Neutrogena T Gel vs Selsun Blue

By | July 1, 2021

Anti-dandruff shampoo is very common because many of us have used it as well. They are helpful to remove the flakes and itchy scalps as well as to improve the overall hair health if it is related to the issue. Neutrogena T Gel Vs Selsun Blue are popular options with so many people already receiving the good results. While similar, they are not the same and before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer and which will fit you best.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Cure Dandruff Naturally
  • What are Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue
  • How are the Solution of Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue
  • What are the Active Ingredient of Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue
  • What are the Benefit of Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue
  • How are the Result with Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue
  • Neutrogena T Gel Vs Selsun Blue

Natural Solution for Dandruff

Hair is a supportive part of your body and can improve your appearance as well which is why they are necessary for our confidence. Hair issues like dandruff is very common and while it is not a dangerous health threat, it can be quite annoying for all of us who often wear black or dark clothing. Yes, the white flakes can be very visible and it gives you an image that we don’t properly care for our own body cleanliness even though the problem is often not related to hygiene.

You can find the solution from various hair care systems that can range from the shampoo to the next topical treatment as well as some oral solutions too. For those who don’t want to use typical anti-dandruff products, there are some natural solutions to take advantage of.

  1. The first one is tea tree oil and this natural source has been used to treat ailments ranging from acne to psoriasis. It has powerful anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits which can be helpful to treat dandruff symptoms. According to a review, this natural oil is also effective to fight specific strains of fungus which may cause seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. There is also a study for treating 126 people using shampoo with tea tree oil as it shows to reduce the symptoms up to 41%.
  2. Coconut oil is also useful for treating dandruff and the best part is it can hydrate the skin and prevent dryness because we all know that dry conditions like cold weather can worsen the dandruff. There is a study with 34 people that showed coconut oil being as effective as mineral oil in improving skin hydration.
  3. Aloe Vera is very popular in recent years, especially the gel type products because they are light and moisturizing. Initially, it has been known to treat skin conditions such as burns and psoriasis so theoretically it may be helpful as well for dandruff. Based on one review, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties while one tube study also suggests it is effective against several species of fungi. 
  4. In addition, we can add apple cider vinegar into the routine as well. Its acidity is believed to be helpful in stimulating the shedding of dead skin cells on our scalp. It is also said that the vinegar is working to balance the pH of our skin thus, also reducing the growth of fungus and fighting dandruff. There is a test tube on ACV which shows it can prevent the growth of certain types of fungus. As for the study, there is no one yet to support the claim but it is worth trying if you are looking for natural remedies.
 Neutrogena T GelSelsun Blue
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About Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue

Natural solutions are usually safer and there are people who prefer to try them first before using any commercial products. But, if you have tried them before or prefer the more convenient solution, we can try using anti-dandruff shampoo instead. These shampoos are easy to find and often very affordable as well so we don’t have to think much when getting a bottle. They are safe too because usually the active ingredient or solution is already approved for safety based on the amount of ingredient.

There are plenty to choose from depending on which seems to fit you the most but, it is fast to see what the other people with similar problems are opting for. It is never a guarantee that they will give the same results but at least they will have a higher chance to also work for you and among those many options, Neutrogena and Selsun are two promising shampoos made specifically for dandruff; and still very affordable as well. Read also: Head Shoulders vs Selsun Blue.

The Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue are two promising shampoos for those who are currently suffering from itchy scalp and dead skin flakes that harms their confidence. In general they may not be as cheap as our typical shampoos but the formulation is also made specifically with medication or solution in order to help with the condition. What’s different is the active ingredient used on both shampoos since usually each brand is using a different main agent to fight the dandruff.

Most people are probably already aware of what active ingredients are used in these shampoos. For example the T Gel is made with Neutar which is the main star on the shampoo and this is actually a coal tar as you can find it on various other shampoos too, such as DHS or Scalp 18. On the other hand the Selsun Blue is using Selenium Sulfide which is very similar to the Ketoconazole. In comparison, both of them are proven to work but the result among users can be different.

Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue Solution

Before checking what the Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue can offer, let’s see the shampoo first and if you have seen coal tar shampoo, they may look similar to each other. Nuetrogena for example has this rather transparent color of amber or gold and quite thick in consistency. It doesn’t lather as much but still produces some foam. It has a bit of a strange smell to it but it is probably from the coal tar itself and the shampoo is also made with fragrance to mask the unpleasant smell.

As for Selsun Blue, this is just like the name so the shampoo is blue and in comparison not as thick as Neutrogena. Some people find their shampoo to be green but we can just shake the bottle to mix the ingredients and it will look blue. Similarly, Selsun Blue is made with some fragrance but not as strongly fresh or floral like regular shampoo because you can still smell the medicinal part of it.

Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue Ingredients

Now for the most important part, let’s see the active ingredients of the Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue shampoos. Starting with Neutrogena T Gel, this shampoo is using coal tar at 0.5% which should be safe to use at this consistency and also the adequate amount to be effective while on the other hand Selsun Blue is using selenium sulfide. This medication is often found on other typical topical solutions but at a higher strength or at least 2.5% is only available through your doctor prescription.

Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue Benefits

Coal tar is initially coming in liquid form and this is a by-product of coke and coal gas production from coal. It is often used both in medical and industrial purposes. In general this substance is known to have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itch properties. It is also antiparasitic so when applied on the skin or scalp can handle dandruff and psoriasis. I can even kill and repel head lice safely used in a range of consistency from 0.5-5% for topical application. 

Selenium sulfide on the other hand is a chemical agent and is commonly used for treating dandruff. Similar to Ketoconazole, it has antifungal properties that also relieves itching, flaking, scaling, and dry skin on the scalp. Besides for fungal infection, this ingredient is also known to help treating discoloration of skin or tinea versicolor. In comparison to coal tar, it has the same working mechanism which is by slowing down the growth of yeast which becomes the cause of your infection.

Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue Results

Now for the results, both Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue are working effectively for people who are suffering from dandruff but they are not going to work the same for all people as well. Some side effects when using these shampoos is dry hair or on the opposite oily hair. Skin irritation is a very rare side effect however so we do think they are safe to use. The feeling after shampooing with these solutions is a clean scalp after it dries.

It can dry the hair as well if you don’t put conditioner but a week or two of application should show you the benefit already. They don’t smell as great as typical shampoos but are still manageable for most people. 

Neutrogena T Gel vs Selsun Blue

You can try Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue to see whether they are also working for your condition or if you need another solution. The coal tar and selenium sulfide both have the same effect on the yeast or fungus that live in our scalp which is to reduce the growth or inhibit the source of our problem. They don’t have the best scent but Selsun is just slightly better or not as strong.

- 16-fluid ounce bottle of Neutrogena T/gel therapeutic and anti-dandruff shampoo to get long lasting relief from itching and flaking
- Original therapeutic formula helps control scalp itching and flaking caused by chronic scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and even common dandruff
- Contains coal tar extract, which scientific tests have proved continues to work for hours after the shampoo is rinsed off
- This dandruff treatment shampoo helps maintain a healthy scalp and leaves hair clean and manageable.
- For healthy looking hair
- Specially formulated to control the itching and flaking of serious dandruff
- It softens and makes hair more manageable
- Prevents seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp


There is no bad option between Neutrogena T Gel and Selsun Blue while the active ingredient is also working in the same way. This way they will also have the same benefit and we recommend trying Selsun Blue first as it is more affordable, or both of them at the same time to alternate when shampooing.