Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil

By | December 18, 2018

Many people suffering from hair problem and it can be quite hard issue to deal with when we already trying many products but nothing seems to work. If you never try natural remedies, it is probably the time to try hair oils like Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil. Both of their ingredients are used by our ancestors from long time ago for various benefits and they are good for our hair as well. If you wonder which suit your hair better, check their benefit below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Hair Oil
– What are Kitoko Oil and Moroccan Oil
– How to use Kitoko Oil and Moroccan Oil
– What Kitoko Oil and Moroccan Oil can offer to you
– Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil

Hair Oil Benefit
Hair oil is already popular since long time ago as a natural remedies to help us getting that silky smooth and healthy hair due to the benefit of substances in those oils. They are also often found in many hair treatment product to enhance the effect but if you want to go natural, applying the oil directly in your hair will be a good option to go. Just like the products, these oils may also have different price depend on how scarce or hard it is to produce.

The main benefit and idea on why these oils works like wonder in our hair is because they will moisturize and nourish them, reducing the dry and flaky skin so dandruff will be gone as well and aid the growth of new healthier hair while soften the hair. They are also safer because all natural have no dangerous chemicals. However, if it is hard to find the authentic oil near your place, there are many hair oils out there that will give the same benefit but in different package and formulation.

About Kitoko Oil
One of the most popular hair oil in the market is Kitoko Oil and this is not actually the name of the ingredients because Kitoko is not a plant or something natural and only the name for the brand. They are belong to the ASP hair which is the division of Affinage Salon Professional and actually have several whole sets of other products other than this oil. However, if you want the product that contains a few of different natural ingredients, this one is the right option.

The promise of Kitoko Oil is mainly to nourish and hydrate our hair due to the ingredients they use inside the bottle. They will be able to provide an intense nourishment to smoothen our hair and make it stronger while restoring the moisture balance. It sounds very beneficial for those with dry and frizzy hair that commonly hard to style. The ingredient also have UV filter to protect hair from sun damage. Read also: Pureology vs Biolage here.

Applying Kitoko Oil
One of the best thing about Kitoko Oil is the application and it is actually very typical of hair oil. What we need to do is applying them in clean hair, whether it is dry or damp and make sure to apply only at the hair like when conditioning and avoid the scalp because the oil will make our hair appearance oily rather than properly moisturized. Next we can blow dry or let it dry naturally.

Kitoko Oil Benefit
As it has been mentioned above, Kitoko Oil is the name of the product and the real ingredients are a combination of Shea butter with Argan oil, vitamin E and A. The 3 first ingredients are beneficial to nourish the hair and make the dry, unruly hair becomes tamer and easier to deal with as well as softer and shinier. Vitamin A itself is said to be beneficial to strengthen the hair and help to reduce any breakage due to weak hair strand.

About Moroccan Oil
Not only Kitoko Oil, Argan Oil is used in many other hair oil products and commonly also known as Moroccan Oil. The real or original Moroccan Oil is native to Morocco and used by natives for various purpose which is made from the kernels of the Argan tree. In the market we can get the commercial version and this is no longer pure Argan Oil but mixed with other ingredients or oils to increase the benefit depend on the manufacturer and one of the most popular is from a brand called as Moroccan Oil.

The Morrocan Oil from this brand is very popular and though it is a bit confusing, the Oil is called as the Original because the brand have a huge amount of products to offer thus, customers won’t confuse the oil to another hair care like shampoo and conditioner. The promise of this oil is to make our hair silkier, shinier and healthier with their special combination of several natural ingredients.

Applying Moroccan Oil
According to Moroccan Oil the Original oil can be used in 3 different steps; to condition, styling, and refreshing. First put 1-2 pump in damp hair from middle to tips and blow dry then finish with some oil again after done. As for refreshing, the oil can be apply whenever we need for additional moisture throughout the day.

Moroccan Oil Benefit
As it has been mentioned above, Moroccan Oil is originally Argan oil and this is also the distinct ingredients in the Original oil. The oil is rich in vitamin E which is known to help protecting hair from cell damage and replenish the shine it once gone. It is also rich in fatty acids which will be useful to moisturize our hair and nourishing it to look healthier. Additionally, the oil also include Linseed extract that is rich in ALA to help improving the health.

Now, let’s compare Kitoko Oil with Moroccan Oil. As you may already know, both of them are using Argan Oil as the main beneficial ingredient among other cosmetics but Kitoko improve it with Shea butter and vitamin A while Moroccan add their formulation with Linseed extract. Both are hydrating and will make our hair soft so they are equally beneficial. However, Moroccan Oil also use some coloring in their ingredients list unlike Kitoko.

Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil

- Lightweight formula perfect for all hair types. Provides intense nourishment whilst smoothing & strengthening the hair. Restores shine and moisture balance. Tames frizzy or uncontrollable hair. Instant absorption with non-greasy feel and no build up. Alleviates scalp dryness. Improves the hairs elasticity. Excellent for replenishing brittle hair & split ends. Contains naturally derived UV filter. Reduces drying time. Colour-safe formula.
- Moroccan Oil Treatment: transform and repair your hair with nourishing formula of Moroccan hair oil which provides proteins to strengthen your hair, fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection

All in all, both of them are a worth trying hair oil to moisturize our hair and making it healthier. However, if we are to choose we will pick Kitoko oil because they are not using any coloring and is less expensive compared to Moroccan Oil, moreover, it also has a UV filter for more protection.