Keranique Vs Vegamour

By | March 8, 2022

Your hair is significant because it is the first thing people will notice from your appearance. For those currently facing a hair thinning issue, topical solutions like Keranique Vs Vegamour are ideal for improving hair health and preventing it from worsening. These solutions are helpful, but they are pretty different so before deciding the option, let’s look at what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Improve Hair Health
  • What are Keranique and Vegamour
  • How are the Solutions of Keranique and Vegamour
  • What are the Ingredients of Keranique and Vegamour
  • What are the Benefits of Keranique and Vegamour
  • How is the Efficacy of Keranique and Vegamour
  • What are the Side Effects of Keranique and Vegamour
  • Keranique Vs Vegamour

Improving Hair Health

We all want healthy-looking hair that is easy to manage and style. It will be a significant confidence boost, just like when you get clear skin after fighting acne or hyperpigmentation. The hair and face are what most people notice first when meeting someone, so we need to pay a lot of attention to these body parts. Some people have naturally beautiful hair, but many struggles to get there. It can be a long, expensive process, but it is not impossible.

If you often use styling tools, reducing the intensity or lowering the heat is wise. This is because heat can strip your hair’s natural protective layer creating dry, damaged, and weak hair strands. Make sure to put the hairdryer a bit further at about 6 inches away and keep the wind from concentrating at one spot only. Our body makes hair, and what happens on the inside can be visible from the outside. For healthier hair, pay attention to your diet.

There are vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, and D that can be helpful for hair growth or mineral like iron and zinc that can help strengthen or improve hair growth. If it is difficult to get these vitamins from your daily meals, we can also try hair vitamins like Nutrafol Vs Sugar Bear Hair which compile all of these essential vitamins in their product. We can match the shampooing to our hair type. Oily hair and active people need shampooing more often, but usually, most people will be fine shampooing three times a week.

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About Keranique and Vegamour

There are many other efforts that we can make to improve hair health, but not everyone will find the same solution. It is wise to consider what your hair is facing and apply the treatment it needs. We assume that you are currently struggling with hair loss and looking for a solution. Hair loss is a very common issue and can be a real challenge because of the varying causes.

Some people can reverse hair loss and grow their hair back depending on what causes the issue in the first place. But, if your hair loss is due to hereditary or aging, there is currently no cure for it. However, it can be treated to slow, reduce, or stop, yet it can’t be regenerated. Hair loss due to stress and hormonal or some nutrient deficiency usually can be improved using topical and oral solutions such as Keranique and Vegamour hair treatment.

Both brands are famous names in the hair loss treatment collection and are great to combine with other hair loss or hair vitamins that you consume daily. These two are topical solutions, and Keranique also offers a complete hair care system if you want to change the shampoo and conditioner. The solutions we are focusing on today are their topical aid or Minoxidil and the hair serum, respectively. They are safe and convenient to use but also different.

The difference between these Keranique and Vegamour hair serums is their ingredients. We all know that Keranique is a Minoxidil solution, so it is a medication. On the other hand, the hair serum of Vegamour is made of various natural sources with beneficial effects on the scalp and hair. It is a more “natural” solution for those who prefer this product. None of them can guarantee a 100% success rate, but professionals also often prescribe Minoxidil due to its well-known efficacy.

Keranique and Vegamour Solutions 

Both solutions are liquid and applied topically on your scalp routinely every day. The Keranique Minoxidil dose is two times per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, similar to Vegamour hair serum. The consistency is slightly different, with Keranique being more watery or almost like water and light while the Vegamour is slightly thicker, almost like essence. The scent is also different because Vegamour is a natural-based product, and there is no artificial fragrance in it, but the solution itself smells flowery and herby.

Keranique is also fragrance-free, and this means there is nothing masking the scent of the ingredients. It has a pretty strong alcohol scent if you have a sensitive nose. The alcohol is used to dilute the Minoxidil because there is only 2% of the medication in each bottle. As for the price currently, one bottle of Keranique Minoxidil is sold at $28.9, and this will last for a month of routine use. On the other hand, one bottle of Vegamour will also last for at least a month, but it costs $58.

Keranique and Vegamour Ingredients

What makes Keranique and Vegamour effective is their ingredients, but if you prefer something more natural, the Vegamour will probably be more attractive. Keranique Minoxidil is designed for hair thinning in women, and it contains 2% of Minoxidil. This medication must be diluted, and it is by using alcohol 60%, 20% propylene glycol, 20%, and purified water. On the other hand, Vegamour contains mung bean, curcumin, caffeine, bergamot, red clover, and many more.

Keranique and Vegamour Benefits

Minoxidil is a very popular hair loss solution which initially a medication for high blood pressure. This drug has the effect of dilating blood vessels or vasodilators, allowing more blood to pass. It is still prescribed as an oral medication for high blood pressure. But, the scientist also finds it to help grow hair. There is no clear information on how the drug can help hair loss, but it can prolong the growing stage of hair follicles.

Minoxidil potency can increase the higher its dose, but for women, the most common dose is 2%, while men can use the 5% Minoxidil. In women, this drug can slow down hair loss or stop it. Some reports also conclude about 25% of women can grow hair after using the solution, but it will be most effective at the early stage of hair loss.

As for the Vegamour, the hair serum uses the natural alternative or plant-based solution for the hair serum. For example, ingredients like mung bean are helpful to provide vitamins to promote healthy hair, and red clover can prevent hair loss or follicles from shrinking. It also has curcumin, which can help invigorate the scalp to reduce inflammation, while caffeine can increase hair density. The solution is not scent-free because these natural ingredients have their scent if it is a concern.

For efficacy, both Keranique and Vegamour are not magic cures or solutions because chances are you will need to finish at least two to three bottles or three months to see the result. However, many have proven the benefits of using these topical serums on their hair. The most common effect of Minoxidil is stopping hair loss and sometimes can even regrow or thicken hair, so your scalp looks fuller and healthy. Vegamour has similar effects and takes months to see its result.

The first one-two bottle is not noticeable, but the third one shows the effect. The scalp looks fuller when you comb the hair, and hair loss is significantly reduced. We find them to have a very similar impact around the third month of usage, where hair patches finally grow thicker hair.

Keranique and Vegamour Side Effects

Lastly, for the side effects, most people don’t have issues after using Keranique and Vegamour, but some make report complaints. The Keranique Minoxidil will usually make your hair shed more, especially for the first month, so it can be concerning for some people. The other risks are itchy, scaly, or scalp irritation due to the drug or other ingredients like alcohol. As for the Vegamour, the most common complaint is oily hair. This often happens to people with naturally oily skin and thin fine hair.

Keranique Vs Vegamour

Both Keranique and Vegamour are safe solutions for thinning hair. The main difference will be the ingredients because Vegamour is natural, plant-based so it is also usually safer if you have some skin concerns. The solutions are effective but take time to show the result, so you will have to invest in more than one or two bottles and use them routinely for at least three months to see the benefits. Because Keranique uses a long nozzle, this solution is easier to apply and control than Vegamour.

Price-wise, Vegamour is significantly more expensive than Keranique or many other Minoxidil solutions, so it can be a bit heavy on the pocket. But, one bottle can last for at least a month because we see some people can make their bottle last longer depending on how much you apply in each routine.

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There is no wrong option because Keranique and Vegamour effectively fight thinning hair. We recommend Keranique Minoxidil if you don’t have any skin concerns because this solution is much cheaper and has a high success rate with the routine application.