Nexxus vs Redken

By | December 21, 2018

Not all people can enjoy having a healthy and shiny hair naturally because there are many of us who have to do more effort to get into that stage. However, we are not alone and there are so many product options out there such as Nexxus vs Redken available to help getting that beautiful hair. If these brands also interest you, go check what they can offer to you in our article below and decide which will be the better option.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a product for dry hair
– What are Nexxus and Redken
– How to apply Nexxus and Redken
– What Nexxus and Redken can offer to you
– Nexxus vs Redken

Product for Dry Hair
Almost all people want to have a healthy hair and we are doing so many efforts to make them look beautiful by applying so many products that designed to deal with whatever issue we are having currently. However, treatment like coloring and damage from UV rays can also help the condition worsening and finally make our hair dryer and weaker which of course affects its appearance. If you are also having the same problem, it is good to pick hair product that will help us restore their moisture.

Hair product with moisturizing ingredients or formulation is one of the best choice when your hair is dry from other treatment or from spending too much time under the sun rays. They are supposed to give us back the moisture lost and when hair strands is more moist, the benefit we can get are commonly a shinier strands, smoother and easier to style or deal with. However, it is unfortunate that not all products will work the same for every users due to other factors.

About Nexxus
When shopping for a hair product, the list can get very long if not almost unlimited made by so many brands and manufacturer, making it more complicated. However, if we want to narrow down those number quickly, one of the fastest way is to select based on the popular brands like Nexxus. This one have a huge collection in their catalogue that offer solution for almost any common hair problems. Read also: Nexxus vs Biolage here.

But, if you need the one that is made for dry hair, the right product will the Therappe Ultimate Moisture. This shampoo is designed for people with normal to dry hair to help us revitalized the hair without weighing it down or making it lose its volume. Nexxus claimed that the formulation will not only moisturize but also lock them inside our hair and making them healthier without losing its natural movement.

Applying Nexxus
Because Nexxus is a regular shampoo, we don’t need to apply them in a special manner but they do have steps after shampooing. First, apply some shampoo into wet hair and use them to clean scalp and hair from oils and dirt then washed with water. The second step is conditioning with Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisture to help boosting the moisture and rinse again. To complete the step we are recommended to use conditioning mist from the conditioner line.

Nexxus Benefit
What makes Nexxus able to restore or moisture our hair is the amount of protein combination inside because we can find Elastin, Keratin, Wheat protein, Caviar Extract, Coconut Oil, Actin and Hydrolyzed Roe in their ingredient list.

All of them are protein and will be useful to gives back the elasticity and moisture of our hair which is made of also from protein called keratin. With these ingredients, the protein that lost from various causes can be obtained back to support a healthier hair strands naturally.

About Redken
There are so many other options out there and before deciding on something, it is best to look for more information about other similar products as well. Among those options, we can find a good product from Redken which is also formulated and designed to help people with dry hair to deal with their problems by moisturizing and give back the luscious volume our hair naturally have as well as making them healthier by supporting its lack of protein with their ingredients.

Redken have numerous product but those made for dry hair is All Soft and Mega All Soft variant which is consisting a line of product from shampoo until the final step multi-care oil. All of them can be applied in step for best result and as for the All Soft, they have up to 6 products to offer, so it is recommended to follow them thoroughly instead of using just one or two steps.

Applying Redken
For the shampoo, we only need to apply them like how we used to apply regular shampoo without any complicated method. Depend on your hair, we can use them everyday or every other day and lather properly to help removing oil and dirt that stuck on hair and scalp. The next step is applying its conditioner which is necessary especially for those with dry hair to help them soften and moisten them in addition to shampooing.

Redken Benefit
Redken is working and able to deliver more moisture to our hair compared to regular shampoo because of its active ingredients and other beneficial ingredients such as soy protein, arginine, sepicap and argan oil. All of these ingredients are focusing on the same thing which is to help restoring the moisture once lost from our hair like sepicap that help with the look of ends and argan oil that help by penetrating hair fiber and make them silkier, shinier, as well as softer.

As for the conditioner, their main ingredients are still the same which is why it is better to also use the conditioner to increase the moisturizing effect of the shampoo when we need to get the best result of them both.

Now, let’s compare Nexxus with Redken. As you may already know, both are indeed made to deal with the same problem but they are quite different in term of ingredients choosing. Nexxus is using more natural moisturizing ingredients than Redken while both use protein to help replenish the hair, Nexxus is offering the benefits from more of them.

Nexxus vs Redken

- Step 1: Shampoo (13.5oz) for normal to dry hair replenishes hair fiber for Ultimate Moisture
- Salon crafted with Caviar & Protein Complex for 24-hour moisture
- Salon quality shampoo uses silicone-free formula
- Advanced silkening formulas transform the texture of dry, brittle hair
- Provides intense softness, replenishment and strength
- Delivers increased manageability, movement and luminous shine

All in all, both brands are worth trying since their ingredients are promising. However, if this is your first time with both, we will recommend you to pick Nexxus because of the rich ingredients they use.