LOreal Vs Kerastase

By | February 11, 2021

Choosing your shampoo or conditioner is very important in order to promote a better hair health. There are plenty of options however when it comes to the products that match with your hair type such as dry and damaged hair. Popular brands like Kerastase Vs LOreal usually carry the collection for almost all common hair concerns including for you with dry and hard to manage crowns. If you are also considering these brands, do check what they can offer below before deciding the option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Have a Dry Hair
  • What are LOreal and Kerastase
  • How are the Solution of LOreal and Kerastase
  • What are the Ingredients of Kerastase
  • What are the Ingredients of LOreal
  • How are the Result of LOreal and Kerastase
  • LOreal Vs Kerastase

Dry Hair

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair and it is not limited to women only because men also benefit from having a clean and neat look. We can’t control people’s perception about us but our appearance plays an important role both in professional and in social environment. What’s unfortunate is for us women who tend to grow their hair longer, there will be various hair issues that may affect your look and overall confidence because apparently they are not always looking good without effort.

There are various hair problems we often meet from dry and brittle or frizz hair to thin and greasy hair. Different people may have different types of hair and skin that may affect the common issues they face on a daily basis. Dry hair is one of the most common problems that we are sure many people are trying to work on because it is related to pretty much anything from the hair type to our habit, and the place we are living in.

The prominent reason for dry hair is because you have a dry skin type as well, including the scalp as it doesn’t make enough oil to provide the required moisture or the hair itself is not able to retain the moisture. While it is usually easy to notice, there are times when you actually have dry hair. If you see the hair looks duller, brittle, and frizzy compared to how it used to then it means you have the symptoms. Besides skin type, there are also plenty other reasons why your hair is dry.

Dry scalp is what is responsible for your dry hair if you have dry skin as well because in normal conditions the skin will make oil and this oil will keep the hair moisturized. Dry scalp also promotes other issues such as dandruff and it peels or flakes while causing discomfort like itchiness. The next reason is due to age because as we get older the skin becomes less elastic and also produces less oil due to hormonal change or menopause which may cause dry hair on older women.

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Other reasons for dry hair is because of environmental conditions because if you are living in a place with very dry and hot climate or have frequent exposure to sun and wind, chances are all of these can cause dry hair. The lack of protection can be the reason for your problem too because naturally we have this protective layer called cuticle that protects the hair from heat and sun damage but when the cuticle broke, it can no longer hold moisture thus, drying.

About LOreal and Kerastase

There are many efforts we can do to prevent dry hair from getting worse and since it is pretty common, there will be plenty of options to choose from depending on which works best on your hair. The thing is, there is no way we can just buy any hair care product that we sure will work a hundred percent without having any experience with them in the past. This is why we recommend to stick with your favorite brand or do trial and errors to find the perfect option.

You can also see what other similar users are choosing because these products will have a higher chance to work for you as well. The options may vary based on your own preference, the availability of the product as well as the budget. In the market of hair care products, Kerastase and LOreal are no stranger in most people’s memory because they are very popular and almost always available wherever you travel. As you may already know, they are from the same house, despite not born at the same time. Read also: Aveda vs Paul Mitchell.

LOreal itself has a huge line of beauty products; not just hair care but also skin care line for the consumer market, mostly from entry to mid-range in terms of price point while some brands like Lancome which is also owned by them is a bit more on the expensive range. Kerastase is close to Lancome because this brand was created in 1964; the year when Lancome was bought from the previous owner while the company itself has been around since 1907.

When it comes to hair care products, both LOreal and Kerastase are almost equally popular but the latter is only among people who can spend more for their daily hair care. This brand is more of luxurious hair care variants among the common products from the company but in most cases they are also more satisfying in terms of product experience. However, as you may already know, the result of the same product such as a hair care product is subject to vary among users.

