Nutrafol vs Rogaine

By | June 30, 2020

There are so many solutions to make your hair look more beautiful especially if they are in bad shape before due to various reasons. One of the most common hair issues is hair loss itself which can be caused by different triggers. You can ask for professional treatment or look for over the counter solutions such as Nutrafol Vs Rogaine. These popular hair loss supplements and solutions are working for many people and maybe you too. Before deciding to pick one, see which seems to fit you the most here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What Causing Hair Loss
  • What are the Solutions for Hair Loss 
  • What are Nutrafol and Rogaine
  • Are Nutrafol and Rogaine Pricy
  • What Nutrafol and Rogaine are made of
  • What Nutrafol and Rogaine can offer
  • How to Use Nutrafol and Rogaine
  • Nutrafol Vs Rogaine

Hair Loss Causes

Hair is one of the most attractive parts that we love to show off when it looks great because they can pump your confidence and this is both applicable in both men and women. However, this body part often suffers from various conditions that make it look unhealthy and even often affects your mood during the day or for quite some time until we are able to find the solution. While dry and oily hair can be treated with proper daily care products, problems like hair loss require more efforts.

Hair loss has so many different triggers and for those who experienced it must know how frustrating it may get. Hair loss can be affected by different causes from lifestyle, or habits, genetics, or a combination of both. Habits that often cause hair loss are over-treating them such as coloring and perms, using hair products like extreme hair sprays and gels, as well as tying your hair up too tightly. Diet lacking iron, folic acid, and other minerals may also cause hair loss as well as stress.

On the other hand, there are various health conditions that are affecting your hair too and one of the most common is hereditary which has no cure. This is due to our scalp sensitivity towards certain hormones. Another typical condition is in mothers after they have a baby sometimes they can lose quite a lot of hairs and in women taking birth control pills after they stopped the consumption. You may also have autoimmune disease, deficiencies, skin disorder or losing more than 20 pounds of weight in a short amount of time.

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Hair Loss Remedies

Many of us seek help from dermatologists to know what causes the problem but some also prefer to use home remedies to fix hair loss. First method some people use is by applying essential oils such as lavender which is quite popular when it comes to hair loss treatment and usually mixed with rosemary and thyme oils. However, there is no solid evidence on their efficacy and if you plan to try it, make sure to do testing first on skin to see if you have an allergic reaction.

Second method is to change your shampoo with an anti-thinning option. They are very useful because the formulation may help fixing or at least slow down the thinning process while also making your hairs appear thicker by adding volume which makes it great for those with naturally fine hair as well. Third is taking multivitamins, because our diet often reflects on the outside and the issue may be rooted in your unbalanced food options. The common supplements are usually iron, folic acid, and zinc.

About Nutrafol and Rogaine

If you are also planning to choose home remedies, there are so many good options to start from for example natural solutions such as plant oils or herbs and fixing our diet to be more balanced and rich in nutrition. However, if you are busy and want to have the best convenience, we can try designed solutions such as oral supplementation and topical solutions. Chances are they are also quite safe for prolonged use since hair loss usually needs long treatment to show a meaningful result.

Depending on which is more comfortable for you, both oral and topical solutions can be equally effective but we will never know without using them first. Among those many options that you can choose from, Nutrafol and Rogaine are two amazing solutions easily accessible out there. Just like most solutions, they are made from certain ingredients or blends which individually or together have known to deliver some benefits against hair loss.  They are also often chosen by people who suffer hair loss due to internal conditions such as male/female pattern baldness.

They are very different however, and this is about choosing whether you want to use an oral or topical solution because personally we prefer to use two effective methods to make sure they are even more potent and have a fast result. Nutrafol itself is one of the most popular hair supplements but different from trendy brands like SugarBearhair Vs HUM, this supplement has a more traditional and serious approach to hair solution and focuses on fixing hair loss issues thanks to its proprietary blend of various beneficial ingredients.

On the other hand, Rogaine is probably the most popular topical hair loss solution that is not only available over the counter but also often prescribed by your dermatologist for its efficacy. Their generic name is Minoxidil so if you find any topical solution with this name, it is the same as Rogaine and there are actually tons of other companies making the same solution with different names but the main drug is still the same.

