Nexxus vs Biolage

By | December 21, 2018

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy and shiny hair because they will enhance our appearance and increase our confident. Unfortunately, not all people have a healthy hair for various reasons but there are also so many hair products out there worth to try like Nexxus vs Biolage. Both of these brands have a huge list of products and if your hair is dry or need some moisture, go check which variant you need to use from these two in our article below along with what they can offer.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a product for dry hair
– What are Nexxus and Biolage
– How to apply Nexxus and Biolage
– What Nexxus and Biolage can offer to you
– Nexxus vs Biolage

Shampoo for Dry Hair
Hair damage can happen for various reason such as hair straightening, curling, styling and coloring which we often do in our daily life to boost the look of our hair. However, if not treated properly, those activities can damage our hair and make them dry or even weak and easy to break. This is an important issue that needs to be handled quickly before the damage get worse and the easiest way is to pick a product matching with our problem.

One of the most common hair problem is dry hair which making them not only looks like a lion’s mane when we woke up but is hard to deal with and style that sometime making us end up with a mess hair bun all day. To deal with this problem, it is good to pick a shampoo and use a conditioner or other products that will help restoring the moisture and give back our hair elasticity and texture while also making them healthier.

About Nexxus
There are almost unlimited products out there that are designed for people with dry hair to resurrect them and one of the most popular will be those from Nexxus. We are sure many people are already familiar with this brand because they are well-known among users and proven to work for many people with their formulation or ingredients depend on what variant we pick and use. They have so many variants made for almost each issue but if you have dry hair, their Therappe Ultimate Moisture is the right one to go.

This variant of shampoo is designed and made to be used by people with normal to dry hair to help the revitalize them without weighing the hair down or making them look volume-less. When used, Nexxus said that the shampoo will cleanse and nourish the hair by locking the moisture so we will get beautiful and natural hair after.

Applying Nexxus
Since Nexxus is a regular shampoo, we will not need to apply them in a different manner and just use them like regular shampoo by wetting our hair first and apply some into our hair, lather and massage them to help removing the dirt and oil then rinse until clean. To complete this step, we can use their conditioner called Humectress Ultimate Moisture into wet hair, comb them thoroughly, leave for 3 minutes and rinse them. Additionally, there is conditioning mist from the same variant if you want a better result.

Nexxus Benefit
What makes Nexxus shampoo able to restore the moisture in our hair is due to the ingredients they use and the most prominent combination is caviar and protein complex. This is why in the ingredient list we can see Elastin, Keratin, Wheat Protein, Caviar Extract, and Coconut Oil. All of these ingredients is known to have moisturizing property and when applied to hair, they will be absorbed to make sure our hair can get its moisture back and making them smoother, healthier and easier to deal with.

About Biolage
We can find so many brands offering a similar products in the market and it is good to compare them first before deciding on which one to purchase. If you are looking for a hair product that can be used to deal with your dry hair, Biolage have the option for you among its huge collection of product and this specific variant is called Hydra Source following the main purpose of the product to hydrate our dry hair to be healthy again.

A dry hair is often frizzy and hard to deal with along with problems like splits end which making us lose our confident when meeting people. This product is meant to deal with said problems and they are inspired by aloe plant which is very popular as a moisturizing ingredient in many cosmetics. Biolage also claimed that this shampoo is able to make our hair up to 15x more moisturized with just one application which is amazing. Read also: Pureology vs Biolage here.

Applying Biolage
To use Biolage shampoo, we only need to apply them in a wet hair and lather them then massage the hair strands and scalp to properly remove any dirt and cleanse them. Rinse the hair until clean and apply some conditioner into it which is recommended from the same line and wash then followed with their leave-in tonic for maximal result like promised above.

Biolage Benefit
As it has been mentioned earlier, Biolage is using Aloe Vera in this shampoo to help people with dry hair getting its moisture back. Aloe Vera is very popular and used in many products and it have many benefits such as antifungal and relief scalp itchiness. They also condition the hair and making them healthier, shinier and help reducing the dryness that may caused by various reasons.

Now, let’s compare Nexxus with Biolage. As you may already know, both of them are made with beneficial ingredients to help us deal with our dry hair and making them more moisturized, healthier and easier to deal with. What set them apart is the fact that Nexxus use many protein in their ingredients to help resurrect the hair while Biolage mainly only use Aloe Vera. With this difference, Nexxus can deliver a better result mostly because of the mix protein compared to Biolage.

 Nexxus vs Biolage

- Nexxus Therappe Moisture Rebalancing Shampoo helps nourish and moisturize dry to very dry hair
- Replenishes nutrients and provides rich moisture
- Smoothes each strand to restore flexibility
- Colorlast formulas are inspired by the anti-fade properties of the vibrant orchid help protect hair, balance moisture and even out the hair’s surface for saturated, shiny, vibrant color that stays truer.
- Color treated hair can fade and lose its luster over time.
- Cue the BIOLAGE Colorlast Shampoo - a professional hair treatment product essential for maintaining colored hair health and repairing hair damage.

All in all, both of them can be a good option to go if you have a dry hair. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Nexxus because this product seems to work better and have more satisfied users than Biolage with its beneficial ingredients.