Lipogaine vs Kirkland

By | June 19, 2021

Hair loss is a serious issue and we have to address it as quickly as possible to prevent the more severe impact or balding. Because this is a very common hair problem, there are plenty of solutions to choose from such as what Lipogaine Vs Kirkland can offer. These topical solutions are very convenient if you don’t want to consume medication or oral supplement but can be quite effective too for many people. Before deciding to choose one, here are what you may want to know about the products.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is Androgenic Alopecia
  • What are Lipogaine and Kirkland
  • How are the Solutions of Lipogaine and Kirkland
  • What are the Ingredients of Lipogaine and Kirkland
  • What are the Benefits of Lipogaine and Kirkland
  • How are the Result with Lipogaine and Kirkland
  • Lipogaine Vs Kirkland

Genetic Hair Loss  

There are so many things that can affect your confidence and one of them is the hair itself. Just like none of us want to have acne or acne scar that doesn’t fade out, we also don’t want any unruly hair as well as thinning hair that makes you look like you are baldingc slowly. Bald is a hairstyle for those who like the appearance but it is not an option for many of us who prefer to have thick and healthy hair on top of the head. Sadly, some genetic problems can lead to balding and there is no cure for it yet.

This hair loss is also called as male or female pattern baldness often known as androgenic alopecia too. Both men and women can experience the issue but the pattern of their baldness is different. The fact that this is hereditary is what makes the problem difficult to solve and while it can be seen as natural as many also experience it after menopause, there are not so few of us who have to battle with it since their younger days.

In women, androgenic alopecia means the hair growth slows down and takes much longer for new hair to grow. As the follicles where these hairs are supposed to be growing shrink, the new hair becomes thinner and finer too which leads to breakage. It is natural for women to lose from 50 to 100 hairs each day but this problem can lead to a higher number. While balding is more often happened in men, women will have thinning or balding patches throughout the scalp or randomly.

Female pattern baldness is inherited from the family and if your parents or close relatives have experienced hair loss, there is a high chance that your issue is caused by genetics. Another possible cause is due to an endocrine condition or a hormone that secretes tumors. Some symptoms such as irregular period, severe acne and increased unwanted hair can be a clue and if you have seen them, do consider consulting your doctor for the possibilities of other health issues.

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Not only for the more serious issues but treating female pattern baldness is always better when done as early as possible. If you choose to ignore it and the condition is not getting better, it will be more difficult to mask the hair loss even with hair fiber such as Febron Vs Caboki while both topical and oral treatment will take time to show the result. Thus, it is always encouraged to ask for professional help or at least try hair loss products in order to lessen the impact or slow down the process very early.

About Lipogaine and Kirkland 

If you are diagnosed with female or male pattern baldness, chances are the doctor will give both oral and topical medication. In most cases they are very effective but as it has been mentioned above, there is no cure for this issue yet but these medications can help slow down the process and even growing new hairs but, we have to take them indefinitely to enjoy the benefit and we are sure it is a heavy task for most of us.

If your hair loss is in the early stage, we can take the benefits of various hair loss products or even oral supplementation like Viviscal but make sure that it gets diagnosed first if you are concerned or if the issue has been going on for quite some time already. In the early stage, we can try topical solutions as well such as Lipogaine and Kirkland minoxidil medication. They are different solutions and different in the way they work as well but we agree with people who are combining various hair care to combat hair loss.

This way it ensures that we have put more than one active solution to combat the trigger and since this trigger can be anything, it will be more convenient to try some of them at once as long as the product is not countering the effect of each other. For example the Lipogaine and Kirkland minoxidil are different because one is shampoo and the other is leave-on topical solution, just like hair tonic. Shampoos are great to remove build up that may be in the way of your hair growth.

On the other hand Kirkland is a brand name owned by Costco so you can find them at their stores or from various online platforms that carry the brand. The one to treat hair loss is their minoxidil and do note that not all minoxidil comes from this brand since you can find many other similar solutions while minoxidil itself is the generic name for the medicine.

Lipogaine and Kirkland Solutions 

If you have used minoxidil before, most of them are rather similar in consistency or watery and very light unless the solution is made to be in foam form. Many of them including Kirkland’s solution are unscented too so the smell coming out of the bottle will be similar to alcohol. They don’t last long when unscented but if you have a sensitive nose like us then it can be quite annoying. Kirkland usually will give a small dropper to apply the products.

On the other hand, Lipogaine is a hair loss shampoo and just like most shampoos out there, they are rather creamy. If you have used anti dandruff shampoos with mint, this solution is giving the same scent which leaves the scalp feeling fresh as well after the wash. As for the current price, a bottle of Lipogaine shampoo containing 8 oz. is sold at $30 while a set of 6-months supply Kirkland minoxidil is just about $20.

Lipogaine and Kirkland Ingredients

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Lipogaine and Kirkland minoxidil can offer starting from the ingredients and as you can already guess, as a shampoo the Lipogaine contains various types of ingredients that are all helpful for hair care. They use gentle surfactants such as decyl glucoside and glycol stearate while the active ingredients are argan oil, biotin, and saw palmetto extract. The active ingredient of Kirkland is minoxidil itself but it is diluted with alcohol and water from the 5% concentration.

Lipogaine and Kirkland Benefits

Surfactant is necessary in shampoo because the main function of shampoo is to cleanse the scalp and hair. As an active person we sweat a lot and there are small particles such as dust or debris that may get stuck with the sebum on our scalp, including the dead skin cells. Surfactants reduce the tension of this surface and cleanse your scalp from impurities while not causing any irritation as well. Argan oil is rich in fatty acids as well as vitamin E to coat the hair and moisturize it, leaving the hair strands smooth and silky.

Saw palmetto is often used in hair loss products because of its ability to block the enzyme that converts testosterone into a hormone linked to hair loss called the 5-alpha reductase so when the hair loss causing hormone known as DHT is reduced, we can benefits from lessening hair loss as well. Minoxidil on the other hand is a medication and is able to increase the size of hair follicles thus, can promote hair growth as well by stretching the growing phase of the hair.

Lipogaine and Kirkland Result

Now for the result, both Lipogaine and Kirkland minoxidil are working well for so many people but we are not sure whether they are going to work for you too. Specifically for hair loss shampoos like Lipogaine, there is no standardization to measure it’s efficacy unlike minoxidil which is usually also prescribed by your doctor. But, we do think it is worth trying, moreover if you have a scalp issue as well yet, whether with the shampoo or topical solution, it needs more than a month or two to actually see the result.

Lipogaine vs Kirkland

Both Lipogaine and Kirkland minoxidil are promising options and rather than choosing one, we encourage the use of these two or combined with some oral solution in order to get the most benefit of their ingredients. In comparison if you only can go with one then, we recommend Kirkland or other minoxidil solution since they are a medication and we can still buy them easily without prescription. It is more promising but needs more effort to apply however.

- Infused with keratin, argan oil, aloe vera to hydrate, strengthen and repair hair, add volume and shine.
- Enriched with vitamins and castor oil to rejuvenate the scalp, it supports healthy and vibrant hair.
- Natural ingredients based, free of harsh chemicals, for all skin types, large 16 oz bottle.
- For men and women and all ages and ethnicities, including African American and black hair.
- 5% minoxidil topical solution
- 6 month supply
- child-resistant dropper applicators
- Information leaflet on how to use and get better results


We have to use the solution that matches with our hair loss trigger. Especially if your hair loss is related to genetics, we highly recommend using minoxidil because they are quite effective but users need to apply them everyday for a prolonged time to see the result.