LOreal and Kerastase Solution

Since we are currently talking about dry hair solutions, we will also pick the ideal options from these brands and today, we will choose the Bain Satin 1 shampoo from Kerastase Nutritive line and Extraordinary Oil shampoo from LOreal Elvive line. Both of them are formulated for people who are experiencing dry hair with their distinct active ingredients. The Bain Satin 1 is actually designed for normal to dry hair while those with very dry hair should go for the Bain Satin 2.

We love the scent of LOreal and Kerastase shampoos because they are quite light but in comparison, the Bain Satin shampoo is very creamy compared to the Elvive which is more lightweight in consistency. The Kerastase shampoo has this fresh but soft fragrance to it, almost like a mix of citrus and flower scent that we are not able to pinpoint. On the other hand the Extraordinary Oil shampoo is powdery and very pleasant as well if you are not sensitive to fragranced products.

LOreal and Kerastase Kerastase Ingredients

Now for the most important part, let’s see why LOreal and Kerastase shampoos are loved by many of their users. Starting with the Bain Satin 1 from Kerastase, this shampoo boasts the Irisome complex which combines Lipids, Glucids, Protein, and Irish Rhizome extract. Lipids are used in this shampoo to help your scalp to produce more oil which is great for people with naturally dry skin while Glucids is meant to provide energy boost to make sure your hair is strong from the root to tips.

Similar to many shampoos from luxury brands, Bain Satin 1 also uses proteins, specifically the wheat protein which is known to add volume or body to your hair as well as adding more shine to it. As for the Iris extract, this is said to protect the hair from oxidation as well as providing a long lasting nutrition. The shampoo also contains salicylic acid to help remove impurities but unfortunately it also uses sulfate thus, may not be as gentle for users with colored/keratin treated hair.

LOreal Ingredients

Moving to LOreal, specifically the Elvive Extraordinary Oil shampoo, this cleanser is quite simpler and more similar to other common shampoos in the market but it does have oil in the mixture and the one used here is hydrogenated castor oil. It is quite surprising because we are familiar with castor oil as a remedy to help growing hair. This oil is naturally rich in ricinoleic acid which is a type of fatty acid and known to fight inflammation when applied directly to the scalp.

However, the lack of research about this oil doesn’t help determine what it can give to your hair but, it is widely believed that the natural source can benefit with increasing your hair luster so the shampoo may increase the shine of your hair, making it look healthier.

LOreal and Kerastase Result

As for the result, depending on your hair type we do think both LOreal and Kerastase can give different results but according to most reviews across different users, it seems that more people are satisfied with Kerastase’s shampoos. Bain Satin 1 itself leaves your hair very smooth after and a little can wash medium hair too. For users with straight and fine hair, it may not need conditioning after since shampooing only can leave your hair soft and light to touch already.

LOreal Elvive Extraordinary oil shampoo has more mixed reviews across users with varying experiences as well. The shampoo seems to fit people with normal to dry hair too but the fragrance can be too strong for some people. It will also make your hair more moisturized which can be a bad thing if you already have an oily scalp.

LOreal Vs Kerastase

Both of these shampoos from LOreal and Kerastase are great choices if you have normal to dry hair and suffering from tangled hair, dry hair, coarse or lack of moisture with dry scalp. They will be very smooth to touch after you done washing but in comparison the Bain Satin 1 is softer and lighter for normal hair in which the LOreal one may cause some oiliness but, this shampoo seems great for thicker or longer hair as it’s more affordable.

- Shampoo for dry, lifeless hair
- Eliminates dryness in just 1 wash based on when you use the complete system
- With Luscious, Lightweight Oils
- Deep nourishment without the weight
- One 8.5-ounce bottle of hair shampoo
- Provides rich nutrition, including glucose, protein and lipids, for dry and damaged hair
- Gently cleanses and nourishes hair
- Eliminates buildup and leaves hair shiny and smooth


Overall we do like both shampoos from LOreal and Kerastase because they are fulfilling the promise but be wary as they are best for normal to dry hair only so those with oily scalp may want to look for their other options. Personally if you can spend the budget Kerastase is a great product to try but even the budget option L’Oreal is working really well.