Nutrafol and Rogaine Solution and Price

Nutrafol is similar to most supplements out there by coming inside vegetable capsules and you can see their formulation in pale yellow powder from the case. It is about the same size as most capsules but slightly bigger in our opinion and may get stuck in your throat if not taken with much water especially for us who are not used to taking solid medicine/drugs. Compared to many similar hair supplements, this brand is quite expensive because a bottle that can last for only a month is sold at $88 with a total of 120 capsules.

On the other hand, Rogaine has two forms in which the example today is their foam variant. This foam variant is also available in both men and women versions in addition to the liquid variant which is applied using droplets. In the past Minoxidil usage by women was less than men but today the amount of drug used in both topical solutions are the same. This foam is the easiest to apply and also unscented. For the price it is sold at $24.97 per 2.1 oz. can which can last for about two months.

Nutrafol and Rogaine Ingredients

When looking for any solutions, make sure to know at least a little bit about the product’s ingredients because based on what they are made for, we can expect what they can offer. Starting with Nutrafol, this supplement has so many beneficial ingredients: Vitamin A, B, C, D, Iodine, Zinc, and Selenium. It also has Synergen complex with hydrolyzed marine collagen type I & III, Ashwagandha, Saw Palmetto, etc. together with Nutrafol blend of L-Cysteine, L-Lysine, L-Methionine,Kratine, Horsetail extract, etc.

For Rogaine, as it has been mentioned above, it is using a drug called Minoxidil as the main or active ingredient. In this sample, the foam variant both men and women are using the same 5% Minoxidil while the women version of its liquid variant is containing 2% of the drug.

Nutrafol and Rogaine Benefits

Let’s see what they can offer and starting with Nutrafol first, this supplement contains a blend of several vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A is required for cell growth and repair, vitamin C is for free radicals that may cause hair loss, and Zinc to help with cell reproduction, protein synthesis, as well as tissue growth and repair. Another star is Biotin or one of the B vitamins, known for its benefit to strengthen the keratin protein while Selenium is useful to help the body utilize hormones and protein to promote hair growth.

Nutrafol also have some unique blends of ingredients but the most prominent is their marine collagen. Collagen has been long known to have so many health benefits especially for beauty and its amino acids is what makes it highly beneficial because amino acids is the building block of keratin which is the protein used to make your hair, skin, and nails. Ashwagandha is said to be an adaptogenic herb which functions to decrease levels of stress hormone cortisol since this hormone is found to shorten hair growth cycle.

Saw Palmetto is another well-known natural ingredient or herb you will often find in hair loss supplements. This is because they are able to reduce an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT or dihydrotestosterone or the culprit that causes hair follicles to shrink and die. Moving to Rogaine, this solution uses Minoxidil which is used to treat high blood pressure because it is a vasodilator or when consumed will relax blood vessels thus blood can flow easily. For hair loss, the exact mechanism is not yet clear.

However, many believed that Minoxidil works against hair loss due to its benefit of partially enlarging hair follicles or elongating the growth phase of hair. When more follicles are in the growth phase, then more hair will appear on your scalp as well. 

Nutrafol and Rogaine Application

The last part we want to mention is how to use these solutions and from Nutrafol, just like most supplements, you have to take them on the daily to see the result and this one needs to be taken 4 times with meals. On the other hand, Rogaine is also used everyday but you only need to apply them once during the day mostly in the morning. Make sure your hair and scalp is dry then put a full cap of the foam and massage it gently on the scalp with your fingers.

Nutrafol vs Rogaine

Nutrafol and Rogaine are already very different in its form in which one is oral while the latter is a topical solution. They also work in different manner as Nutrafol is enriching your diet and helps your body from growing hair from the inside as well as fix some underlying issues such as DHT which often cause hair loss. Minoxidil in Rogaine works from the outside by allowing your hair follicles to be in growing phase longer.

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Both of them are very promising solutions to try and depending on which is more comfortable for you, any solution is better than leaving the condition untreated. However, personally we prefer to use both oral and topical solutions for the best and fastest result.