Kerastase vs Joico

By | May 15, 2018

Kerastase and Joico are hair treatments that can help to repair damaged hair and make your hair smoother and more manageable. However, Kerastase is quite more expensive compared to Joico. So, what is the difference between Kerastase and Joico? Which one is better for you?

In this article, you can learn more about
– How Kerastase and Joico work
– The formulas of Kerastase and Joico
– The effects and benefits of Kerastase and Joico
– Whether Kerastase or Joico is better for the money

About Kerastase
If you have very dry and hard-to-manage hair as a result of too much coloring, blow-drying, and straightening, Kerastase will be your life saver. This is an awesome hair treatment that can repair even the most damaged hair. It feels luxurious, and it makes your hair smoother, softer, and shinier. See also: Kerastase vs Pureology.

There are two products that you should consider for repairing your hair, which are Kerastase Masque Force Architecture and Kerastase Bain Force Architecte Shampoo. The Masque is a reparative treatment that deeply nourishes the hair from the core level. It is suitable for highly damaged and over-processed thick hair. By restoring strength and elasticity from the core, your hair can be toned and revitalized.

Meanwhile, the Shampoo is a daily reconstructing shampoo suitable for brittle and damaged hair. It reconstructs and revitalizes every hair fiber. It makes the hair smoother and shinier while preventing breakage and split ends.

You are supposed to start with the shampoo. The Kerastase Shampoo lathers nicely. It creates a lot of bubbles, and you can apply it easily to the entire hair. Unfortunately, it does not have a fresh or appealing smell, but at least it does not smell bad either. It cleanses the hair, and you will notice that your hair becomes lighter after using the shampoo.

The Kerastase Masque is a little difficult to use because you need a substantial amount if you have long hair. During the application, you may also run across tangled hair. However, once you wash it off, you will get great results. It is effective in making the hair look healthier and less damaged. It also reduces the frizz.

About Joico
The Joico K-Pak is designed to treat dry and damaged hair by restoring the keratins in the hair. Damaged hair doesn’t have enough keratins, which is why the hair is often brittle, weak, and easy to break. By restoring the keratins, Joico can make your hair stronger, thicker, and healthier. However, you need to be patient because the results will become noticeable only after a few treatments.

Of course, a shampoo is mainly designed to cleanse your hair from dirt particles and oil buildup. However, Joico can do a lot more than that. Besides cleansing your hair, Joico is also able to create a silky and luxurious feel on your hair. The treatment is gentle yet effective, so it is unlikely to cause irritation or strip your hair off all the nutrients. The smell is nice and fresh, lingering around for a few hours after washing.

The conditioner is very thick. This is a little surprising, because keratin treatments are usually thin and liquid. However, using the conditioner is easy. You only need a small amount to lather your hair properly. After using the conditioner in about three treatments, you can start to notice the de-tangling effect. Your hair will gradually become manageable. It also helps to strengthen the hair.

Kerastase vs Joico

- Protects hair from heat-styling tools
- Nourishes, softens and moisturizes hair
- Gives hair optimal shine
- Dry hair is revitalized and emerges hydrated
- A blend of moisture-loving ingredients
- Brand: Joico

In general, Joico is more recommended. It has a better value for the money. It is not too expensive, yet it can help to repair damaged hair and make your hair smoother and more manageable. On the other hand, Kerastase is a luxurious treatment that is more expensive, although also with unique benefits such as quicker results and added shine.