Nexxus vs Paul Mitchell

By | December 28, 2018

Almost all people want to have a healthy hair and we do so many effort to make them look shiny and smooth when touched. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have that luscious hair but we can put some effort to achieve them. If your hair is dry and need more moisture, Nexxus vs Paul Mitchell have the perfect product for you. Both of these popular brands use beneficial ingredients to support hair health but check them below to see which can be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you having a dry hair problem
– What are Nexxus and Paul Mitchell
– How to apply Nexxus and Paul Mitchell
– What Nexxus and Paul Mitchell can offer to you
– Nexxus vs Paul Mitchell

Product for Dry Hair
Hair can get dull and looks unruly at some point in our live and it will make us lose our confident because it will affect our appearance. Hair problem is very common and can happen to almost anyone since the causing factors are so many, sometimes we can’t even know for sure. Some of us may experience hair problem due to the chemicals we put to color them or due to other problems such as dry scalp which can cause itchiness and dandruff.

People may have different problems, but manufacturers also made a lot of hair product to deal with this problem. However, with the huge amount of hair product, it can get quite confusing as well at times for we have to spend some time to check on each one of them and finally choose which product will suit our hair the best. All hair product have their label which stated their main function but for better result, we will need to check on their ingredients as well.

One of the most common hair problem is dry hair which happening to many of us. The cause of dry hair is many and sometime we realize it when it is already too late by noticing how they look frizzy and hard to deal with. Besides excessive shampooing and exposed to sun rays, dry hair can be caused by color treatment that strip the natural moisture of our hair. To give back its moisture, picking a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients is very important.

About Nexxus
The market have a huge products to offer depend on the problem we need and if you also have a dry hair, Nexxus have the right product to offer. This brand is very popular and have a huge collection in their catalogue that covering the most common hair problems we often experience. They are also not expensive, thus if it’s our first time, we can try them first without spending too much one something that may not work for us the way we want to. Read also: Nexxus vs Redken here.

If your hair is dry, the one variant that may work for our problem is their Therappe shampoo along with its moisturizing conditioner. This product can be used by people with normal to dry hair to revitalize their hair without making it heavier. They claim to use lightweight formula to deliver deep hydration while also help cleaning and nourishing hair strands to keep it healthy and retain its natural movement while leaving it in the prime stage for conditioning which we need to do to get a better result.

Nexxus Application
Because Nexxus is a regular shampoo, the way we applied it is also like how we usually apply a shampoo. First apply them in an enough amount on a wet hair then lather them to help cleansing the oil and dirt that may exist in our scalp and hair strands then wash thoroughly until clean. If you need the extra moisture or want the product to work better, apply the moisturizing conditioner after shampooing and wash them then apply some conditioning mist from its conditioner line if needed.

Nexxus Benefit
What’s making Nexxus able to help revitalizing our hair is their ingredients which is very special because they are using Caviar and Protein Complex. Those ingredients are coming from Elastin, Keratin, Wheat Protein, Caviar Extract, Coconut Oil, and Actin which are all beneficial to moisturize the hair by supplying protein into them. Keratin itself is the protein that build our hair and getting it from outside source will be helpful. Additionally, this shampoo also use Bladderwrack with its property to improve elasticity and provide hydration.

About Paul Mitchell
Since there are so many other options out there, it is good to also check them before making any decision because we may find a better or more promising product out there for us to deal with this hair problem. Among those many options, Paul Mitchell can be a good option because this brand is trusted by so many people who already experience how good they can perform on their hair, moreover, they are very affordable, and thus we don’t have to think too long just to try one bottle of them.

This brand have a huge collection which we can search on their site to ease the selection process and what we love the most is they are separating the product based on the benefit so we can quickly find the correct option. If your hair is dry and need a shampoo to hydrate them again, Paul Mitchell have several products to offer but among all of them the Awapuhi shampoo seems to be the most popular, moreover, it can work for all hair types.

Paul Mitchell Application
Just like regular shampoo, Paul Mitchell doesn’t need to be applied in a special manner and is good with standard application. First, wet the hair and apply an amount to it then gently massage the scalp and hair strands then rinse completely. For more moisture, we can apply conditioner after and it is fine to match them with your favorite conditioner or use the same brand following your preference.

Paul Mitchell Benefit
Just like the name, Paul Mitchell use Awapuhi as their key ingredient to help moisturizing our hair and gives back its shine as well as volume. For those who are not familiar with the name, Awapuhi is also called bitter or red ginger which usually found in tropical countries. What’s making it able to provide moisture is because this plant contains high flavonoid to rebuild and repair dry brittle hair strands and add volume into them.

Now, let’s compare Nexxus with Paul Mitchell. As you may already know, the main difference on these shampoo is their moisturizing ingredients because Nexxus used a mix of protein in their ingredient list while Paul Mitchell use a mix of other natural moisturizing ingredients mainly from plants to revitalize the hair.

Nexxus vs Paul Mitchell

- Shampoo and conditioner for normal to dry hair replenish hair fiber for Ultimate Moisture
- Salon crafted with Caviar & Protein Complex for 24-hour moisture
- Salon quality shampoo uses silicone-free formula
- Thoroughly cleanse any hair type, including color-treated hair, while balancing moisture and adding volume
- Hawaiian awapuhi works to prevent moisture loss while rich
- Improve hair texture for a smooth and luscious appearance and feel

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since both of them look very promising with their own choice of beneficial ingredients. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Nexxus because they have a mix of protein which should replenish the protein lost from our hair.