Kerastase vs Shiseido

By | June 4, 2020

Hair is one of the most important parts in our body that affects your self-confidence because everyone can see it when they first laid their eyes on you. To make sure our hair is always healthy, we should use proper hair care, especially shampoo like Kerastase Vs Shiseido. These popular shampoos are the favorite of many due to how good their results are and if you are also interested to try one of them, see below to check which shampoo will fit your hair best.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What Cause Dry Hair
  • What are Kerastase and Shiseido
  • How are the Shampoo and Price of Kerastase and Shiseido
  • What Kerastase and Shiseido are made of
  • What Kerastase and Shiseido can offer
  • Are Kerastase and Shiseido Good
  • Kerastase Vs Shiseido

Dry Hair

It must ever cross your mind about how beautiful those hair model hairs look like and all the hair products ads must have these pretty models with silky long, well maintained hair which seems to fall right into their places by just a touch of the fingers. If you have tried their products and hope to see the same result but still disappointed, you are not alone. Those smooth and shiny hairs are just ads and designed to look so with lots of preparation including using green screen for some acts.

While it is not impossible to achieve the result, it will certainly need more than the advertised products and efforts or time. One of the most common problems that cause your hair to look unappealing and dull is because they are dry. Notice that those models’ hair have shines and moisture as well as smooth enough to run through their fingers. Dry hair tends to get tangled easily even more often for us with wavy or curly hair type. Read also: Biolage vs Redken.

The common cause of dry hair is that when the scalp doesn’t make enough oil to moisturize the hair or the hair does get moisturized yet incapable of retaining it. Unlike our skin, hair is more similar to nails since it has no natural lubrication thus, it relies on oils that are made by our scalp to make sure the shaft is kept smooth and lustrous. When it doesn’t make enough oil, we can experience dry hair, frizzy, dull, and hard to tame.

On the opposite side, those with excessive oil production such as for people with oily skin, their hair can get very oily and easy to get dirty as sebum will make debris and other small particles stick into the hair easily. Oil production can be affected by age as well because generally our skin makes less oil as we grow older. Not only making hairs looking unappealing and lack of shine, dry scalp also prone to peels and sheds causing dandruff and hair loss.

Even though the scalp is making enough oil, our hair may not be able to retain it. Each of our hair strands has a protective layer called the cuticle and this thin layer is what keeps them from damage including heat. When this layer is broken or separated and peel away from the hair, the protective feature and retaining feature will also damage hence the oil escapes and is not able to keep the strands moisturized. 

 Kerastase Shiseido
Product Dimensions2 x 1 x 6 inches0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches
Shipping Weight8.5 ounces14.4 ounces
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About Kerastase and Shiseido

Healthy hair starts from daily care and this is why choosing the most suitable products is important combined with a better diet that will help with the hair condition. However, looking for new hair products is easier because we can grab almost anything from the shelf and match them with our concern. While many people don’t pay much attention to the shampoo they use since it is just a cleansing product, in fact a great shampoo will be the foundation that may change your hair since day one.

Hair shampoo is very common, offered by almost unlimited amounts of manufacturers and brands all over the world. This vast choice lets you choose freely but also not convenient since we may need lots of time to check about what seemingly good for our hair. Personally, we prefer to stick with popular names or brands that have a good reputation to make sure their products are safe to use and able to give the certain benefit that we want. The more recognized they are, the easier its access to be purchased as well.

When talking about hair shampoos, there are two recognizable brands that are praised by so many customers as good products despite the fairly higher price and they are Kerastase and Shiseido. We are sure most people, especially young girls and women, are familiar with these two because they are very much well-known in the market as high-end beauty brands including for the hair care system. Their shampoos are also among the best for those who seek moistures to revive their frizzy dry hair.

As a beauty/hair care brand, you will find lots of their products made for different concerns but here we are going to see the one made for dry hair which are the Nutritive Bain Satin and Tsubaki Extra Moist. These are highly rated shampoos and while the price point is steep compared to many from consumer goods brands out there, their formulations are proven to work amazing. The Bain Stain has two versions; 1 and 2 but, we are going to focus on the 1 variant.

