maximum three times a week.

Like many other products out there Ovation also has some pros and cons. The Ovation pros are it was proven to reduce hair breakage more than 80%, the treatment utilize natural ingredients and has minimum side-effect, one year money back guarantee, is suitable for almost every type of hair, also there is no need to cover your hair when doing treatment, since the formula doesn’t leave stain on fabrics, the effects on thin hair is amazing, it has a pleasant pineapple scent, and it also soften the hair.

The cons of Ovation hair treatment are some people might be allergic to some of its ingredients, which may result on irritation of the scalp, when the hair is wet it is very hard to brush, the whole treatment is pretty pricey, and the products has a trace of Sodium Lauryl, which has been linked to number of illness.

Keranique vs Ovation

- The Clean & Condition Set is specially formulated
- Scalp Stimulatintg shampoo
- Fortified with Keratin and Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5)
- Perfect for normal hair types seeking
- Formulated without Parabens & Sulfates
- Safe for color treated hair

When comparing both of them, the most important is how your hair reacts to the products. When you read so many positive or negative review from other people, no matter how much you think it is useful, you still have to prove it yourself. What we recommend in this article is the cheaper one, which is Ovation. Aside from the pros mentioned above, it is also safe for colored hair and also cruelty free.