Kerastase vs Aveda

By | February 22, 2021

Hair care brands are abundantly available out there from the famous names to small companies who are still trying to build their reputation. Sometimes it is convenient to go with big brands because they are everywhere and chances are they also carry hair care that fits your hair type and concerns such as Kerastase Vs Aveda. They may not be the most affordable but many users have proven their quality and for you who want to try these brands, do check what they can offer below. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Care for Damaged Hair
  • What are Kerastase and Aveda
  • How are the Solution of Kerastase and Aveda
  • What are the Ingredients of Kerastase Shampoo 
  • What are the Ingredients of Aveda Shampoo
  • How are the Result with Kerastase and Aveda
  • Kerastase Vs Aveda

Damaged Hair

The fact that our hair can affect how we feel throughout the day can be a bad thing because apparently not everyone will wake up with smooth and shiny hair everyday and for many of us, it can take quite the time to comb and make it look presentable in the morning. It can be due to the natural hair type itself and it can be due to damage caused by various treatments or habits. Regardless of the reasons, it can be quite tricky to care for damaged hair.

Just like health issues, it is best to prevent it before the damage is already done but you can follow these habits or treatments as well if also suffering from the same issue. The first and most important is washing the hair as this is the basic care and to use the ideal shampoo. It is wise to choose shampoo made for your hair type and for damaged hair. It is best to stay away from sulfate as it can worsen the condition. Nowadays there are already so many options for sulfate-free shampoos.

The next step is moisturizing and just like how we treat our skin, the hair needs proper moisturizing as well. It is good to use a conditioner after every shampoo and pick those that are formulated for damaged hair as they tend to have a higher moisturizing effect. If you have the time, trying at-home treatments can help as well such as with protein packs. The frequency can be adjusted based on how dry your hair is from once a week to once a month.

Since damaged hair is weakened due to chemical treatments or styling habits, it is great to stay away from harsh care and brushing them is necessary to keep away tangled strands but also to distribute hair oil. What we need to pay attention to is the type of comb and the force since damaged hair is very fragile and stronger pull or force may break them. It is good to try using a wide tooth comb or brush labeled specifically for damaged hair.

The last effort we want to recommend is drying gently and staying away from heat styling tools. Gently dry hair with a towel without rubbing it too much and just air dry them. If you can’t remove the use of a heat styling tool, let your hair get a break from them often by limiting the usage for once a week and if possible, try the lowest setting on all of the tools you have from blow dryers to the curling irons. In addition, heat-protectants can act like a shield to prevent heat damage.

 Kerastase Aveda
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About Kerastase and Aveda

If you are here then we assume that you have the same hair issue which is damaged hair and need proper care to make sure the condition doesn’t get any worse. Damaged hair is actually very common because many of us love to try new hair shades; sometimes it is on the lighter spectrum and requires bleaching a lot or prefer curly or straight hair which is not how our hair naturally looks. Both chemical treatments and heat styling tools often being the culprit but there are plenty we can do to counter the effects.

There are also plenty of options to help treating your hair and most big brands have a series or hair care system for the issue. When it comes to beauty products, it is always about trial and errors so don’t get discouraged if you can’t find the suitable hair products yet because chances are they are still out there. Talking about good hair care brands, you may want to check Kerastase and Aveda because these names have been in the market for quite some time as well as have good reputation with their products.

However, if you are looking for a more natural product, we do think none of them are fitting in this category because they are fairly similar in choices about ingredients or formulation yet they may have different company policies that make one of them more reassuring or putting you at ease. If you are familiar with L’Oreal and its abundant collection of beauty products such as Lancome and Maybelline, including Kerastase then Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder, the same house that makes Mac, Clinique, and Bobbi Brown.

Both are coming from a huge brand that makes lots of other popular choices and when it comes to quality, only users can tell which suits their hair which varies as we also have different hair types and issues. Both Kerastase and Aveda are carrying a huge collection of hair care solutions including for damaged hair and today, we are going to compare their famous Bain Satin 1 and Damage Remedy shampoo.