Kerastase and Shiseido Shampoo and Price

Kerastase and Shiseido are coming in this simple bottle and we honestly are not very fond of the twisting cap Kerastase has as it is less convenient than just having a flipping cap or a pump for convenience yet it keeps the liquid safe despite being packed. Tsubaki shampoo has this curved bottle shape and for the 500 ml package it comes with a pump dispenser, making it very convenient and easy to use. The Bain Satin 1 in 250ml bottle is sold at $27 while Extra Moisture 500ml is $33.

Just like most shampoos dedicated for dry hair, these two are also quite thick but comparing them to each other Kerastase is a little bit runny when you put on hand. The texture is very smooth and easy to lather without being overly bubbly. Our favorite part is actually their scent because luxury products usually have this light yet pleasant fragrance. We find that Kerastase has this unique scent similar to salon products while Tsubaki has a honey-flower scent which is also unique.

Kerastase and Shiseido Ingredients

Both shampoos are promising moisture and soft hair due to their ideal formulation but besides the common ingredients like water and Sodium Laureth Sulfate which are acting as solvent and foaming agent, they are also made with some interesting ingredients. Kerastase itself claimed that their shampoo work with key ingredients like Iris Rhizome extract, Glucids, and Lipids while Tsubaki is very popular with its Camellia Seed oil hence it is called Tsubaki which is the flower name in Japanese combined with Arginine.

Kerastase and Shiseido Benefits

Iris Rhizome is an uncommon ingredient in beauty products and probably in anything because the plant is not severely studied yet so it is difficult to prove the claim that it is able to protect the hair from oxidation and prolong the nutrition. Glucids itself is a part of carbohydrate and usage in hair care is meant to boost your hair with nutrition from root to top. The lipid or fatty acids on the other hand help moisturize the hair and maintain its shine.

Moving to Tsubaki, the well-known shampoo uses Camellia Seed oil and this is also very popular in beauty products as it is very rich in omega 9 fatty acids which main benefits is providing extended moisture to your hair. It is also said that this oil is able to seal the color of greying hair, probably to prevent it from turning into full silver.

Kerastase and Shiseido Results

The reason why Kerastase and Shiseido shampoos are highly rated is because of their performance itself. You can feel the difference after shampooing and our favorite part is that they don’t lather very much. The shampoo is very effective to clean buildup and refresh your hair and scalp. Hair feels smoother even from the first use which is very prominent in texture and shine as it becomes easier to manage and surprisingly shinier. If you have frizzy hair, these shampoos will take care of it too.

For those with normal hair and avoiding silicone due to its chance to cause buildup, Kerastase and Shiseido do have Dimethicone in their ingredient list but it doesn’t leave any slimy or gunk after washing even when you add conditioner after which we do recommend if your hair is very dry and need those extra moisture sealing after washing.

Kerastase vs Shiseido

Choosing a shampoo is probably the second most time consuming shopping process after looking for a body wash as there are just too many of them at stores. Kerastase and Shiseido are amazing shampoos, especially for these Bain Satin 1 and Tsubaki Extra Moist that are equally made for dry hair concern. They use safe ingredients and smell great as well. Performance wise, you can feel the difference on the first wash as they give moisture, smoothen your hair shaft, as well as adding shine and make them easier to maintain.

- One 8.5-ounce bottle of hair shampoo
- Provides rich nutrition, including glucose, protein and lipids, for dry and damaged hair
- Gently cleanses and nourishes hair
- Eliminates buildup and leaves hair shiny and smooth
- Apply to wet hair and lather with a massaging motion
- Rinse thoroughly
- In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately
- This shampoo's light and nourishing cleansing ingredients leave hair soft, supple and shiny.


You can pick any of these shampoos as there are no bad options between the two. However, we prefer Tsubaki for the unique scent and it’s more affordable price so we can save for the conditioner while result wise it does work very well to handle dry hair.