Monat vs Living Proof

By | May 15, 2018

Having thin a flat hair are unappealing for many people. Many people used hairspray to make their hair appear larger and has more volume. If you are one of them then you might want to know some good hairspray that can provide you with those volume. Here in this article we will introduce you to Monat and Living Proof hairspray that was proven to provide you with best result.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Monat and Living Proof
– What Monat and Living Proof able to do
– Monat vs Living Proof

About Monat
Monat is a producer of hair care products. They used natural based, safe, pure and sustainable ingredients. The company claims that their formulation are the one that set their products different from other competitors. Their ingredients are rich formulated and work hand in hand in harmony with each other, combining them and able to enhance your natural properties and bringing MONAT to a different level. If you are interested about MONAT, you can read our previous article here.

Monat Refinish Control Hairspray
The MONAT product that are we going to talk today is one among their Stylized system, the Refinish Control Hairspray. Just as its name, this product is a hairspray that was formulated to help you get denser hair, make your hair stronger and keep them in its shape. When using this hairspray, you will be able to create multiple styles with various textures with minimum effort. The hairspray have a non-sticky formula, so you can still have a styled hair without getting your hair and hand sticky from it. This hairspray will help you define each layer of your hair and giving it support without weighing your hair down. The special formulation will keep your hair shape longer, so you can have long lasting style.

This hairspray is formulated for those who are seeking a sleek hairstyle that will stay in its shape. The Monat Refinish Control Hairspray is infused with REJUVENIQUE Oil Intensive and other wonderful ingredients, which offer your hair texture, volume, and all the natural shine. The formulation also humid resistant, so you will be able to keep your look even during the hot weather of summer.

Taken from their site the key ingredients of most Monat products are Capixyl, which is an emollient blend that will help your scalp from damaging, strengthen it and make your hair thicker as well as supporting natural growth. Rejuvenique, this is a special blend owned by Monat that was made from more than 13 natural plant and essential oils that rich in omega fatty acids. It also has antioxidants that was required by your hair and skin. Procataline, this is made from Pea extract that protect and promotes healthier follicles to fight premature thinning. The last is Crodasorb, this ingredient is absorbing UV light to protect your hair from sun damage.

About Living Proof
Living Proof is a producer of hair care product that based their formula on research emerging from the Langer Lab at MIT. By 2015 the company has won more than 80 awards and still counting. The company has been formulating their products that capitalize on the properties of octafluoropentyl methacrylate, which is hydrophobic and lipophobic. Artist Jennifer Aniston is the co-owner of Living proof until 2016, when Unilever has bought the brand.

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast
The Living Proof product that are we going to talk today is the famous full dry volume blast from their full line. Living Proof full dry volume blast is practically a hairspray. Using this hairspray will give your hair volume and creates a texture that feel very light and will last all day. The Living Proof formula is powered by Texturizing Molecule (ETAS) that gives lighter feeling and bigger result than the standard ingredients used by the common hairspray.

Living Proof full dry volume blast is able to give you instant volume and textures that will last all day long. The formulation will transform your fine and flat hair into voluminous style, without stiffness and crunchiness. The spray also can be used anytime and anywhere you want. Before you apply the spray it is important to shake the bottle first, because ETAS are so light they tend to float in the bottle. After shaking the bottle you can apply it in your hair from root to ends to get all over volume and texture.

If you gone deeper into both of Monat and Living Proof hairspray, you will find many mix thought about both of them. Some people might said one is better than the other or they just equally the same. Both Monat and Living Proof also has their own unique ingredients that was proven to benefit your hair. They has been researching and developing their formulas for quite some time. Many people are satisfied after trying their products, however the high price might limit many people from purchasing the product, because both of Monat and Living Proof are marketed as premium brand, which cost higher than the average product out there.

Monat vs Living Proof

- 46% noticed an increase in hair growth
- 48% reported a decrease in DHT (hormone)
- 35% witnessed an increase in hair follicle strength
- Lasting results
- Delivers big volume
- No crunchiness or stiffness use anytime, anywhere for instant results

Back to both of their hairspray, our thought is Living Proof have better performance on keeping your hair stay in its place, based on their formula that was listed on their site. While Monat products are more focus on treating several hair condition rather than styling it.