Kerastase and Aveda Shampoo Solution

The first thing comes to our mind when hearing about Kerastase and Aveda is their price because none of them are affordable and in comparison, your Aveda shampoo will cost more because with 8.5 oz. bottle it is already $28.87 while the Bain Satin 1 is slightly cheaper at $22.61 for the same bottle. They are coming in different formulations. Side by side, they are very light and not creamy at all which is surprising for shampoos made for damaged hair.

Kerastase Bain Satin 1 is milky white and a bit translucent with a runny consistency; very light and has a comforting flowery fragrance. It seems to lather really well too but we will see about what detergent they use in the formulation. As for Aveda Damage Remedy, this shampoo is yellowish and similarly translucent, almost like gel but lather really well. The scent is surpassingly quite strong and has a nutty note to it, probably like coconut fragrances. Read also: Kerastase Vs LOreal.

Kerastase Bain Satin 1 Ingredients

Similar to most shampoos from large companies, both Kerastase and Aveda are listing so many different ingredients for these shampoos and this is not good news if what you look for is natural products. Let’s start with Kerastase Bain Satin 1 and this shampoo is for light damage so if you are experiencing a very dry hair or more serious issue then we recommend to go with Bain Satin 2. This shampoo however, contains sulfate thus, may not be as gentle for color-treated hair.

The star ingredient here is called Irisome complex and is made of Lipids, Glucids, Proteins, as well as Iris Rhizome extract. Lipid is very important for hair because even though it is only making up from 2-6% of the hair’s overall weight, they play a role in keeping the hair healthy, shiny, as well as has smooth feeling and overall better manageability. Glucids or carbs are here to provide energy boost and nourish the hair from the root while protein is included to boost the fiber and make it softer.

Iris Rhizome on the other hand has strong astringent effects so it can cleanse your hair and scalp but also moisturizing and even providing anti-aging benefits due to its high isoflavone content. 

Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo Ingredients

For Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo, this variant star ingredients are Quinoa protein, babassu, and coconut. We all know that hair is made or protein and using protein infused products is a great way to maintain hair health. For example the Quinoa amino acids are here to repair damage to the hair shaft and coating as well as protecting the hair. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins for overall scalp health. Babassu and coconut are moisturizers with similar properties to lock moisture in each hair strand.

Kerastase and Aveda Result

Both of them are great shampoos to try if you have dry or damaged hair and the most noticeable thing after using them is probably the hair becomes smoother after dried. They are not extremely moisturizing however so you will still need the conditioner. In our opinion, Kerastase and Aveda are both ideal for this hair type but to properly moisturize the hair we still need the leave-one solution. In addition, it seems for some the Aveda shampoos may dry the end of their hair.

Kerastase vs Aveda

These shampoos are designed for dry and damaged hair with different formulations and it is about personal preferences since not all of us will reap the same benefits. In comparison, Aveda doesn’t use sulfate which is a great news if you have colored or treated hair. The formulations are different but they use protein which is also good for repairing damaged or dry hair as it replenishing them, making the hair stronger and shiny.

- One 8.5-ounce bottle of hair shampoo
- Provides rich nutrition, including glucose, protein and lipids, for dry and damaged hair
- Gently cleanses and nourishes hair
- Eliminates buildup and leaves hair shiny and smooth
- Gentle daily shampoo helps repair damage with quinoa protein, while nurturing with rich coconut and babassu lending new life to hair
- Nurturing with rich coconut and babassu
- Lending new life to hair
- Gentle daily shampoo helps repair damage with quinoa protein, while nurturing with rich coconut and babassu lending new life to hair.


All in all it is best to try and see it for yourself because both Kerastase and Aveda are good options with ideal formulation for damaged hair issues. However, since Kerastase still uses sulfate, we recommend trying Aveda first if you have color treated hair.